CyanConnode Holdings PLC

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Market Cap:
£5.67 m
3.10 GBX
52 weeks high
52 weeks low

In brief

CyanConnode is a world leader in the design and development of Narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni Internet of Things (IoT) communications. With a wealth of expertise and experience in smart technology, the Group provides customers with long-range, low-power, end-to-end networking solutions and high-performance applications that help them enhance service delivery, improve business efficiency and save energy.

CyanConnode Holdings plc is listed on the AIM market in London and is based in Cambridge UK. The company has three wholly owned subsidiaries, CyanConnode Ltd (a company registered in England and Wales), CyanConnode Private Limited (a company registered in India), and Connode Holding AB (a company registered in Sweden). In addition, Connode Holding AB has one wholly owned subsidiary, Connode AB (a company registered in Sweden), which also has a wholly owned subsidiary, Connode India Private Limited (a company registered in India). The companies provide wireless communication technology for smart metering, lighting and the Internet of Things.

The company was founded in 2002 and listed on AIM in 2005. CyanConnode Holdings plc operates through the brand ‘CyanConnode’.