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Our Values

At Advanced Oncotherapy, we are passionate about our Mission to defeat cancer and contribute to saving more lives with fewer side effects. We strive to show integrity, sincerity, reliability, commitment, consistency and competence throughout our work.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise spanning all aspects of healthcare services. Meet the people leading our efforts to create a revolutionary approach to treat cancer.

Our Medical Advisers

The medical advisory board comprises distinguished scientists and leaders of medical research and physics institutions. It provides insight, scientific direction, and expertise to Advanced Oncotherapy’s leadership team.

Our Certification

We are dedicated to ensure that the infrastructure to develop and manufacture our product is safe, effective and reliable. Advanced Oncotherapy's and ADAM S.A.'s compliance with internationally recognised standards illustrates the importance that we place on the quality of our product. In January 2019, we obtained the ISO 13485:2016 certification having demonstrated the robustness of processes across our entire organisation, in accordance with the stringent requirements associated with a medical device.

Overview of the LIGHT System

Key Guiding Design Principles of our Proton Therapy System

The heart of the LIGHT system is its accelerator which has been designed as a series of modular units. Our ambition, as we develop the next generation of particle therapy systems, is threefold:

To overcome the costly infrastructure and extensive shielding requirements of first-generation cyclotrons

Thanks to its modular design, its lighter weight and its better proton efficiency, the LIGHT system has been designed to reduce the construction cost of the facility required to house it and makes proton therapy more accessible to local, smaller hospitals.

To offer increased precision

The linear design of LIGHT allows for (i) an active longitudinal modulation along the proton beam axis and (ii) the variation of the proton beam by electronic means during cancer treatment. The modular feature of LIGHT offers hospitals and treatment centres the flexibility to customise cancer treatment plans based on a wide range of energies. Potentially, this could provide an alternative to passive modulation, that degrades the beam along its path, causing it to lose integrity. Moreover, a dynamic transversal modulation allows a precise 3D treatment of the tumours via the 'spot scanning' technique.

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The LIGHT Proton System Module by Module

A Compact, Integrated and Turn-key Solution for Proton Therapy

The LIGHT system uses innovative linear accelerators and hence does not require a cyclotron nor a synchrotron to accelerate the protons to the high energy levels needed. This means that neither the massive infrastructure, nor the extensive shielding associated with old and current forms of proton accelerators are required.

The LIGHT accelerator is integrated with a fully functional treatment room system that provides its functionality through a set of customizable services for the management and the implementation of a patient proton therapy treatment course. The integration of the various sub-systems is such that the clinical user will be working with one user interface related to the nozzle system, the patient positioning system, and the imaging system. Each of the software components is based on commercial, off-the-shelf components that are updated to support state-of-the-art and industry-standard communication protocols.

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First LIGHT System: In Central London

Testimony of the Compact and Flexible Nature of LIGHT

Our priority is to install the LIGHT System close to where the patients live. Our first project in Harley Street, Marylebone, London, UK, is a clear demonstration of this. We have been working with the Howard de Walden Estate, the freehold owner of most of the buildings in Marylebone, as they aim at upholding the worldwide reputation of their medical properties concentrated around Harley Street. With its unique LIGHT technology, Advanced Oncotherapy can meet the objective of the Howard de Walden Estate. In 2015, Advanced Oncotherapy was granted a 50-year lease for a 15,000 sq ft facility and agreed to bear cost of redevelopment. The choice of the Howard de Walden Estate to equip a treatment centre in Harley Street with Advanced Oncotherapy's LIGHT proton therapy system further validates its modular design.

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Partnership with STFC: A First Step to High Volume Production

A Strong Partnership with an Experienced Laboratory with Tremendous Track Record

While development of LIGHT is carried out at the Company’s CERN facilities in Geneva, Advanced Oncotherapy signed a major contract with the Science and Technology Facilities Council in 2018 to establish a UK assembly and testing centre for the LIGHT system. Locating its testing and assembly site at STFC's Daresbury Laboratory in the Liverpool City Region, within the UK’s research and innovation hub Sci-Tech Daresbury, with established infrastructure, a certified radiation site and a huge wealth of shared knowledge will enable AVO to quickly move forward with the construction of the first commercial LIGHT system in a cost-effective way.  STFC's Daresbury Laboratory offers the skills to project manage and deliver the bespoke accelerator infrastructure required by AVO. Susan Smith, Head of Daresbury Laboratory, commented: “It’s exciting to know that Daresbury Laboratory’s expertise in particle accelerators and facility construction will be contributing towards the success of this ground breaking physics and medical project.”

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London, Switzerland, USA & Netherlands.

Dr. Mike Sinclair
Executive Chairman

Mr. Nicolas Serandour
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ed Lee
Chief Operating Officer, President Europe

Prof. Steve Myers
ADAM Executive Chairman

Dr. Michel Baelen
Director, Regulatory Affairs

Mrs. Bridget Biggar
Director, HR

Mr. Adrian Fabich
Programme Director

Dr. Jonathan Farr
Chief Clinical Officer

Mr. Manuel Gallas
Director of Technology and Engineering

Mrs. Louise Harley-Smeur
Senior Vice-President, Intellectual Property

Mr. Moataz Karmalawy
Chief Commercial Officer, President US

Mr. Simon Lee
Director, Client Services

Mrs. Berengere Pons-Chabord
Senior Vice-President, Corporate Finance

Mr. Graham Pughe
Senior Vice-President, Accounting and IT


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