Remote Monitored Systems

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In brief

Remote Monitored Systems plc (“RMS”) is focused on the continued development of the Company’s data collection and analysis businesses.

RMS wholly owns Geocurve Limited a specialist data collection, surveying and data analysis business. RMS also owns a majority interest in GyroMetric Systems Limited, which develops and manufactures digital monitoring and safeguarding systems for rotating shafts.

In addition the Company is implementing an enhanced growth strategy via the appraisal of complementary acquisition or investment opportunities. This is in line with the Company’s stated objective to achieve improved financial performance in the near term.

Geocurve is a specialist surveying business which combines traditional survey techniques with innovative technologies including UAS/UAV, GIS databases, 3D modelling, laser and Lidar scanning and hydrographic modelling.

Use of new technologies delivers high efficiency data capture, improved operational safety and significant cost savings, across industrial and governmental sectors.

GyroMetric Systems have designed a revolutionary way of collecting and analysing digital data from rotating shafts to produce the most detailed predictions of potential mechanical failure available. This sets a new standard of protection that can be used on any rotating shaft from a bench tool spindle to a cruise liner propeller shaft.


  • RMS core business is GyroMetric, which remotely monitors rotating shafts 
  • Diversified by acquiring surveillance and risk management startup Cloudveil
  • Set to buy Pharm 2 Farm and make anti-viral face masks