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US Oil & Gas raises just shy of US$580,000 to fund drilling operations

The oiler said further geological work at its Hot Creek Valley project had reinforced the belief that both western and eastern plays in its acreage were “highly prospective”...

on 3/7/19

US Oil & Gas decides to focus on new well plans

A project review recommended against spending on fracking the Eblana-3 well....

on 14/5/19

US Oil & Gas waits for approval to move forward in Nevada

US Oil & Gas has submitted an application to frack the Eblana-3 well along with a hydrogeology report....

on 2/5/19

US Oil & Gas encouraged at Nevada prospects but continues to wait on fracking approval

It needs approval to frack the Eblana 3 well though the company noted that presently "no timescale can be offered for the completion of the process”...

on 10/4/19

US Oil & Gas continues in permitting process as it seeks to frack Nevada well

“Every effort is being made by the company to satisfy requirements, but no timescale can be offered for the completion of the process”...

on 18/3/19

US Oil & Gas tops up working capital with share sale

The injection of funds supports the company as it continues to work on its Nevada oil project...

on 11/1/19

U.S. Oil & Gas raises US$527,539 of new capital

It comes as the company continues to focus on the Eblana-3 well in Nevada...

on 14/12/18

US Oil & Gas working on technical specifications for the Eblana-3 well in Nevada

Up to four zones will be fracked in operations expected to last four days in total. The aim is to establish a commercial flow of hydrocarbons...

on 21/11/18

US Oil & Gas considers fracking at Hot Creek Valley

"The nature of the Hot Creek Valley geology is posing challenges."...

on 26/10/18

US Oil & Gas ponders how to deal with volcanic ash at Eblana

Off the six zones encountered, zone 5 was the most promising but oil flow from here was being hindered by volcanic ash and tuff....

on 26/10/18

US Oil & Gas readies Eblana-3 for flow tests

Testing will start in the Eblana-3 well's zone six, potentially following on with zone five....

on 10/9/18

US Oil and Gas rejigs drilling timetable at Hot Creek Valley

Issues with the on-loan drilling rig mean US Oil won’t be able to complete all of the work it had planned to this time around...

on 29/6/18

U.S. Oil & Gas completes “highly encouraging” Eblana-3 well

“We are delighted to have completed drilling operations at Eblana-3 safely and efficiently, and I would like to sincerely thank all personnel involved ”...

on 14/5/18

USOIL says better oil price bodes well for frontier exploration

Exploration drilling began earlier this month at the Hot Valley Creek project in Nevada...

on 27/4/18

USOIL back to drilling business in Nevada

The first two potential new wells will be drilled in around 45 days, and investors will be keen to see the results...

on 19/4/18

U.S. Oil & Gas starts new exploration drilling in Nevada

It kicks off a 45-day well programme which aims to follow up a prior discovery in the Eblana-1 ...

on 19/4/18

USOIL raises additional capital ahead of drill programme

USOIL is advancing towards a new drilling programme in Nevada and it recently hired a drill contractor...

on 11/4/18

USOP hires contractor for new Nevada wells

The explorer wants to follow up the Eblana 1 well which unearthed an oil accumulation on the Hot Creek Valley project area...

on 3/4/18

US Oil & Gas raises US$1.15mln ahead of Nevada drilling

It has issued 2.75mln new shares priced at 30p each, to raise US$1.15mln...

on 27/3/18

US Oil and Gas making progress at Hot Creek valley; aims to drill Eblana-3 well first

Today, the firm said drill pads for Eblana-3 and Eblana-6 have been prepared ...

on 23/2/18

USOP lands drill permits for new Nevada oil wells

“We mean now to press ahead as quickly as possible with drilling operations," said chief executive Brian McDonnell...

on 15/1/18

US Oil & Gas plc says Hot Creek Valley well applications are in process

Once permits are received, drilling will start as soon as availability of service and equipment allows...

on 22/12/17

US Oil & Gas raises US$748,988 of new capital

The Nevada focussed oil junior is issuing some 1.9mln shares priced at 30p per share...

on 29/9/17

USOP says it could be drilling in Nevada this year

It would be reasonable to expect that USOP could be drilling by August or September, the company said....

on 27/4/17

USOP raises additional working capital

The company told investors that the placing proceeds will be used as working capital....

on 20/4/17