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Government and regulatory criticism means Facebook’s Libra could be dead on arrival

Trump, Fed chair Jerome Powell and now the US Congress have all turned their fire on the social media giant's planned digital currency, which is scheduled to launch next year...

on 15/7/19

KR1 sees significant returns from blockchain and crypto investments

Founded in 2016, the company has invested in a number of projects that it believes will power the development of the decentralised blockchain infrastructure...

on 14/6/19

KR1 nets over US$300,000 from sale of ATOM tokens

The digital asset investor said that it had sold 70,079 ATOM tokens for an average price of US$5.14 each, having acquired them for around US$0.10 each in early 2017...

on 11/6/19

Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency could change the face of the sector forever

The social media giant is reportedly planning to launch its own cryptocurrency later this month, the first time a tech giant has decided to enter the sector directly...

on 6/6/19

KR1 co-founders step down from the board, will remain as consultants

The blockchain and crypto investment firm said both Rupert Williams and Jeremy Woodgate would remain with the company as consultants...

on 4/6/19

KR1 boss hails “major shift” in crypto market sentiment

CEO George McDonaugh said that the price of Bitcoin, a key barometer of the sector, had risen to levels not seen for half a year or more and that should this could be a bullish shift from a 54-week long bear market...

on 31/5/19

KR1 generating “significant revenues” from investment in ‘proof-of-stake’ Cosmos Network

Proof-of-stake networks are blockchain systems which, unlike proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin, do not require massive amounts of computing power to maintain them...

on 14/5/19

Why the next Bitcoin rally could be closer than you think

An upcoming event called 'halving' could see another bull run for the world's original cryptocurrency ...

on 7/5/19

KR1 nets over US$200k from sale of OmiseGo holdings in one of its “most successful investments to date”

The digital asset investment firm said it had sold its remaining tokens in OmiseGo at an average price of US$2 each, a 650% increase on the original purchase price of US$0.27 ...

on 25/4/19

After Bitcoin’s bounce, here’s how you could take a punt on crypto with your ISA

With the original cryptocurrency breaking US$5,000 for the first time in five months, some are saying the sector could be heading for an upswing in investor interest...

on 4/4/19

KR1 injects total of US$250,000 into data framework and exchange ventures

The money is being spent on a US$200,000 investment in the Rlay project while the remaining US$50,000 is going to the Nash exchange...

on 22/1/19

KR1 sets up subsidiary in Gibraltar which it believes should provide “new and potentially significant revenue stream”

The NEX-listed company said that, as one of a select few sponsors on the GBX, it can negotiate fees for providing its service and said it has seen significant interest already...

on 14/1/19

KR1 raises £785,000 via share placing to boost its investments in blockchain token community

The blockchain and cryptocurrency investor said the placing of 15,700,000 ordinary shares was undertaken at a price of 5p per share by Peterhouse Capital ...

on 19/12/18

KR1 nets tidy profit from investments as portfolio firms increase in value amid blockchain revolution

In October, the firm sold its first two investment for twenty and seventeen times their purchase price respectively, netting it US$260,000...

on 22/11/18

KR1’s stake in digital currency wallet Vo1t now worth US$1.4mln

Vo1t is valued at US$17mln following its latest round of funding, meaning KR1’s almost-8% stake is worth US$1.4mln...

on 5/11/18

KR1 checks out of Golem and Qtum with healthy profit

Both projects had reached very mature and self-sufficient stages, which fulfils KR1’s key business model...

on 2/10/18

KR1 invests US$400,000 in disruptive blockchain technologies

The investment group has made three more investments in blockchain technology with the potential to branch out and disrupt a range of sectors ...

on 11/9/18

KR1 confident of path through token market's shifting sands

“Huge misconceptions surround token sales" says KR1's chief executive...

on 9/7/18

KR1 goes on investment spree in the blockchain sector

The NEX-listed blockchain group put its money behind four companies with applications ranging from blockchain supercomputers to drone piloting networks...

on 5/7/18