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THC Global Group Ltd - THC Global Group moves to product validation ahead of medicinal cannabis supply THC Global Group moves to product validation ahead of medicinal cannabis supply

The Australian and Canadian group is focused on medicinal cannabis supply and development and...

3 weeks ago

Zoetic International targets premium end of CBD market

Cosmetic or beauty products that include CBD will be part of the mix.

3 weeks, 2 days ago
Deep dive

Zoetic International makes rapid progress with new CBD operation

Highlands said the progress made by Zoetic since it established the cannabis business earlier...

on 18/10/19
Deep dive

Sativa capitalises on first-mover advantage in UK medicinal cannabis

"The Goodbody CBD Wellness business completed its three-store pilot phase and is poised to...

on 16/10/19

European legal cannabis a "prime investment target" for North American money

The high-growth UK sector ratcheted up fundraising to $43mln this year

on 9/10/19


POIZ has ambitions to become top CBD wellness vape brand in Europe

James Stell from POIZ discusses with Proactive London's Andrew Scott their vape product which they're soon to launching into the CBD market. ''It's very high quality - all we have is a distillate in the pen and terpenes''. ''It's not a smoking alternative, it's a vape and will be a product...

16 hours, 42 minutes ago

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