SpectrumX Holdings Ltd

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Unlisted (UK)
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In brief

SpectrumX is a leader in proprietary formulations of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid). Through its partnership with Spectrum Antimicrobials, California, USA, the company holds various licenses for the use of unique HOCL formulations.

SpectrumX is focused on the utilisation of HOCL in three key sectors: pharmaceutical, beauty and public healthcare.

The company is currently raising pre-IPO capital. For more information click here


  • A specialist in hypochlorous acid, which destroys unwanted bacteria and viruses
  • Working with a patentable version of HOCl that has multiple potential uses 
  • Has a phase II respiratory treatment being assessed for efficacy in COVID-19
  • Created a hand sanitiser that is 300-times stronger than bleach but is safe for use on skin