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The early days

European Wealth was officially launched early in 2011. The investment world was still a pretty grim place but one of our mantras has always been bad times make good entry points. As if to underline that, we made our first acquisition that March – the financial planning firm Mathews Smith in Maidstone. This was an exciting moment but more importantly, it was the springboard for the development of the financial planning business so critical to delivering a true wealth management offering. We finished the year looking after £150 million of assets. Not bad, but still with a lot to do.


The pace picks up

In early 2012 we acquired Aventus Capital which established our presence in Cheltenham. But, most importantly of all, it gave us a state of the art platform on which to manage and build our investment business. Migrating onto it took time, but the benefits rapidly became apparent to our clients as well as to us.

It wasn’t just the investment business that expanded, later that year the acquisition of Ernest Noad & Associates, in Bromley, added to our capabilities in the South East. Then, just weeks later, the purchase of Bradley Stuart in Worcester saw the Group’s assets reach the £500 million level. It also added specific expertise in corporate financial planning.

The middle of the year also saw the launch of our liquidity management service. This provides private and institutional clients, including health, education and building societies, with liquidity and treasury management services.

The year also finished on a high when, in November, the last of 2012’s new offices opened in Wokingham. Providing a full wealth management offering, the team also specialise in complex tax and wealth planning solutions.


The New Establishment

And so, just over three years after being founded, in 2013 we became a Member of the London Stock Exchange. Many of us here are old enough to remember the days of “My word is my bond” and so this was a rather special moment. Now, of course, this also means the very ‘hi tech’ world of modern trading, with the creation of a specialist central dealing function in London meant that we could enhance our execution and deliver straight through processing of trades. The old and the new. The New Establishment - absolutely!



A recent survey established that the most important issues facing employers were cost control, efficiency and employee awareness. These priorities have always been at the heart of our service to our business clients.

Our service is centred around our ability to listen to you and your staff, responding in a professional yet open and friendly manner to deliver the solutions you need. We establish trust and understanding through long term working relationships. We can offer an individually tailored service with advice clinics and, wherever possible, one-to-one counselling with individual scheme members.

Simplicity, flexibility, portability and value for money are the key elements we aim to provide when advising our clients in this area.

The services we offer to businesses include:

  • Business and shareholder protection
  • Employee benefits
  • Making regular savings
  • Treasury management
  • Trust administration service
  • Stockbroking


Charities and trustees
Charities and trusts have unique requirements. The management of their investments is one thing, the administration and reporting is quite another, and both need to be done to the highest standards. This means understanding the goals of the trustees, together with any restrictions or constraints.
Clarity of communication is central. Not only between you and us, but in enabling you to communicate effectively with beneficiaries and other key stakeholders. Managing your interaction with HM Revenue & Customs in a professional and timely manner is essential to avoid creating unnecessary problems.
 The services we offer to charities and trustees include:
  • Discretionary investment management
  • Tax returns
  • Trust administration service
  • Treasury management
Individuals and families
“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
George MacDonald
At the heart of our business lie our relationships with the individuals and families who trust us with their wealth. We take that trust very seriously.
Of course all our clients are different but we won’t show you pictures of hand made suits or use words like ‘bespoke’ or ‘tailor-made’ – you know that already. The only way to truly understand each other and to build a successful and trusting partnership is to talk. We have to get to know you.
Until we talk we don’t know if you simply want to deal with the here and now, or if you are thinking ahead to future generations. Or maybe its both. Either way, we realise how important your wealth is to you. As the Cat pointed out to Alice, you don’t want pre-determined answers. You want somebody who will take the time to understand your aspirations and who appreciates that these will change over time.
You certainly don’t want somebody who tries to sell you their products. You need somebody who will work in partnership with you, advising and selecting the best options for you. Someone who can recommend the best ways forward for you, but who is just as happy to leave a meeting saying that there is no urgent action required. Someone who acts like your partner, not like a salesman.
The services we offer to individuals and families include:
  • Advisory investment management
  • Discretionary investment management
  • Making regular savings
  • Planning for your retirement
  • Protecting you and your family
  • Stockbroking
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Tax returns
The requirements of institutional investors can be very specific. Our focus is to work with you to understand your risk appetite, expected cash flows and investment restrictions. From this we can agree a clear mandate against which your investments are managed. You have direct access to our dedicated fund management team who will ensure that you receive the level of service and support you expect.
The services we offer to institutions include:
  • Treasury management
Professional intermediaries
You’ve worked hard to build your business and you’ve worked even harder to make sure that your clients receive the high levels of professional advice they deserve. Integrating investment management into your services completes the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It builds your business but, most of all, it’s what your clients want from you.
Your clients trust you. They feel safe knowing their wealth is in your hands. You cannot risk damaging that relationship. You need an investment manager who will not let you down. One who places the service they provide to your clients, and to you, at the centre of their relationship with you.
Your obligation is to select an investment manager who is right for your client. One who is not conflicted by the need to sell their own products. One whose fees and charges not only offer value for money but are also totally transparent. One who can work with the structures and wrappers you need to use.
Risk management, investment performance, active management – these are taken for granted. After all, there are so many firms who claim to offer the best of each of these. Can they truly work as a component part of your business? Can they adapt themselves to what you need? Or do they expect you, or even worse your clients, to fit in with them?
European Investment Management was designed precisely to answer these demands. It was built from scratch to integrate seamlessly with professional advisers like you. To provide you with a consistent service you can trust. In just the same way you provide that service to your own clients.
We do not have the baggage or legacy that constrain so many managers and prevent them from being flexible. Our job is to work with you in the way that suits you. We don’t dictate, we listen. We want to understand how we fit and what it is you want us to do.
You want us to meet your clients? That’s fine. We love clients but we never forget whose clients they are and how important they are to you. We know we must look after their wealth and that we must make sure that our communication with you and them is clear.
If you would like to find out more about what makes us so different, please contact us to arrange a meeting.
The services we offer to professional intermediaries include:
  • Discretionary investment management
  • Trust administration service
  • Stockbroking

Geoffrey Dearing

Geoffrey is a director of the European Wealth Management Group plc, European Investment Management Limited and European Financial Planning Limited.  He has a wealth of experience in law and investment management. He was previously Chairman of Ashcourt, and was senior partner of one of the largest law firms in the South East of England. Geoff lectures extensively on anti-money laundering, risk management, regulation and compliance.


George Robb

George is the Senior Non Executive Director of the European Wealth Management Group plc, European Investment Management Limited and European Financial Planning Limited. He has over 30 years’ experience in the asset management sector, having been a founding shareholder and later chairman of Aberdeen Asset Management and latterly managing director and chief investment officer of Asset Management Investment Company. He has extensive experience on the boards of public and private companies. He is also non executive chairman of The ECU Group and a director of several other companies.


Marianne Hay

Marianne is the CEO of European Wealth Group and a member of our Investment Management Committee. She was formerly the Head of Private Banking for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Standard Chartered, Chief Executive Officer for Citigroup’s European wealth management business, and Head of Private Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley.  She currently serves on the boards of the Court of the University of Greenwich, ACE Africa, the Advisory Board of Riverpeak Wealth and the Town and Country Housing Group.


John Taylor

John is a director of European Financial Planning.  He is an Actuary and Chartered Financial Planner who was previously managing director of financial advisers Barney Wilkins & Howard and Ashcourt Financial Planning. He has over 25 years experience of running IFA business as well as providing financial advice to clients.


Kish Gopaul

Kish is a non executive director of the European Wealth Management Group plc and of European Investment Management Limited.  He has over 32 years’ experience in international finance and investment. He is the Vice Chairman and Managing Partner of the Swiss Wealth Management firm Courvoisier & Associés, having previously held executive roles at Citibank. Kish is also Vice Chairman of CNG Participations & Gestion, Vice Chairman of Courvoisier Capital, and Chairman of Merchant Bridge (Switzerland).


Mark Wooldridge

Mark is the Managing Director of European Financial Planning Limited and is based in East Malling. He is responsible for the quality of financial planning advice we provide to our clients. Prior to joining us, Mark was a director of Broadstone Pensions & Investments, formerly BDO Financial Services. He has over 20 years’ experience in the financial planning industry.


Peter Mullins

Peter is a director of European Financial Planning Limited and is based in Worcester. He provides high net worth individuals and large, well known, corporates with comprehensive financial planning advice. Previously, Peter was the Principal of Bradley Stuart and was known for his incisive advice on BBC Radio. He has over 30 years’ experience in financial planning. During this period he spent several years offering advice on BBC Radio and has advised many well known and high profile individuals as well as household corporations. These have included Olympus (Cameras), Rea Brothers Merchant Bank and Continental Bank (of America) in the early years through to Littlewoods Direct, The Telegraph Media Group and The Ritz at the present time.


Rod Gentry

Rod is our Group Chief Executive and is based in London. He oversees all of our investment, commercial and operational activities and is the Chair of our Investment Management Committee and a member of our UK Equity Group. Prior to joining us, he was the Chief Executive of Ashcourt Asset Management, and oversaw its development as it reached assets under management of £1.5 billion. Rod has over 20 years’ experience in the wealth management industry.


Simon Ray

Simon is a director and the Chief Operating Officer of European Investment Management and is based in Cheltenham. He oversees the day to day operational side of the investment business and is also an authorised investment manager. He was previously the head of Aventus Capital Management, and has over 20 years’ experience in investment management.


Susan Roughley

Susan Roughley is the Director of Human Resources of the European Wealth Management Group plc, European Investment Management Limited and European Financial Planning Limited and is based in East Malling. Prior to joining us, she was a director of Ashcourt, having previously been the Human Resources Manager. Before this she worked for Lloyds of London with responsibility for their front office HR function covering 1,100 employees.


Tim Revill

Tim is a director of European Investment Management Limited and European Financial Planning Limited. He is a chartered accountant and a trust and estate practitioner, specialising in international financial planning. Tim is currently non-executive chairman of Southern Rock Insurance Company Limited, a director of Stan James and a variety of private companies. Tim was founder and chief executive officer of AIM listed STM Group, until he retired in 2010.


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The Company has been notified of the following significant shareholdings as at 31 March 2015:

Ordinary shares
Courvoisier* 1,635,201 shares (8.27%)
John Morton and Family 2,413,745 shares (12.21%)
Rod Gentry 2,314,471 shares (11.71%)
Septer 1,352,283 shares (6.84%)
George Robb and Family 1,123,330 shares (5.68%)
Southern Rock Insurance Company 892,857 shares (4.52%)
Susan Roughley 769,533 shares (2.91%)

Convertible loan stock
Courvoisier* 349,250 (82.59%)

* Kish Gopaul is a director of Courvoisier & Associés SA