Proactiveinvestors United Kingdom Metaverse Capital Corp Proactiveinvestors United Kingdom Metaverse Capital Corp RSS feed en Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:14:10 +0100 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Metaverse Capital offers strong 2Q update in wake of surging cryptocurrency markets ]]> Metaverse Capital Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) is riding on the wings of a surging cryptocurrency sector, issuing an update to shareholders Tuesday morning in light of market conditions.

Over the past year, the market capitalization for cryptocurrencies has more than doubled to US$286 bill from $125 billion. Bitcoin, which crossed the $9,000 threshold over the weekend, is trading nearly 2.5 times higher year over year, and Ethereum has nearly doubled over the same span.

Even Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is getting in on the game with the annoucement of its Libra cryptocurrency coming in 2020. 

For Metaverse, the crypto craze has delivered similarly strong performances. The company facilitated the crowdsale of AMR, the digital asset of Ammbr’s decentralized internet network. FORK managed to sell 80% of the total allocation during the crowdsale period, and exchanged its own AMR tokens for a 25% stake in the company’s equity.

The company's shares were flat at C$0.02 on the CSE and up 1.7% to US$0.02 on OTC Markets. 

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The Vancouver-based company oversaw the initial exchange offering for the NUVO token, the crypto belonging to its Nuvo blockchain network, and is facilitating a similar IEO for MVU, a crypto for sports betting site

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, meVU had more than 89,000 new signups.

A blockchain authority

The blockchain bonanza has led lots of companies to bring in Metaverse for advice. In May, the company was asked to advise on a $50 million crypto offering for Spend Group, which produces Visa-branded payment cards.

Similarly, FORK was approached by Hyperion, a security token exchange, to advise on an equity offering from Ocean Falls Blockchain Corp.

FORK was also brought in to create a blockchain payment and administration platform for Bravio Technologies Limited using the Lightning network, a means by which Bitcoin users can quickly conduct unlimited transactions between one another.

"We are pleased to have such an extensive and diverse portfolio of assets and projects that use or relate to cryptocurrency,” CEO Shidan Gouran said. “This macro-level growth bodes very well for us and our shareholders, especially with many of our projects being built for newly-strengthened areas of growth such as sports betting. We look forward to a productive 2019 for both us and our partners, as crypto and blockchain begin to play a greater role in mainstream commerce."

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining client Nuvo Cash to launch new messaging platform 'Nuvo Chat' ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) told investors Monday that its client Nuvo Cash, the UK social media company, will be launching a messaging platform called Nuvo Chat on April 19.

Nuvo Chat will be a decentralized platform for text and media messaging, as well as VoIP and video calling.

The user experience for Nuvo Chat will be built primarily around group discussions, similar to platforms such as Slack, Discord and Telegram. But it will operate on the Nuvo blockchain network, giving Nuvo Chat users the same protections as Nuvo-based social media communities, which focus on user privacy and immunity to censorship.

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The debut of Nuvo Chat creates value for Global Blockchain ( which is changing its name to Metaverse Capital Corp) since by operating a layer two decentralized network for both messaging and social media ( such as Nuvo) on a layer-one decentralized infrastructure network such as its partner Ammbr, a fully decentralized communications and media distribution network will be created.

“The creation of such a network stands to create substantial social benefits on a global scale by creating new opportunities, and introducing previously unknown freedoms to many regions,” according to Global Blockchain’s press release.

Global Blockchain has been working with Nuvo Cash since the end of 2018 to assist in developing the Nuvo blockchain network, which acts as the foundation for a number of blockchain-based social media networks that are resistant to censorship, and enable the users to be paid in NUVO tokens (the network's own cryptocurrency) in exchange for sharing content and voting on postings.

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Global Blockchain is also administering the NUVO token sale on behalf of Nuvo Cash. The sale began on April 12 on the Korean digital asset exchange ProBit and participants in the sale can currently benefit from a purchase bonus of as much as 10%.

To date, there is one social media community on Nuvo called Jamaa, which is geared towards users in Africa, and currently has more than 15,000 users.

Just last week, Global Blockchain announced that it is changing its name to Metaverse Capital Corp. When the name change is made formal, a statement will be issued.

Global Blockchain shares closed at US$0.18 in over-the-counter trading on Friday.

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<![CDATA[Media files - Global Blockchain spins out company and provides update on Ammbr partnership ]]> Fri, 05 Apr 2019 17:28:00 +0100 <![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining says Paperstreet will host NUVO token crowdsale ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) said Friday that Paperstreet LLC has been picked to host the crowdsale for the NUVO token crowd sale and that whitelisting will begin on March 4.

The NUVO tokens are digital assets being issued by UK-based Nuvo Cash Ltd and will be used on social media platforms hosted on Nuvo Cash’s blockchain network.

Vancouver-based Global Blockchain announced last December that it was commissioned by Nuvo Cash to administer the crowdsale.

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Based in San Francisco, Paperstreet is an end-to-end token sale platform and has closed eight offerings to date. Custodianship of the raised proceeds in the NUVO token crowdsale will be arranged via the Singularity Exchange.

“We are confident in Paperstreet’s ability to host the NUVO crowdsale,” said Steven Nerayoff, chairman of the Global Blockchain Mining Corp, in a statement. “Singularity’s ability to provide institutional-grade custody for digital assets, and integrate that into third-party platforms and exchanges like Paperstreet will bring a lot of changes to crypto, with custody remaining a hurdle for many players.”

Set up with a focus on crypto-mining, Global Blockchain has moved into the development and administration of launches of tokens and digital assets.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain partner Ammbr to support Illum Applied Technologies’ blockchain energy trading marketplace ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said Monday that its partner Ammbr Foundation Pvt Ltd has established a partnership with Texas-based Illum Applied Technologies which will see the Ammbr mesh network used to support a blockchain-based energy trading marketplace being developed by Illum.

The Vancouver-based blockchain-focused company has secured a deal to administer the crowd sale for Ammbr Foundation’s proprietary crypto token AMR on the Singularity Exchange.

The token is the crypto asset for a blockchain-based network, which was developed by Ammbr Foundation Pte Ltd (Ammbr), for the automated buying and selling of Internet bandwidth.

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Illum's marketplace will enable homeowners who own residential energy storage batteries to engage in energy trading through an automated exchange platform powered by blockchain technology. Battery owners will have the opportunity to charge their batteries when power is cheapest (typically at night) and use the stored power either to reduce the load on the grid or sell power back into the grid.

Illum CEO Michael Beitler said his company was “proud” to be ushering in the “future of the electric grid” with its strategic collaboration partner, Ammbr.

“Our partnership, with the use of Ammbr modular mesh routers, will give Illum the ability to create a cryptographically secure, smart city mesh or fabric over the cities where Illum, through its subsidiary, Virtual Power Plant, LLC, can deploy homeowner-owned, decentralized battery based microgrid electric systems," said Beitler in a statement.

Blockchain-based energy trading

Aside from the “positive environmental effects,” battery owners on the Illum network will have the benefit of “profiting from energy trades,” an opportunity that everyday homeowners have never had, pointed out the company. The networked group of batteries will also give battery owners access to wholesale energy prices, enabling users to save on energy costs.

With Illum operating on Ammbr's wireless mesh network, the network will benefit by having a greater user base between participants using it for Internet access, energy trading, or both. As there are other parallel use cases for decentralized utilities management outside of Internet access and energy, this development foreshadows even greater usership on the Ammbr network.

"We have long speculated that telecommunication services and electrical power are utilities, that are conceptually distributed in the same way,” said Ammbr's CEO Derick Smith. “Therefore, the tools should integrate and provide users with a consistent experience, especially in terms of the economic aspects. The partnership with Illum is giving us the material opportunity to demonstrate that."

The crowd sale for AMR on the Singularity Exchange is now entering its third week, with participation levels rising, said the company.

“It is exciting to think about what the world will be like with Ammbr's network being able to bring Internet access to all corners of the world, but it is even more exciting to think about what impact it will have for utilities such as electricity to be distributed in a similar way," said Global Blockchain CEO Shidan Gouran.

Global Blockchain Mining Corp is engaged in mining blue chip cryptocurrencies through the deployment of hardware and associated infrastructure. Investors through their investment in Global Blockchain get exposure to cryptocurrencies.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining says AMR crypto asset crowd sale website is now ready ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CNSX: FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said Monday that the website for the crowd sale of AMR is now available along with a white paper on the related technology.

The crowd sale of AMR, the crypto asset of Singapore-based Ammbr Foundation Pte Ltd, will be from January 8 to March 8.

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In the AMR crowd sale, there will be 400 million tokens, or 20% of the total issuance of 2 billion tokens. Each token will be priced at the equivalent of US$0.025 in the accepted currencies listed on the crowd sale's website.

“We are pleased to be working with Ammbr, and we look forward to leading a successful crowd sale for them," said Shidan Gouran, president and CEO of Global Blockchain Mining, which is based in Vancouver.

He added that Ammbr has received government endorsements from Guinea-Bissau, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Burundi and the Congo.

In exchange for its sale administration and development services, Global Blockchain Mining will be paid 241.55 million AMR tokens, as well as 10% of all proceeds from the public crowd sale.

Ammbr was formed in 2017 with the goal of combining wireless mesh and blockchain technologies to broaden the availability of internet connectivity without having to rely on telecom companies or internet service providers to build the infrastructure.

A demonstration of Ammbr's technologies will be given at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, from Feb. 25 to Feb. 28.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining revises strategy for two-tier networks ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) said Wednesday that it will operate master nodes for two-tier blockchain networks that use service nodes to provide trust services for features such as expedited transactions.

The company added that it has been looking at running a data center to provide computing power for artificial intelligence applications.

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"A defining value of FORK, as a business, is investing in infrastructure, as opposed to speculating on assets," CEO Shidan Gouran said in a statement.

A master node is a governing hub for some cryptocurrency networks, with a node being a computer running a network. To own a master node, operators are required to commit collateral, which can be confiscated in cases of fraud, according to Global Blockchain Mining.

A service node is a connecting point for data transmission.


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