Microsaic Systems PLC

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In brief

Microsaic is a high technology company developing and marketing chip-based mass spectrometry (MS) instruments.

Microsaic addresses current and future market needs by partnering with global instrument OEMs and distributors. Our aim is to provide customers with enhanced work flow efficiency by incorporating simple-to-use mass detection.

Microsaic has successfully produced miniaturised MS systems by developing patented chip-scale technologies called Ionchip®, Spraychip® and Vac-chip™. Our products retain the functionality of conventional MS systems but are substantially smaller, less complex to operate, easier to maintain, and offer a significantly reduced cost of ownership.

Microsaic‘s applications range from traditional to hitherto unserved markets that could benefit from deployable mass detection at the point-of-need; these include LCMS, on-line detection, reaction monitoring, TLC-MS, PAT, and mass-directed prep and flash chromatography.

Microsaic currently works in a broad range of traditional industry sectors and new emerging markets that can benefit from deployable mass detection.