Advanced Material Development

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In brief

World-Scale Challenges . Nano-Scale Solutions

Advanced Material Development (AMD) invests in and develops applications based on its proprietary nanomaterial platform technologies. The company is developing valuable IP, funding leading material science university research groups and is collaborating with governmental and business partners with real-world challenges to solve in industries such as defence, aerospace, automotive, retail, RFID, printed electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical.

AMD will present its IP to market through a variety of profitable commercial arrangements.

AMD’s patent protected liquid processing technology underpins the development of a variety of applications in key areas including Advanced Sensors, Flexible Electronics, Functional Coatings, Security (including anti-counterfeiting), and Structural Health Monitoring.


  • Invests in and develops nanomaterial platform technologies
  • Collaborating with multiple universities
  • Graphene potentially important material for electronic devices

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Advanced Material Development re-writing the rule-book on commercialising academic research

The company work in close collaboration with the universities of Sussex, Surrey and Texas at Austin in the field of nanotechnology

on 6/4/20