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At a glance

IGas Energy plc is a leading onshore oil and gas exploration and production business, holding a portfolio of production and exploration assets focused on three regions: the North West, East Midlands and the Weald Basin in Southern England.The business has more than thirty years' experience of successfully and safely extracting and producing hydrocarbons onshore in the UK. The UK is recognised globally as a leading example for oil and gas industry regulationIGas is committed to the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions for its' employees and contractors. We are also committed to maintaining close and responsive relationships with the communities in which we operate and we have a long track record of engaging with local residents. IGas operates its own Community Fund which has committed to distribute several hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to local projects that are charitable, educational or benevolent in purpose.

Strategy & values

Our Strategy

Our strategy is a to build a material onshore energy company in Britain in collaboration with the communities in which we operate and deliver value for all our stakeholders.We believe that supporting and sustaining these communities is fundamental to delivering more domestic production.

Our Business Model and Strategy

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Our Values

We are fully committed to preserving the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions.

The public and our neighbours in particular may have questions about how our activities affect their environment and we are committed to answer those questions. We operate in many sensitive areas and we are committed to preserving our landscapes and work closely with planning and all other statutory authorities and local people to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Most of all, we are committed to consultation with all our neighbours and interested parties.

Where we operate



Where We Operate

We are a leading onshore hydrocarbon producer in the United Kingdom, delivering natural gas and crude oil to Britain’s energy market.We develop and produce gas and oil reserves at onshore locations in the North West of England, the East Midlands, the Weald Basin in Southern England and the northern coastal areas of the Inner Moray Firth in Scotland. With almost a decade of experience in onshore drilling, IGas is able to exploit prolific and lower-cost hydrocarbon reserves which contribute to Britain's energy security while at the same time delivering value to IGas investors.For information on our exploration sites visit www.igas-engage.co.uk For information on our Springs Road project visit www.springsroad.co.uk

East Midlands

The Gainsborough area is made up of 10 fields and a processing facility. Oil is transported to Phillips 66 via road tanker, gas is piped to Gainsborough 1 for power generation and produced water is pumped for reinjection.


Southern England

Based in southern England, the Weald Basin is the source of approximately 50% of our current production.The area under licence is inclusive of 11 fields within which there are 10 producing sites ranging from Stockbridge, near Winchester, in the west to Palmers Wood near Gatwick in the east and now includes the Singleton field. The area has produced more than 21 million barrels of oil to date..


North West

In the North West we have an interest in 14 licences, located in the counties of Cheshire and Staffordshire that contain the Carboniferous Coal Measures and Bowland-Hodder shales.The total area under licence in this region is 1,737km2 (approximately 429k.acres).Our project at BartonIn June 2010, our planning application to explore for and extract hydrocarbons at the Barton site in Irlam, within PEDL 193, was approved by Salford City Council following a detailed planning process.The process involved undertaking detailed consultation with the local community as well as satisfying the Council and planning officers that we are a safe and transparent operator and able to conduct our work in an environmentally respectful manner.The site is located immediately east of the M62 and north of Barton Moss Road, Salford. The site covers an area of 1.8 acres – approximately the size of a football pitch.The land to the north of the site (east of the motorway) comprises improved grassland; the land to the south and east of the site is arable farmland. Approximately 250m to the south lies the boundary of City Airport (Barton Aerodrome), with the A57 (Liverpool Road) and the Manchester Ship Canal beyond.

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IGas acquired Caithness in December 2013 which includes a 100% interest in the Lybster Field which is drilled from onshore to offshore. The field was discovered in the 1996 by Premier Oil plc, at well 11/24-1 which tested 36 API oil at over 2,000bopd from the Beatrice Formation.

International Assets

As part of the October 2014 acquisition of Dart Energy, the Group has an interest in a Coal Bed Methane (CBM) exploration licence in India.IndiaFollowing transfer of a 50% interest in Assam CBM block to OIL India Limited, the existing partner in the licence, Dart retains a 10% interest in the licence.  Despite this reduction in licence interest, Dart are still Operator.


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