Deep dive

Highlands Natural Resources makes rapid progress with new CBD operation

Highlands said the progress made by Zoetic since it established the cannabis business earlier...

on 14/6/19
Deep dive

Sativa Investments capitalises on first-mover advantage in UK medicinal...

Geremy Thomas, founder and chief executive of Sativa, said the company has "delivered...

on 7/6/19
Deep dive

AusCann Group on track to produce cannabinoid medicines this year

AusCann is a fully integrated early-mover pharmaceutical cannabinoid company.

on 10/2/19
Deep dive

Zelda Therapeutics on track to report on multiple clinical trials

Zelda has released its December quarterly report confirming multiple trials are on track.

on 30/1/19


Full interview: Zena Pay looks to help cannabis industry navigate the...

Fig House communication’s Dave Carter joined Steve Darling from Proactive Vancouver to discuss Zena Pay. They provide software solutions that specialize in payment, plant tracking, cannabis business management software, supply chain management, compliance management and government auditing...

1 week ago

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