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UPDATE - Motif Bio antibiotic given boost by US regulator

The US regulator is taking steps that should make life simpler for Motif....

on 17/7/15

Motif Bio adds infectious disease expert to scientific advisory board

Dr Thomas File, a much published expert in infectious diseases, has joined Motif Bio's scientific advisory board. ...

on 15/7/15

UPDATE - Motif Bio gets £22mln shot in the arm

The £22mln raised will aid the development of the company's next generation antibiotic....

on 23/6/15

Motif Bio making rapid progress

If it makes it through the clinical testing stage, iclaprim could become a standard part of hospitals' armoury in the fight against bacterial infections....

on 9/6/15

UPDATE - Motif Bio chooses contractor route for phase III antibiotic trial

Graham Lumsden, Motif Bio’s chief executive, said: "Retaining this leading global CRO is the first major step for Motif in achieving our goal of successfully completing Phase III clinical trials with iclaprim. “The safety and efficacy of this broad spectrum antibiotic has already been proven in many patients, and we believe......

on 1/6/15

Motif Bio to cash in on super-bug drug market, says broker

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that growing resistance to antibiotics of bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi is an increasingly serious threat to global public health which needs government action....

on 27/5/15

UPDATE - MotifBio and Summit Therapeutics on the warpath to beat drug resistant bacteria

It never knowingly under-cooks a story. But the Daily Mail’s headline on the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant superbugs screamed panic....

on 14/5/15

UPDATE - Motif Bio given green light to start phase III clinical trials on breakthrough antibiotic

Motif Bio has been given the green light to begin phase III clinical trials on its next-generation antibiotic by the American regulator....

on 15/4/15

Motif Bio ready to make mark in next generation of antibiotics

Motif Bio is one of those extremely rare life sciences company that comes to a market with a drug ready to go into the final phase of clinical trials....

on 2/4/15