Kingswood Holdings Limited

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Market Cap:
£45.55 m
21.00 GBX
52 weeks high
52 weeks low

In brief

Here are a few things you may like to know about us:

. We are a firm of independent financial advisors and wealth managers.
. We look after about £1,800,000,000 of our clients’ money.
. We produce over 500 client Wealth Plans each year.
. We provide independent advice on a wide range of issues: investments; pensions; life assurance, and many others.
. Our clients range from private individuals to some of the UK’s largest universities and institutions.
. We focus on protecting the long term value of wealth.
. We manage growth whilst carefully protecting against risk.
. We were founded in 2011 and are a team of 70 people.
. We are a member of the London Stock Exchange.
. We're a UK listed company and many of us hold shares in the firm.
. We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We have offices in London, Manchester, Cheltenham, Maidstone, Brighton and Worcester. We also have clients in South Africa, and an office in Johannesburg.

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Kingswood has a new management team in place to implement the group’s three-year growth strategy.