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StatPro Group PLC (LON:SOG)

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StatPro Group PLC

StatPro Revolution is an integrated, cloud-based performance and risk platform designed to increase productivity and lower costs.

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Big Picture – A Deep Dive Examination of StatPro Group PLC

StatPro Group PLC Snapshot


StatPro is a global software business with over 500 clients in 38 countries. We develop all our own software and support our clients from 12 offices around the world. The combination of our industry expertise and our innovative technology is the ‘secret sauce’ that sets StatPro apart from others.


Our employees, our experience and our expertise are at the heart of everything we do at StatPro. Across every department in 12 offices around the world, we are working towards the same goal – to make it simple for our clients.


Our award-winning technology is making advanced portfolio analytics simple and more cost effective for investment managers of any size. Our platforms are managed and developed internally and our Software-as-a-Service is all 100% owned by the Group.


With offices in all the major financial centres in the world, we are ideally placed to support and sell to our clients. A high level of local client interaction helps us to ensure our product development is focused on market requirements.


Fund Administrators provide various services to asset managers, including outsourced portfolio analytics and performance measurement. StatPro has over 30 fund administrator partners and we  help them deliver ‘best in class’ cloud-based solutions within their highly competitive market.


Award winning technology and functionality StatPro has been winning awards since our early days back in the 90's. We focus on our clients and their need to provide accurate and timely portfolio analytics and reporting. With each technical breakthrough...

Our People

Expertise and experience. Our people make StatPro special.


StatPro is full of industry expertise and experience, from quants, PhDs, CFAs and tech leaders.


Working for StatPro is both rewarding and challenging. We're an established FinTech business that remains young at heart. Join us if you're into tech, finance, asset management and want to work somewhere you're trusted, respected and able to give 100%...


Our partnerships enable us to provide our clients with the best technology, data and information we can.

Information Security

It’s about Information security best practice throughout the company to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality.


New technology presents an enormous opportunity for asset managers, but how can you harness this while maintaining focus on your core business?

Corporate Social Responsibility

For every 100 StatPro Revolution portfolios we sell, we help send a child to school in South Africa.


StatPro was founded in 1994 by Justin Wheatley and has been providing innovative solutions for portfolio analytics ever since.

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analytics service available to ACDs, custodians, fund administrators, asset managers, heads of sales and marketing, heads of risk and heads of performance enabling them to: 

increase sales by showing their investment strategy simply and beautifully 

reduce their costs by having all the information in one place 

transform their communication with clients by allowing them to see the reports they’re working on easily 

and generally make their life easier by using cloud computing simply.


Managing money is all about performance. Whether clients want steady, low risk growth or massively leveraged, high risk growth, asset managers have to explain how they are performing. Doing this has always been extremely complicated and expensive. Now it is possible - welcome to the revolution.


StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analytics service that combines sophisticated 

risk measurement 

performance analysis 

attribution analysis 





Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) StatPro Revolution gives customers the support they need at a price they can afford.




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Revolution Performance


StatPro Revolution Performance is a new service within the Revolution platform. It has been designed to reduce the turnaround time for managing and delivering performance results to stakeholders. It helps you manage and control data more efficiently, calculates results faster than any other system and allows you to validate and distribute results for analysis and reporting, all within a single platform. StatPro – Make it Simple.

For more information on Revolution Performance, please click here


Revolution Alpha – (Investor Analytics)


StatPro Revolution Alpha (formerly Investor Analytics) combines robust position based risk analytics and dynamic factor modeling in an intuitive cloud based user interface.

Risk management is not an option. You have a clear choice: integrate robust risk analysis into your investment decision process, or surrender real advantages to those who do. Revolution Alpha provides intuitive risk reporting including stress tests, Value-at-Risk, correlations and simulations of your portfolio’s likely responses to market events.

For more information on Revolution Alpha, please click here


Advanced Equity Attribution


StatPro Revolution is the culmination of the breadth and depth of StatPro’s incredible expertise in portfolio analytics and reporting. Performance attribution quantifies the relationship between a portfolio’s excess return and the active decisions of the portfolio manager. It is an important tool to provide feedback to portfolio managers, senior management, clients and external consultants on why the portfolio either outperformed or underperformed a benchmark.

StatPro Revolution provides advanced equity attribution following the standard Brinson methodology. It breaks down a portfolio’s performance into allocation, selection and optionally, interaction. Attribution analysis can be calculated in StatPro Revolution using either the arithmetic (GRAP) or geometric approach.

For more information on Advanced Equity Attribution, please click here


Risk Compliance Analytics


StatPro Revolution is the culmination of the breadth and depth of StatPro’s incredible expertise in portfolio analytics and reporting. Building upon expertise and methodologies developed during years of creating award winning risk measurement products, StatPro Revolution enables client’s to demonstrate their ability to manage risk across multiple asset classes. StatPro Revolution provides fast and flexible risk reporting with extended asset class coverage to enable a more transparent illustration of risk exposure and value at risk. Powered by the cloud and a stateless API ensures unmatched computational performance. The multi-asset class risk model covers hundreds of pricing functions, ranging from plain vanilla instruments to exotic derivatives.

For more information on Risk Compliance Analytics, please click here


Portfolio Compliance Monitoring


Regulations are putting increasing pressure on asset managers in the field of portfolio compliance monitoring. One of the most important events in the regulatory landscape has been the implementation of the AIFM Directive in 2014. StatPro’s risk limits and commitment leverage monitoring calculates the commitment exposure of a portfolio, satisfying the complex rules designed for derivative instruments, including  pre-defined UCITS and  AIFMD (Annex IV) reports.

For more information on Portfolio Compliance Monitoring, please click here 


Reporting & Data Extraction


All of the portfolio analytics performed by StatPro Revolution are available in a wide array of visual, clear reports. Our built-in library of over 30 reports (in both PDF and Excel form) can be focused on specific analysis such as performance, attribution, and risk or on portfolio types. StatPro Revolution allows for unrestricted batch reporting that enables you to run multiple reports for a single portfolio or for multiple portfolios in one simple process. Cater to your global clients with multi-lingual reports in French, German, Italian, Swedish and simplified Chinese. Customize your report by adding your company’s logo and custom footer information.

For more information on Reporting & Data Extraction, please click here


Advanced User Management & Sharing


Every portfolio is a network with many people who want access to performance and risk analytics. They may be internal colleagues in multiple locations, all with different access requirements. They may be external distribution partners or compliance teams, and what about your clients? Wouldn’t it be useful to give them controlled access to intuitive, visual and interactive analysis online?
StatPro Revolution’s portfolio sharing and advanced user management features enable you to create unlimited user roles and access permissions to suit any user requirements. Provide controlled, fully audited and signed-off access to portfolio analysis to internal and external stakeholders.

For more information on Advanced User Management & Sharing, please click here


Portfolio Data Management


Portfolio data management is difficult and expensive. StatPro Revolution provides fully integrated market data coverage of over 3.2 million global securities including equities, bonds, mutual funds, FX forwards, futures, options, OTCs, sector classifications and more. Most families of benchmarks are also available including MSCI, FTSE, NASDAQ, Russell and the license free Freedom index. StatPro has the ability to cover complex assets such as credit default swaps, VIX options and futures, convertible bonds and mortgage backed securities. You can also create your own custom securities for any instrument we don’t cover.

StatPro Revolution supports multiple data models. This gives you the flexibility to choose which data model suits which portfolio and investment process. Our data models include; holdings based, market values, pre-calculated weights and returns from StatPro Seven, or pre-calculated weights and returns from other performance systems.

For more information on Portfolio Data Management, please click here


StatPro UBS Delta


On April 7th 2017, StatPro and UBS signed an agreement for StatPro to acquire the UBS Delta platform. StatPro is a global provider of portfolio analytics and market data solutions for the investment management community. Founded in 1994 with 11 offices and over 500 clients worldwide, StatPro prides itself on combining the latest cloud technology with our extensive industry expertise to deliver award-winning solutions for our clients.

StatPro is fully committed to supporting all clients on the current Delta system over the next five years. Over the next three years, StatPro and the existing Delta team will be developing Delta functionality within the cloud-based Revolution platform. We believe this is the best technology platform for the Delta product going forward and ensures a bright and exciting future for this industry leading product.

For more information on StatPro UBS Delta, please click here

StatPro Composites


Maintain compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards with StatPro’s multi-lingual and multi-currency tool for GIPS composites and account reporting solution

  • Access information relevant for GIPS and any further reporting or analysis needs, through the simple interface.
  • Enhance productivity and speed up the verification process with the ability to automatically associate portfolios to composites.

Fixed Income Attribution


StatPro’s fixed income attribution product is a yield curve based analytics solution decomposing

  • Fixed income returns
  • Fixed income attribution effects
  • Fixed income bond risks

Our attribution module has been developed in co-operation with bond experts and asset managers internationally and therefore offers superior models to better reflect and exactly explain the performance of any bond investment process. A highly flexible interface allows for easy identification of risk factors that determine bond level performance. The system also enables clients to assess the skills of management to provide added value relative to a benchmark.

StatPro Fixed Income seamlessly integrates with our analytics reporting module allowing you to create comprehensive Microsoft Excel and Word based analyses.

It’s hosted too minimizing resources and costs. Accessed from anywhere via a secure web interface and backed up by our stringent SLA and global support teams from the US to Sydney via Europe, ensuring you are never without help when you need it.

Risk Management


A certain level of risk is essential to any investment strategy. Equally essential is managing this risk. With StatPro’s Risk Management solutions, an investment manager will have a transparent view of risk for portfolio construction, regulatory requirements, and investor relations.

We not only provide standard measures of risk and volatility, but we have also pioneered many enhancements that will help managers isolate critical drivers of risk. We employ advanced models yet present the results in a highly transparent and intuitive interface that can easily be digested by both sophisticated practitioners and concerned investors.

Key features

  • Multiple ex-ante risk measures including Value-at-Risk and CVaR (expected shortfall) at a variety of confidence levels, potential gain, volatility, tracking error and diversification grade. These measures are available in both absolute and relative basis.
  • Full re-pricing methodology using advanced models based on Quantlib, the leading open-source project for quantitative finance that StatPro founded. StatPro has one of the industry’s widest asset coverage (with over 300 pricing functions), which makes it the perfect solution for many different types of asset managers.
  • Sensitivity analysis to key risk factors including interest rates, credit spreads, commodities, volatility, currencies, and inflation. Additionally, stress tests can be applied to portfolios using historical or engineered conditions.
  • An integrated credit model that dynamically provides a highly predictive gauge of risk for credit sensitive securities.
  • A standardized methodology to capture market liquidity risk. Unlike other measures of liquidity risk that use incomplete information and generalized assumptions, our methodology illustrates potential monetary loss of liquidation based on a more complete view of liquidity– all broken down by components of liquidity risk, namely bid/ask spreads, market cap, nominal size, instrument type, and size of ownership.
  • A stable and reliable assessment of tail risk called Hybrid VaR that counters the pro-cyclicality of other measures in the market. Along with conditional VaR, Hybrid VaR provides a clear indication of tail risk that traditional measures don’t capture.
  • Complete UCITS IV risk reporting service, when used together with other StatPro’s products, to ensure compliance with UCITS IV risk regulations in Europe.
  • Enhanced transparency through robust risk decomposition functionality.

For more information please click here


StatPro Revolution


StatPro Revolution is a sophisticated and complete portfolio analytics service. Our unique value proposition is that with full control, you can easily provide access to portfolio analysis to as many users as you want for no extra cost.

This multi asset-class, award winning analytics platform helps our clients;

  • Increase sales and assets under management
  • Improve client service
  • Meet tough regulations
  • Reduce costs

StatPro Revolution is a powerful and connected portfolio analytics platform covering performance, attribution, contribution, risk and compliance and including market data covering over 3.2m global securities.

For more information please click here

Board of Directors

JUSTIN WHEATLEY - Group Chief Executive

Justin began his career in 1989 as a salesman with Micropal, a provider of independent information on mutual funds. He set up an agency for Micropal in 1991 in Switzerland and grew the business to cover France and Luxembourg. In 1994, he founded StatPro, floating the business in May 2000 raising £5 million to build up StatPro’s international expansion. StatPro´s revenues have grown from under £3 million to over £30 million since 2000. He has day to day responsibility for the Group.

Justin has done many things, from sales to product development and design, to the acquisition of ten companies and running a public business that covers over ten offices around the world. Today his focus is implementing the strategy for growing StatPro Revolution into the leading portfolio analysis service.


CARL BACON, CIPM - Non-Executive Chairman

Carl previously worked as Director of Risk Control and Performance at F&C Investment Management Limited and prior to that was Vice President – Head of Performance at J P Morgan Investment Management Inc. He is a founder member of both the Investment Performance Council and GIPS®, member of the GIPS Executive Committee, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Performance Measurement. Carl is a director of the Freedom Index Company and is also the author of ‘Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement & Attribution’ and “Practical Risk-adjusted Performance Measurement”.

Carl’s expertise in risk, performance measurement and GIPS enables him to add value to product development and StatPro’s business strategy. As he continues to publish and teach in these fields, external market knowledge is brought to the StatPro Board.


ANDREW FABIAN FCA FCT - Group Finance Director

Prior to joining StatPro, Andrew was Group Financial Controller at William Baird PLC. and has previously held senior finance roles at De La Rue plc and Deloitte & Touche. He is a Fellow of both the ICAEW and the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) and served for three years on the ACT’s governing council. Andrew is responsible for the global finance function at StatPro. Andrew was appointed Company Secretary in 2012. In 2012, Andrew was awarded a ranking in the ‘Hot 20 FDs’ in the TMT sector by BDO LLP.

Andrew has significant experience in the financial services sector and is a chartered accountant and qualified corporate treasurer.


MARK ADORIAN - Non-Executive Director

Mark was previously Managing Director of Standard & Poor’s Fund Services. Mark co-founded Micropal, the global fund performance analysis company in 1986, becoming their Sales & Marketing Director in 1987. In 1992 he became Managing Director of Micropal, and subsequently in 1997 negotiated the sale of Micropal to Standard & Poor´s, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies. Between 1999 and 2001, Mark was Managing Director of Standard & Poor’s Fund Services. Mark chairs the Group’s Nominations Committee.

Mark’s career in the asset management industry and experience in business growth adds value to the StatPro Board. His understanding of market data in this industry supports the business and strategy.


JANE TOZER MBE OBE - Non-Executive Director

Jane began her career with IBM, after which she was CEO of Softwright Systems Ltd., taking it from start-up to trade sale. Jane has since held a portfolio of non-executive directorships including quoted technology companies, investment trusts, the John Lewis Partnership, the DWP and the MoJ, and technology start-ups. Jane is currently a non-executive director of JP Morgan Income & Growth plc, Asthma UK, the Information Technologists’ Company Charitable Trust and her local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, and a Senior Independent Director of F&C Global Smaller Companies plc. She also runs ITNEA, a networking association for Chairmen and Non-Executive Directors of quoted technology companies, and is a member of the Warwick Business School Advisory Board. Jane was awarded an MBE for services to the IT sector in 1991, and an OBE for services to the public service and voluntary sector in 2009. Jane is an Independent Director and chairs the Group’s Audit Committee.

Jane brings a wealth of experience from start-up to advisory within StatPro’s marketplace, supporting the growth strategy with the appropriate level of formality and governance.


DAVID COURTLEY - Non-Executive Director

David, 59, has been in the IT industry for over 25 years and has held a number of senior management roles including CEO of Phoenix IT Group, CEO of Fujitsu Services and Managing Director of EDS UK.

He is currently CEO of Mozaic Services, a private company specialising in IT service integration and is Senior Independent Director of AIM-listed The Science Group plc. David will become Chairman of the Group’s Remuneration Committee.


RORY CURRAN - Non-Executive Director

Rory, 57, been in the IT industry for many years. Rory co-founded 1st Software, one of the first companies to use technology as a financial planning tool for building long-term client relationships in financial services companies. The business was sold in 2006. Rory left in 2008 and has since been a director and investor in a number of technology companies.

He is currently a non-executive director of Andromeda Enterprises (trading as Ecodesk) and Sammedia Limited, both cloud-based technology businesses.


The Company has been notified, in accordance with the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, of the following disclosable shareholdings representing 3% or more of the voting rights in the Company’s issued share capital:


Last updated on August 17th 2017 unless otherwise indicated
  Number of shares % of share capital
Liontrust Asset Management 14,277,111 22.1%
Herald Investment Management 7,657,784 11.8%
Stichting Bewaarder GFC
(Depository of Gran Fondo Capital)
7,583,218 11.7%
JMBT Wheatley 7,433,672 11.5%
MC Adorian 2,970,698 4.6%
AXA Framlington 2,553,750 3.9%


In addition to the above interests, JMBT Wheatley has an interest in 307,580 ordinary shares in family trusts, being a trustee and potential beneficiary of the trusts.

Last updated on September 7th 2017 unless otherwise indicated
  Number of shares %
CR Bacon 880,000 1.36%
JMBT Wheatley 7,463,672 11.53%
AM Fabian 264,647 0.41%
MC Adorian 2,995,698 4.63%
JE Tozer 39,565 0.06%
D Courtley 29,627 0.05%
R Curran 24,689 0.04%



USA Office
StatPro Inc. Boston

Tel: +1 617 692 1150
100 High Street
Suite 1550,
MA 02110

USA Office
StatPro Inc. New York

Tel: +1 646 553 4500
17 State Street
Suite 3930,
New York,
NY 10004

StatPro UK Office
StatPro Ltd London

Tel: +44 (0)20 8410 9876
Mansel Court,
Mansel Road,
London SW19 4AA
United Kingdom

Luxembourg Office
StatPro S.A.

Tel: +352 30 74 24 1
85-87 Grand Rue
L-1661 Luxembourg

Hong Kong Office
StatPro Asia Ltd.

Tel: +852 3796 7065
60-68 Des Voeux Road Central
16-06 Man Yee Building
Hong Kong

France Office
StatPro France SARL

Tel: +33 1 40 20 1200
24 Rue Drouot,
75009 Paris

Italia Office
StatPro Italia Srl

Tel: +39 02 00 693 1
Via Edmondo De Amicis 53
20123 Milan

Deutschland Office
StatPro (Deutschland) GmbH

Tel: +49 (0) 69 24 43 22 000
Kirchnerstrasse 6-8
60311 Frankfurt

Toronto Canada Office
StatPro Canada Inc. Toronto

Tel: +1 416 598 9500
33 Yonge Street
Suite 271
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1G4
South Africa Office
StatPro South Africa Pty Ltd.

Tel: +27 21 443 2140
3rd Level
Clock Tower Office Suites
V&A Waterfront
Cape Town 8001
South Africa
Australia Office
StatPro Australia Pty Ltd.

Tel: +61 2 9884 9045
Chatswood Chambers
Level 10
815 Pacific Highway
Chatswood, NSW 2067


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