Downing LLP

Downing LLP is a long-established investment manager based in London. Downing LLP’s heritage is in managing tax-efficient products and running privately listed assets. Founded in 1986, Downing LLP now manages approximately £1.4 billion of assets, many of which sit in the company’s enterprise investment scheme (EIS), venture capital trusts (VCT), and inheritance tax (IHT) services.

Downing Fund Managers

Formerly known as the ‘public equity’ division of Downing LLP, Downing Fund Managers (DFM) was founded in 2011 as a boutique investment house with a value-based style that favours a private equity approach to investing in public markets. The range of mandates covered by Downing Fund Managers now consists of five funds - all different from and complementary to, each other. The 13-strong DFM team runs more than £323 million of publicly listed assets (as at 28 February 2021). Find out more about the Downing Fund Managers and Read our guide here.