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Highlands Natural plays down West Denver and sees revenues rising

Revenues are being generated from the East Denver Colorado shale project and these should increase significantly when six new wells begin production in December...

on 20/11/18

Highlands Natural Resources withdraws all West Denver applications

The action was taken to affirm its commitment to being a responsible and transparent operator within the state of Colorado....

on 19/11/18

Highlands Natural trims permit applications at West Denver

"The minor amendment to our plans around Standley Lake is expected to have no bearing on the project's overall economic viability"...

on 12/11/18

Highlands Natural Resources shares rise ahead of fracking restart

Yesterday's election results in Colorado provided a boost to the state's frackers, as Proposition 112 was not passed...

on 7/11/18

HNR to file for Colorado well permits ahead of ‘Proposition 112’ vote

Applications for up to 104 wells at the West Denver project comes ahead of a November vote on '‘Proposition 112’...

on 18/10/18

Highlands Natural to target fellow frackers with water recycling services

A significant amount of clean water is required to complete a successful hydraulic fracturing operation. The oil and gas industry's average cost of obtaining clean water is usually US$2-3 per barrel of water. ...

on 16/10/18

Highlands’ East Denver partners to stagger remaining fracking operations after dry summer

An unusually hot and dry summer in Colorado has led to water shortages throughout the state, forcing Highlands and its partners to stagger the remaining fracking operations at East Denver...

on 20/9/18

Highlands chairman announces the commencement of fracking on six new wells at East Denver

Highlands Natural Resources will hold its AGM today...

on 21/8/18

“Transformational” year for Highlands Natural Resources as it generates first revenues

The £2.9mln of income generated last year came from just two wells, which only came on stream with four months of the fiscal year left...

on 24/7/18

Highlands Natural Resources: East Denver well drilling completed successfully

Investors will now look forward to news of the fracking and flow back operations for all six newly drilled wells...

on 19/7/18

Highlands Natural Resources reports high purity levels at Kansas nitrogen project

The oil and gas producer said flow tests had indicated initial nitrogen purity levels of over 99.59%...

on 29/6/18

Highlands Natural Resources says drilling timetable revised at East Denver project as it tests a new technique

The main market-listed group said testing this new bottom-hole-assembly has required the company to try different mud-motors and the location of string stabilisers...

on 27/6/18

Highlands Natural Resources targets CO2 production with Arizona licence acquisition

The AIM-listed oil & gas producer said the leases in Apache County, Arizona sit adjacent to land identified as a target for CO2 by Kinder Morgan, a leading supplier of the gas...

on 25/6/18

Highlands Natural Resources reports “significant” flow rates from Kansas nitrogen project

HNR wants to start producing its own nitrogen to bring down the cost of its DT Ultravert technology, for which the gas is one of the largest cost inputs...

on 21/6/18

Highlands Natural Resources details Kansas nitrogen exploration plans

By securing access to lower cost supply of nitrogen, the AIM-quoted company could significantly improve the economics of its DT Ultravert well services technology...

on 11/6/18

Highlands Natural Resources acquires 2,490 acres of oil and gas leases in Colorado

The company said its experience, capability and execution evidenced in the success at East Denver has led to the identification and acquisition of these high-quality assets in West Denver...

on 4/6/18

Highlands Natural Resources looks to nitrogen exploration for DT Ultravert

Securing low cost nitrogen could boost the commercial merits of the DT Ultravert well service business....

on 31/5/18

Highlands Natural Resources tweaks strategy following East Denver progress

The plan is to accelerate existing projects whilst seeking other opportunities that are similar to the East Denver project...

on 21/5/18

Highlands Natural Resources spuds six new wells at East Denver oil and gas project

Highlands will now move on to drill out the lateral portion of each wellbore, with phase two of the drilling on track to be completed by the end of June...

on 11/5/18

Highlands Natural Resources spuds new wells at East Denver project

The new wells form part of a six-well drilling programme after the company agreed a US$5.4mln funding deal with US company, True Oil...

on 8/5/18

Highlands Natural Resources continues to advance East Denver drill programme

Funding partner True Oil has provided US$5.4mln for the programme of six wells...

on 2/5/18

Highlands Natural Resources starts new drilling at East Denver project after landing funding deal

It will be the first of up to six new wells to be funded as a result of the partnership with True Oil...

on 27/4/18

Highlands Natural's projects offer multiple routes to goal

As well as commercialising well technology, Highlands also produces from its own operations....

on 26/4/18

Highlands Natural Resources boosted by gas sales deal for Colorado project

The new deal is expected to move Highlands closer to a funding for future well drilling...

on 19/4/18

Highlands Natural Resources reveals success of new DT Ultravert deployment

"The result of our Permian Basin operation marks a milestone for Highlands as it reaffirms our belief in DT Ultravert's ability to transform the shale industry,” said Robert Price, Highlands chief executive...

on 7/2/18