Charlotte Kan

Broadcast Journalist

With an MA in International Journalism from City University, London, Charlotte Kan is a print and broadcast journalist with over 13 years' experience in business and finance reporting. She started her career in 2002 at Standard & Poor's MarketScope newswire covering French and European equity markets, before joining AFX News where she held a similar position. In 2005, she joined Bloomberg Television, where she worked five years as an anchor and reporter, both for the French and the English-speaking channels. She became a freelance journalist in 2010, and has written for several international publications such as Le Figaro (France), Vision Magazine (UAE), The Middle East (UK), The Hedge Fund Journal (UK), The Good Life (France), The National (UAE), and zawya.com (UAE), as well as being a UK correspondent for French TV channels M6, Canal + and i-tele. 

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