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In brief

Orchestra BioMed™’s unique vision of adapting proven biopharma strategies to therapeutic products that are traditionally considered medical devices has led to development of a diversified pipeline of late-stage assets with lead indications in large, mature markets with established treatment paradigms including hypertension and artery disease:

Virtue® Sirolimus-Eluting Balloon (SEB) (originally developed by Caliber Therapeutics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orchestra BioMed™) is a novel, first-in-class device that delivers delayed-release bioabsorbable particle encapsulated sirolimus, the proven gold standard drug for preventing restenosis of treated arteries, to the vessel wall during balloon angioplasty without the need for a permanent implant.

BackBeat Cardiac Neuromodulation Therapy (CNT) (originally developed by BackBeat Medical, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orchestra BioMed™) is a patented implantable cardiac stimulation-based treatment for hypertension that immediately and substantially lowers blood pressure while simultaneously modulating autonomic nervous system responses that normally drive and maintain blood pressure higher.