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Spread Betting
Spread betting is a way of speculating on price movements to turn a profit, either in the financial markets or on sports events. Also known as ‘spreadbetting or ‘spread trading’, the basic premise is to accurately predict whether a financial market price or sports outcome will finish higher or lower than the ‘spread’ on offer.
Get it right and the more your price rises – or falls – from the point of the spread, the more you win.  However, spread betting losses can exceed your initial deposit so it is important to understand the risks involved. Formed in 1999, Spreadex is one of the longest-established spread betting companies in the UK.

Financial Spread Betting
Financial spread betting is a way of gaining leveraged access to trade on world equities, indices, FX, bonds, interest rates and commodities markets.
Also known as ‘financial spreadbetting’, or simply ‘financial betting’, attractions to investors include no Capital Gains Tax or stamp duty on profits, the ability to benefit from prices falling as well as rising, and low rates of margin to gain large exposure to the markets.
Although financial spread betting is not currently subject to UK stamp duty or Capital Gains Tax, tax laws may well change in the future.  Tax treatment also depends on the individual circumstances of each client. Find out more on financial spread betting here and get started.
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Sports Spread Betting
Sports spread betting offers a fast-paced alternative to traditional fixed odds sports betting on football, horse racing, cricket, rugby, golf and much more.
This form of betting is particularly suited to in-play betting with prices constantly moving and changing as a match or event takes place.  This means bets can be placed before or during a match and can be closed out early to take profits, or to cut losses, before an event’s conclusion.
Spreadex is the only firm to offer sports spread betting and sports fixed odds betting online, including each-way betting, from the same account. Find out more on sports spread betting here and get started.