NextEnergy Solar Fund - NextEnergy Solar Fund leads the way with low-risk yield and solar know-how

NESF is so far unique in making subsidy-free solar work in the UK

on 14/9/20

History is on the side of small cap fund investors taking a patient view on...

Going back to 1955, small caps have done seven times better than large caps

on 20/7/20

In dividends we trust: analysts highlight investment company options

Investment trusts have the ability to reserve up to 15% of their income each year

on 5/6/20

Really bad news on dividends is yet to come, says Terry Smith

The Fundsmith founder said “no one should invest in equities for income” but there were ways to...

on 30/4/20

Income inequality: which companies are still paying dividends

After the huge dividend dump earlier in the month, this week saw some big names confirm that...

on 25/4/20

NextEnergy Solar Fund present interim results 2020

NextEnergy Solar Fund Limited (LON:NESF) present their interim results with Michael Bonte-Friedheim. The renewable power generator’s electricity production was 11.1% above budget helped by above-average irradiation and by having most of its received power prices fixed. Bonte-Friedheim...

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