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Zoetic’s principle operations are:

A state-of-the-art 33,000 square foot indoor growing facility in DeBeque, Western Colorado.  Within the facility, which was bespoke constructed for cannabis plants, the Company can control the climate and environment.  Three seasons per annum of hemp plants are possible meaning the potential for one of each of the four bays of the facility to be harvested each month. With the ability to exclude any male pollen, Zoetic has developed a feminised seed programme which has produced its first seeds for sale in 2020.

16 acres of hemp planted outdoors in Palisade, Western Colorado provide Zoetic with sufficient CBD for its own uses.  The Company farms organically, using no chemical pesticides or herbicides, and so is able to control the quality of its CBD and therefore its retail products.

Zoetic-branded CBD products are sold in both the UK and Europe.  This is the Company’s premium brand and it seeks to distinguish itself from its competitors by producing high quality products with full transparency of ingredients (disclosed on the label and the Company’s own website). Zoetic sells CBD oils (tinctures) and softgels as well as cosmetics and beauty products.

Chill began as the Company’s tobacco alternative brand but has since expanded to include a range of CBD gummies. The edible sweets are currently only sold in the UK and Europe and come in two strengths and two flavour combinations.  In the US, Zoetic sells smokables and chew pouches, primarily through convenience stores and its US website.  Each are available in three flavours.

Within its natural resources division, Zoetic has a re-fracking and well protection technology, DT Ultravert, eight producing oil & gas wells at its East Denver project as well as prospective acreage in West Denver, Kansas.  As stated above, the Company is currently seeking to realise value from these projects whereupon it will reinvest the cash in growing its CBD business.

Zoetic has offices in Denver and Palisade along with its indoor growing facility in Debeque.  In the UK, the company’s office is in Perth, Scotland.  The company’s shares also trade on the OTC in New York.


Following its hydrogen-nitrogen gas discovery in western Kansas, Zoetic explored the opportunity of utilising its gas mixture as an organic agricultural yield enhancer.

After the successful testing of its gas mixture on various agricultural products and the passage of 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, Zoetic decided to vertically integrate its gas with organic industrial hemp growing operations. The industrial hemp and the CBD derived from the industrial hemp are fully legal in the United States under the federal law and, likewise, the sale of CBD products in the UK is also permitted (subject to observing certain restrictions on THC content).

Zoetic aims to distinguish itself as a leading premium producer of CBD products in the United States and internationally.

In April, Zoetic signed its first commercial sale and distribution agreement with Schrader Oil and Ox Distributing to sell its first retail consumer products in 18 convenience and gas station stores in the State of Colorado. The first line of products sold in the stores will include pre-rolled CBD smokables, ready-roll papers and CBD chew pouches.

Zoetic and its distribution partners are actively working towards expanding their sale and distribution operations across the United States.

The company secured its initial organic hemp flowers from a local organic hemp farmer. Zoetic plans to grow approximately 30,000 annual plants from its indoor growing operations in De Beque, Colorado and initially plans to cultivate 16 acres of outdoor growing operations in Palisade, Colorado.

The Board believes that the Company’s yield-enhancing gas mixture, organic operations, all-season genetic testing and indoor growing facility will position the company to be a market leader in organic CBD products.


  • Future growth opportunities:
  • Expanding outdoor growing operations to 100 acres by 2020
  • Further develop Zoetic plant genetics
  • Broadening the product spectrum with various CBD consumable products and lotions
  • Establishing online retail sales platform
  • International expansion starting with the United Kingdom and Europe


Natural Resources

Colorado Shale

Enhanced Oil Recovery


Highlands Water Resources



UK, Perth

US, Denver
US, Palisade

Antonio Russo

Prior to being appointed Co-CEO Mr Russo was the Company’s Chief Revenue Officer and has been involved in the cannabis and hemp industry since 2010.  He co-founded two cannabis companies encompassing five fully licensed retail stores and three cultivation facilities nearing 100,000 total square feet, including District 8 Holdings, the number one selling organic pre-roll cannabis brand in Colorado.  Mr Russo was a former board member of MIG (Marijuana Industry Group) formed to help craft Colorado’s earliest medical cannabis regulatory framework.  MIG is the largest and oldest trade association for licensed cannabis business.  He was instrumental in the progression of Colorado Amendment 64, marked as an electoral first worldwide.

Trevor Taylor

Prior to being appointed Co-CEO Mr Taylor was the Company’s Chief Strategy Officer and, prior to joining Zoetic, he was the CEO of District 8 Holdings, the number one selling organic pre-roll cannabis brand in Colorado, the first state to legalise recreational cannabis in the United States and the global leader in CBD hemp production.  Previously, Mr Taylor was the Chief Operating Officer of Old West Oilfield Services.  Mr Taylor helped take the company from initial concept through the final exit in just over five years to MBI Energy Services.  Old West Oilfield Services was a leading fluids and frack sand logistics services company serving major operators in five US basins.  Mr. Taylor has spent his entire professional career owning and operating businesses in many different sectors including, retail, restaurant, real estate, oil and gas and commercial farming operations.  Mr Taylor graduated from Colorado State University with honours and a degree in Civil Engineering.  He is active in his community serving on multiple boards.


Eric Anderson

A third generation Landman, Eric continues the legacy of his father and his grandfather who began his career in the Williston Basin in the 1950’s. For several years, Eric worked in the field as an independent Landman, negotiating oil & gas contracts in many of the ground breaking exploration and development plays in the Rocky Mountain Region. In 2011 he became a member of the Executive Management Team for a major oil & gas land company to lead new business development, foster client relationships, and manage the company’s leasing projects and field crews. In 2015 Eric began consulting on land projects with Zoetic International, and later that year joined the Company as Vice President of Land. At Zoetic Eric oversees all matters relating to land including negotiations, contracts, title, leasing and GIS work.


Eric Boyle

Eric Boyle has over 30 years’ experience in stockbroking, fund management and investment banking. Prior to joining Zoetic International plc on a formal basis in 2017, Eric was a partner of Smith &Williamson Investment Management LLP. During his career, Eric co-founded two London-listed companies, SR Pharma plc, where he was Chairman until 2004, and Zoetic International plc in 2015. With the experience gained in studying a diversity of stock markets he has held directorships in three London-listed closed-end funds, including Atlantis Japan Growth Fund Limited where he was a director from 2000-2016. During his career he has raised new capital for several groups launching in both developed and emerging markets.

The Company is incorporated and registered in England & Wales with registered number 09309241

UK Registered Office Address: The Walbrook Building, 25 Walbrook, London EC4N 8AF

US Address: 220 Josephine St., Suite 200, Denver, CO 80206


Phone: 0044.1738.472.029

For emergencies please call: 001.866.922.1066

Email: [email protected]

Financial Adviser and Broker

Cantor Fitzgerald Europe, 1 Churchill Pl, Canary Wharf, London E14 click here

Auditor and Reporting Accountants

PKF Littlejohn LLP click here

Solicitors to the Company

DAC Beachcroft LLP, 100 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BN 

Public Relations

IFC Advisory Limited, 24 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND 

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