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BASE RESOURCES LIMITED - Quarterly Activities Report – March 2020

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16 April 2020

Quarterly Activities Report –BASE RESOURCES LIMITED
March 2020

Key Points

African mineral sands producer, (ASX & AIM: BSE) ( or the ) is pleased to provide a quarterly operational, development and corporate update.Base Resources LimitedBase ResourcesCompany

Supported by sound customer demand, production at the Company’s Kwale Mineral Sands Operations () in has continued uninterrupted with broad health and safety procedures implemented to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to our personnel and surrounding communities.Kwale OperationsKenya

Discussions with the Government of on fiscal terms, and the lifting of the suspension of on-the-ground activities, for the progressed positively over the quarter but have been temporarily halted with the Government focusing on combating the COVID-19 pandemic.  Other activities to progress the project, such as front-end engineering design, continued in the quarter.MadagascarToliara Project


COVID-19 and its impacts on the Company’s business, people and stakeholders is the subject of ongoing close monitoring and response development.

Kwale Operations continue to be maintained, balancing the considerations of employee and community health, operational safety, community benefits, government policy and regulation, customer demand and financial prudence.  Consequently, a halt to, or curtailment of, operations at some point in the future is possible if circumstances change.

has made a number of changes to workplaces as outlined below.Base Resources

Kwale Operations

The Company has implemented a suite of mitigations aimed at protecting the health and safety of our employees and neighbouring communities while operations continue.  Taking note of Government of requirements, has:KenyaBase Resources

The Company is actively assessing further opportunities to support local communities, and more broadly.Kenya

and Perth OfficesMadagascar

In alignment with government measures, offices in have been closed and employees are, subject to the requirements of their role, either working from home or staying at home.  All FIFO employees have returned to their home countries.Base ResourcesMadagascar

based employees are working from home.Perth


[:  Reported as tonnes of zircon contained in concentrate, it realises 90% to 100% of the value of the equivalent volume of standard grade zircon, due to rutile credits.]Note (1)

Mining operations continued steadily on the South Dune orebody with mined tonnage of 4.3Mt, lower than the last quarter’s 4.6Mt.  Productivity was impacted by lower face heights and reduced water pressures as some hydro mining guns approached the end of the current mining blocks and the distance from the pumping stations increased.  As hydraulic mining units are re-located to new mining blocks during the coming quarter, productivity is expected to improve.  Mined grade moderated during the quarter from 4.2% to 3.9% heavy mineral () as expected.HM

Wet concentrator plant () production of heavy mineral concentrate () declined to 154kt (last quarter: 190kt) due to lower mined tonnage and ore grades.  Stocks of HMC built up last quarter were utilised to maintain a 90tph mineral separation plant () feed rate, reducing closing stocks of HMC to 13kt (last quarter: 46kt).  Sand tails continued to be deposited into the mined-out Central Dune area.  Rehabilitation works on the Central Dune and the mined-out areas of the South Dune continued.WCPHMCMSP

Total MSP feed tonnage was higher than the prior quarter reflecting use of available HMC stocks and resulting in increased production of all products.  Recoveries were slightly lower than prior quarters due to varying MSP feed conditions associated with managing low HMC stocks.

Bulk loading operations at the Company’s Likoni Port facility continued to run smoothly, dispatching more than 110kt of bulk ilmenite and rutile and low-grade zircon during the quarter (last quarter: 116kt).  Containerised shipments of rutile and zircon through the Mombasa Port largely proceeded according to plan.

Despite higher total operating costs than the previous quarter, caused by non-cash changes to the rehabilitation and mine closure provision, the significantly increased production volume resulted in a lower unit operating cost of per tonne produced (rutile, ilmenite, zircon and low-grade zircon) (last quarter: per tonne). US$128US$140

Unit cost of goods sold is influenced by both the underlying operating costs and product sales mix.  Operating costs are allocated to each product based on revenue contribution, which sees the higher value rutile and zircon products attracting a higher cost per tonne than the lower value ilmenite.  Therefore, the greater the sales volume of rutile and zircon relative to ilmenite in a quarter, the higher both unit revenue per tonne and unit cost of goods sold will be.

Ilmenite, and the majority of rutile, is sold in bulk, with typical shipment sizes of 50-54kt for ilmenite and 10-12kt for rutile, which means any given quarter will usually contain either one or two bulk rutile and ilmenite sales.  Zircon is sold in smaller parcels and sales generally align with production volume.  Product sales mix will therefore vary depending on the number of bulk shipments of ilmenite and rutile in each quarter.

Cost of goods sold of per tonne sold (operating costs, adjusted for stockpile movements, and royalties) was higher due to the increased proportion of rutile in the sales mix (last quarter: per tonne).  The higher proportion of rutile sold in the quarter contributed to an increase in both the cost of goods sold and average revenue per tonne to per tonne (last quarter: per tonne).  From the combination of these factors, the revenue to cost of goods sold ratio for the quarter increased to 2.7 (last quarter: 2.5).US$175US$141US$476US$355


Base Resources’ prevailing production guidance for the 2020 financial year () remains unchanged.  However, due to the inherent uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a halt to, or curtailment of, operations at some point in the future is possible.  In such an event, the Company may update or withdraw its FY20 production guidance, as appropriate in the circumstances.FY20

Kwale Operations FY20 production guidance remains at:

The above FY20 production guidance is based on the following assumptions:

[: The Ore Reserves estimate underpinning the above production guidance was prepared by Competent Persons in accordance with the JORC Code (2012 edition).  For further information regarding the Ore Reserves estimate refer to Base Resources’ announcement on “2017 Kwale Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves Statement” available at .  The above production guidance is the result of detailed studies based on the actual performance of the Kwale mine and processing plant.  These studies include the assessment of mining, metallurgical, ore processing, environmental and economic factors.]Note (2)9 October 2017https://baseresources.com.au/investors/announcements/


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and seasonal factors, demand during the quarter for all products was firm and most customers, across the various products, market segments and regions, have advised that their facilities operated at normal levels with regular orders received from their customers. 

Global pigment producers have generally indicated that demand for pigment was strong through the quarter and tight market conditions continued to prevail for sulphate ilmenite and high-grade chloride feedstocks (including rutile) resulting in further price improvement for both ilmenite and rutile.  Subsequent to quarter end, some Chinese customers have advised that there is a weakening outlook for pigment exports. 

Rutile demand remains strong and ongoing restricted supply is currently maintaining a tight market.  The recent government-imposed interruptions to the operation of major chloride slag facilities in is expected to further restrict the supply of high-grade feedstock in 2020.  The Company has firm sales contracts in place for almost all of its forecast rutile production for the remainder of calendar year 2020. South Africa

Despite COVID-19 related uncertainty over the outlook for pigment exports, Chinese pigment producers (the Company’s main ilmenite customers) have re-confirmed their demand for ilmenite and their intention to proceed with planned shipments over the coming months.  Tight restrictions on ilmenite supply have continued into 2020 and some customers continue to seek significant additional ilmenite volumes and earlier shipments, having expressed concern over the security of feedstock supply.  A prolonged interruption to Chinese domestic ilmenite production through , due to COVID-19 shutdowns, compounded the general global shortage of available ilmenite through the quarter, which has continued into the June quarter.  It is understood that ilmenite supply in has been further impacted as a result of COVID-19 related suspensions on activity throughout the country.  This will further exacerbate the global ilmenite shortage.February 2020India

Subdued conditions in the zircon market continued through the seasonally weak March quarter resulting in some marginal price erosion.  The COVID-19 related shutdown of some operations in during resulted in the deferral of some shipments but concerns over security of zircon supply boosted demand towards the end of the quarter.  The Company’s small backlog of zircon sales, caused by these deferrals, was cleared by mid-April. ChinaFebruary 2020

Zircon sales for the June quarter are mostly proceeding as planned at prices reasonably consistent with March quarter contracts, with firm demand from Chinese customers in particular.  Demand for zircon end products is uncertain over the coming months but it is expected that any drop in demand will be offset to some extent by the restrictions on zircon supply coming from major producers in and other locations.South Africa


With no lost time or medical treatment injuries occurring during the quarter, or in the past year, Kwale Operations’ lost time injury frequency rate () and total recordable injury frequency rate () are both zero.  No injuries were recorded in the quarter for the and the total number of injuries of any type since project commencement remains at zero.  Compared to the Western Australian All Mines 2017/2018 LTIFR of 2.0, this is an exceptional performance reflective of the ongoing focus and importance placed on safety by management.  Base Resources’ employees and contractors have now worked 19.9 million man-hours lost time injury () free, with the last LTI recorded in early 2014.  Further, 10.5 million hours have been worked without a medical treatment injury.LTIFRTRIFRLTIToliara Project


Kwale Operations

has implemented a number of actions to assist the Kwale community manage the COVID-19 pandemic, including the distribution of personal protective equipment to county health workers and establishment of community-based handwashing equipment to help improve sanitation.  Food support programs have also been put in place in conjunction with local and national authorities, and local support groups, to cater for the economic impact on tourism and unemployment.Base Resources

Agricultural livelihood programs at Kwale made considerable progress during the quarter working with partners Business for Development, the PAVI farmers’ cooperative, and the .  PAVI, through a joint initiative with , secured additional funding through a Government of agribusiness support project to further build capacity and develop the cooperative.Cooperative Bank of KenyaBase ResourcesKenya

Preparations are now underway to plant maize, sorghum, cotton, green grams, various spices and sunflower during this year’s upcoming planting season.  Measures have been put in place to continue to progress these activities in compliance with government restrictions implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With land rehabilitation activities increasing on site, community groups have continued to supply special grasses for the program and grass seed.  Irrigation has also been installed to assist with germination prior to the upcoming rains which will help with erosion controls.

Toliara Project

Community training programs and social infrastructure construction work remain on hold following the government-required suspension of on-the-ground activities on the .  The 24 apprentices training in at the Kwale Operation have remained on site and are subject to restricted movements consistent with government requirements and company protocols in dealing with COVID-19.  continues to work with local authorities to assist in the response to public health challenges in the Toliara region.Toliara ProjectBase ResourcesKenya


-Toliara Project DevelopmentMadagascar

In , the Government of required the Company to temporarily suspend on-the-ground activity on the while discussions on fiscal terms applying to the project were progressed.  Activity remains suspended as engages with the Government in relation to the fiscal terms applicable to the mining sector in , including the .  Discussions progressed positively over the quarter but have been temporarily halted due to the Government focus on and implementation of COVID-19 measures, including closing all ministries and public departments except for justice, security and health.November 2019MadagascarMadagascarToliara ProjectBase ResourcesToliara Project3

[: Refer to Base Resources’ market announcement “Toliara Project – Government of statement” released on , which is available atNote (3)Madagascar7 November 2019.]https://baseresources.com.au/investors/announcements/

With the effective shutdown of Government, international travel restrictions and broader COVID-19 measures and impacts both in and globally, it is considered clear that FID will be delayed beyond , as had been contemplated in the definitive feasibility study () released last quarter.  Given current uncertainties, it is not considered appropriate to provide formal guidance on a revised FID date until such time as there is greater clarity on the trajectory of resumption of global economic activity.Madagascar30 September 2020Toliara ProjectDFS

Key activities during the quarter included:

Key activities planned for the coming quarter include:

Total expenditure on the for the quarter was (last quarter: ).Toliara ProjectUS$3.3 millionUS$6.8 million

Extensional Exploration –Kenya

Mining tenure arrangements continued to progress with the as a precursor to an anticipated updated Ore Reserves estimate based on the expanded 2017 Kwale South Dune Mineral Resource announced on 4 October 2017.  However, progress has slowed as the government focuses on combating the COVID-19 pandemic.Kenyan Ministry of Petroleum and Miningth4

A concept study for mining the 171Mt North Dune Mineral Resources estimate ( Indicated and 34Mt Inferred) was completed in early , with a pre-feasibility study commencing in the quarter.136MtJanuary 20205

Completion of the remaining drilling program (4,200 metres) in the North-East Sector (Kwale East) of PL 2018/0119 remains on hold pending community access being secured.

Further drilling of the northern sections of the Vanga Prospecting License (PL/2015/0042) remained on hold pending resolution of community access issues.  A north eastern extension of the Vanga Prospecting Licence is under application (App No/1753) to cover further prospective ground which has since become available.

The additional prospecting licence applications lodged for an area south of Lamu (Apps No/2136, 2146 and 2153) together with an area in the Kuranze region of Kwale county about 70 km west of the Kwale Operation (App No/2123) remain in progress through the granting process.

Expenditure on exploration activities in during the quarter was (last quarter: ).KenyaUS$0.1 millionUS$0.1 million

:  [Refer to Base Resources’ market announcement “Mineral Resource Increase for Kwale South Dune” released on , which is available at .  : For further information on the Kwale North Dune Mineral Resources estimate, refer to Base Resources’ market announcement “Mineral Resource for Kwale North Dune deposit” released on , which is available at .  confirms that it is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included in the announcement and all material assumptions and technical parameters underpinning the estimates in the announcement continue to apply and have not materially changed.]4 October 20171 May 20191 May 20191 May 2019https://baseresources.com.au/investors/announcements/https://baseresources.com.au/investors/announcements/Note (5)Base ResourcesNote (4)


Kenyan VAT receivable

As previously announced, has refund claims for VAT paid in , relating to both construction of the and the period since operations commenced, which totalled approximately at .  These claims are proceeding through the process with refunds totalling received during the quarter (last quarter: ).  is continuing to engage with the Kenyan Treasury and the , seeking to expedite the refund claims. Base ResourcesKwale ProjectKenya Revenue AuthorityBase ResourcesKenya Revenue AuthorityKenyaUS$19.5 millionUS$3.1 millionUS$3.1 million31 March 2020

Revolving Credit Facility

In , repaid the outstanding balance of its Revolving Credit Facility ().January 2020Base ResourcesUS$15.0 millionRCF

In late March, the Company drew down the full available under the RCF to secure enhanced liquidity and provide flexibility as part of a prudent management strategy in navigating the evolving uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.US$75.0 million

In summary, at :31 March 2020

[  Vested performance rights have a nil cash exercise price and, unless exercised beforehand, these rights expire on 30 September 2024.]Note (6):

Forward looking statements

Certain statements in or in connection with this announcement contain or comprise forward looking statements.  Such statements may include, but are not limited to, statements with regard to capital cost, capacity, future production and grades, sales projections and financial performance and may be (but are not necessarily) identified by the use of phrases such as “will”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “believe” and “envisage”.  By their nature, forward looking statements involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will occur in the future and may be outside Base Resources’ control.  Accordingly, results could differ materially from those set out in the forward-looking statements as a result of, among other factors, changes in economic and market conditions, success of business and operating initiatives, changes in the regulatory environment and other government actions, fluctuations in product prices and exchange rates and business and operational risk management.  Subject to any continuing obligations under applicable law or relevant stock exchange listing rules, undertakes no obligation to update publicly or release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after today's date or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.Base Resources


For further information contact:

This release has been authorised by the Board of .Base Resources

AboutBase Resources

is an Australian based, African focused, mineral sands producer and developer with a track record of project delivery and operational performance.  The Company operates the established Kwale Operations in and is developing the in Madagascar.  is an ASX and AIM listed company.  Further details about are available atBase ResourcesToliara ProjectBase ResourcesBase ResourcesKenyawww.baseresources.com.au

Level 1, , 6005 Email:   Phone: +61 (0)8 9413 7400 Fax: +61 (0)8 9322 8912PRINCIPAL & REGISTERED OFFICE

50 Kings Park RoadWest Perth, Western Australia[email protected].au

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John PriorJames BlackPaul Gillam

--  Kwale Operations continue uninterrupted with health and safety
        procedures implemented to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to personnel and
        surrounding communities.
    --  Production increases from prior quarter across all products.
    --  Ongoing sound demand from customers, with ilmenite and rutile prices
        continuing to strengthen in the quarter while zircon prices reduced
    --  On the basis of continued operations, FY2020 production guidance is
    --  Kwale North Dune pre-feasibility study commenced.
    --  Positive progress with the Government of  on the  fiscal terms and lifting of the suspension of on-ground
        activities was halted as ministries were suspended to manage the
        COVID-19 pandemic.
    --  Toliara Project FID delayed due to COVID-19 impacts and uncertainty.
    --  Full  revolving credit facility drawn down to enhance liquidity
        and provide flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.MadagascarToliara
--  Substantially modified workplace practices, focusing on hygiene and
        social distancing measures to minimise the risk of COVID?19 transmission
            --  Reducing the number of personnel at the mine site by around 40%
                by introducing a “stay at home” and “work from home” policy for
                non-operational employees.
            --  Increasing the number of buses transporting employees to and
                from the mine site to allow for appropriate physical distancing.
            --  The introduction of health screening and associated protocols
                for all personnel prior to travelling to or entering site.
            --  Regular fumigation of common work areas including ablutions,
                crib rooms, buses and heavy mobile equipment.
            --  Increasing the scope of personal protective equipment required
                for those working in close proximity to each other.
    --  Worked with local authorities to ensure compliance with Government
        COVID-19 reduction measures while maintaining operational
        continuity.These include altering rosters to fit within the nation-wide
        curfew and securing exemptions for relevant support activities as well
        as modifying arrangements to comply with the Kwale and Mombasa county
        border travel restrictions.
    --  Provided the option for fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) employees to return to
        their home country, as the practicalities of serving isolation or
        quarantine restrictions in both  and their home country have
        rendered roster travel impractical.
    --  Assisted with a number of community initiatives, including:
            --  Working with the Kwale County government to distribute personal
                protective equipment to health workers and community-based
                handwashing equipment to help improve sanitation.
            --  Food support programs, implemented in conjunction with local and
                national authorities, and local support groups, to help with the
                economic impact on tourism and unemployment in the Kwale region.Kenya
Production &     Mar 2019 June 2019 Sept 2019 Dec 2019 Quarter Mar 2020 Quarter
Sales            Quarter   Quarter   Quarter

Production (tonnes)

Ilmenite          87,179   88,789    73,808        91,406          105,035

Rutile            20,171   22,588    16,390        19,812           23,683

Zircon            6,943     7,063     6,980        7,923            9,163

Zircon low grade   172       347       466          546              780

Sales (tonnes)

Ilmenite          81,339   99,620    60,109       106,544           87,819

Rutile            14,593   31,889    14,018        13,078           25,280

Zircon            7,260     7,968     6,713        7,090            7,377

Zircon low         115       219       839          616               -
Mining & WCP          Mar 2019  June 2019 Sept 2019 Dec 2019  Mar 2020 Quarter
Performance            Quarter   Quarter   Quarter   Quarter

Ore mined (tonnes)    4,349,984 3,644,160 4,909,999 4,579,386    4,295,645

HM %                    3.59      3.52      2.66      4.22          3.86

HMC produced (tonnes)  154,001   131,475   114,149   189,952      153,754
MSP Performance   Quarter     Quarter
                                   Quarter   Quarter  Quarter

MSP Feed (tonnes     155,373       160,766   121,600  155,217      186,197
of HMC)

MSP feed rate           78           76        67        86           90

MSP recovery %

Ilmenite               104           100       103      100           99

Rutile                 102           104       103      102           99

Zircon                  78           76        86        88           87Mar 2019June 2019Sept 2019Dec 2019Mar 2020
Summary of unit      Quarter  Quarter
costs            Quarter   Quarter   Quarter
& Revenue per
tonne (US$)

Unit operating                                       
costs per tonne

Unit cost of                                         
goods sold per
tonne sold

Unit revenue per                                     
tonne of product

Revenue: Cost of   2.4       2.7       2.2          2.5              2.7
goods sold ratioMar 2019June 2019Sept 2019Dec 2019Mar 2020$138$127$173$140$128$151$180$213$141$175$368$482$469$355$476
--  Rutile - 75,000 to 81,000 tonnes.
    --  Ilmenite - 335,000 to 355,000 tonnes.
    --  Zircon - 29,000 to 32,000 tonnes.
--  Mining of 18.7Mtat an average HM grade of 3.58%, with the remainder of
        the FY20 volume coming entirely from Ore Reserves2.
    --  Average MSP feed rate of 79tph.
    --  Average MSP product recoveries of 102% for rutile, 101% for ilmenite and
        85% for zircon.
--  Completion of the French translation of the DFS, required to support the
        Company’s Large Mining Investment Law (LGIM) application.
    --  Commencement of front-end engineering design (FEED) activities
            --  Processing plant engineering, mechanical and electrical
                equipment and preferred vendor selection.
            --  Continuation of tender evaluation and preferred contractor
                selection for key packages including marine EPC, piling at the
                export facility, bridge, power and fuel supply.
            --  Commencement of project control systems development.
    --  Commencement of lenders’ due diligence with the independent technical
        experts (SRK and Arcadis).
    --  Optimisation of accommodation camp numbers, building type and layout.
--  Resource planning, schedule and budget reviews in relation to the delays
        caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    --  Continuation of FEED activities including:
            --  Completion of work on tails pumping and metallurgical changes.
            --  Completion of design criteria documents, basis of design,
                equipment lists and specifications.
    --  Continued development of the Toliara Project’s Environmental and Social
        Management System (ESMS).
    --  Subject to the lifting of the Government suspension and COVID-19 travel
        bans, re-establishing on-site activities, including:
            --  Environmental baseline studies and monitoring programs.
            --  Land acquisition and resettlement programs.
            --  Training programs for local people ahead of planned
            --  Borehole drilling and additional geotechnical investigations (on
                and offshore) at the export facility, bridge and road to
                optimise designs.
            --  Quarry material investigations.
            --  Submission of outstanding drill samples for assay.
            --  Community programs including relocation of tombs, resuming
                construction of schools and medical facilities, installation of
                solar pumping equipment into community boreholes, social
                economic baseline studies, human rights and health impact
--  Net cash of , consisting of:
            --  Cash and cash equivalents of .
            --  Revolving Credit Facility debt of .
    --  1,171,609,774 fully paid ordinary shares on issue.
    --  69,167,541 performance rights issued pursuant to the terms of the Base
        Resources Long Term Incentive Plan, comprising:
            --  6,527,607 vested performance rights, which remain subject to
            --  62,639,934 unvested performance rights, which are subject to
                performance testing in accordance with their terms of issue.US$44.4 millionUS$119.4 millionUS$75.0 million
,  and Investor  Media Relations


Tel: +61 (8) 9413 7426                             and 

Mobile: +61 (0) 488 093 763                       Tel: +44 (0) 207 920 3150

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