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In brief

CG Asset Management is a boutique investment manager founded in 2000. The firm is majority owned by an Employee Ownership Trust so will remain independent. Team members invest in the funds we manage. We align our interests and work in partnership with clients by focussing on delivering superior performance and reducing fees as funds grow. Capital Gearing Trust plc's investment objectives are to preserve shareholders’ real wealth to achieve absolute total returns over the medium to long term. Since 1982, the share price is up more than 200 times; has grown from £470k to £558m i.e. more than 1,200 times (31 Oct 2020) has 37/38 years of positive returns. It has operated a DCP since 2015.

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Capital Gearing Trust: driven by value and values

Since Peter Spiller took over running the trust in 1982, it has delivered positive total returns in 37 out of 38 years

on 4/12/20