Big Sofa

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In brief

Big Sofa is a disruptive technology company. We combine technology with our skills in research to help our clients get the most from their video, image and audio files.

Throughout our evolution we’ve drawn heavily on our research and commercial backgrounds, putting the focus on human interaction and business application. The result is a platform which is intuitive to use and allows our clients to analyse quicker, faster and better.

Five years ago our vision was to bring consumers’ stories to life on video. We took a real sofa out on the streets and created our own authentic, conversational video content. Nowadays we’ve ditched the physical sofa - dealing in media captured by our clients in any number of ways from in-home cameras to mobile capture apps. We combine our skills and tech to ensure that they derive maximum value from the multi-layered insight that exists within every piece of media. Our platform also allows clients to store, share and repurpose video, images and audio files from historic projects.