Applied Graphene Materials

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Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials hails “significant technological progress” in development of anti-corrosion coatings

Initial findings showed that AGM's Genable anti-corrosion technology could be added to water-based products in levels that were commercially viable...

on 10/7/19
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials partner launches anti-corrosion roof coating

Alltimes Coatings, a specialist in the supply and application of protective building coatings based in the west of England, has used graphene for a new liquid coating roofing system...

on 9/7/19

Applied Graphene signs South African distribution agreement

Carst & Walker companies distribute chemical materials for applications in the coatings, adhesives, plastics, personal care, food and rubber industries...

on 3/6/19
Industry & services

Applied Graphene to highlight aerospace project progress at major event

The graphene specialist will attend the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) showcase event...

on 30/5/19
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials gets closer to 'joining the dots' for wonder material

The issue is getting the dispersion technology right, you can’t just add graphene powder to another substance...

on 5/4/19
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials expects contracts soon as testing continues

Adrian Potts, chief executive, said while commercial progress has been slower than it would have liked it was making progress ...

on 3/4/19
Industry & services

JBL to launch paint primer in New Year enhanced by Applied Graphene

"JBL has successfully completed its first production batch which is a significant milestone for commercial realisation"...

on 18/12/18
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials stuck in the red as orders remain elusive

The company is working to convert some of its 120 commercial engagements into supply agreements...

on 18/10/18

Tissue Regenix appoints new chief financial officer

The AIM-listed firm said Jones will join the group as CFO, company secretary and as an executive director on board on 30 November 2018...

on 4/7/18
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials shares rise ahead of AGM

"The board remains pleased with the progress that the group is making towards the commercialisation of its products and proprietary technologies," said chairman, Bryan Dobson...

on 3/1/18
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials is already ramping up revenues from paint and other composites

Commercial applications for graphene are the speciality of Applied Graphene Materials...

on 20/6/17
Basic Materials

Graphene specialists rocket as researchers use it to take salt of out of seawater

Can wonder material graphene be the way to make seawater drinkable?...

on 4/4/17
Industry & services

Applied Graphene eyeing commercial partnerships

The company has been working hard with partners to develop products that would be enhanced by the group's graphene...

on 17/10/16
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials hooks first customer

The "miracle material" is to be used in a new range of fishing rods to be marketed under the brand name "Graphex"...

on 14/10/16
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials plc strengthening commercial pipeline

Applied Graphene Materials plc is making progress in its bid to be a global leader in graphene and has strengthened its commercial pipeline, it said in latest half year results. ...

on 23/3/16
Industry & services

Applied Graphene does better than expected and eyes expansion

AGM said progress and momentum picked up during the year...

on 18/9/15
Industry & services

Applied Graphene Materials' shares surge on preliminary trial results

Polyurethane coatings are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aircraft and general industrial coatings, and early results from an independent trail indicates a little dab of graphene in the coating substantially enhance the scratch-resistant properties....

on 17/4/15
Industry & services

Graphene boom hints at possible bubble

The hype surrounding graphene has seen a stampede of investor interest in the so-called ‘miracle material’, which is just a single molecule thick and 20 times tougher than diamond...

on 9/4/14
Industry & services

Graphene NanoChem deals propel graphene shares

Shares in London’s listed graphene companies rose on Monday on the back of two joint venture deals from Graphene NanoChem...

on 7/4/14

UPDATE 2- BUDGET 2014 - Osborne merges shares and cash ISAs in boost for savers

Savers welcomed changes to ISAs in this year’s Budget as Chancellor George Osborne made it simpler and more attractive to invest in stocks....

on 19/3/14