Eden Research PLC

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Market Cap:
£32.82 m
8.63 GBX
52 weeks high
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In brief

Eden provides sustainable solutions for crop protection, animal health and consumer products.

Like humans and animals, plants have developed defences against disease, pests and various other threats. Essential oils are one component of these defence systems and these oils contain active molecules that help fight against disease, oxidative stress and insect predators. Eden has developed a technology which encapsulates these active molecules in particles that slow their release over a period of days ensuring better levels of control and improving the efficacy of products for the plant protection, consumer products and animal health markets.

. Our focus is on protecting high-value crops, improving crop yields and value.
. Our products are based upon natural chemistries but deliver performance, ease of use, and cost on par with synthetic pesticides.
. Eden has partnered with Eastman Chemical for the commercialisation of its second product in nearly 30 countries.
. Eden has regulatory clearance in the top 3 wine producing countries worldwide.


  • Develops biopesticides and fungicides based on natural chemistries that protect high-value crops
  • Two products on the market: Mevalone and Cedroz
  • Partnerships in EU and US