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Strategic Elements shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code "SOR" as a "diversified financials" Company. The Company is registered under the Pooled Development Program run by the Australian Federal Government to encourage investment into SME's.

To assist Pooled Development Fund's to invest and raise capital, the Federal Government enables most shareholders in a Pooled Development Fund to make capital gains and receive dividends tax-free.

The Company has approval to provide funding to small and medium companies providing them with patient equity capital. The Company may  hold 100% of the shares of an investee Company.


Strategic Elements is backing grass roots exploration in unexplored terrains using geological models found overseas, but overlooked in Australia.

Strategic Elements is backing a major mineral hunt seeking a large scale base/precious metals and rare earth discovery in the remote and underexplored Western Deserts of the Officer Basin in collaboration with world leading geologist Dr Franco Pirajno, who has been involved with several copper discoveries.

Behemoth Project

The Behemoth Project is one of three separate projects in the Officer Basin with unexplained buried magnetic ring features.

Meteorite impact structure expert Andrew Glikson proposed that the magnetic rings and other characteristics are indicative of a potential meteorite impact structure. Other scientists suggest that the magnetic rings represent an igneous ring complex.

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Lennis Project

Magnetic geophysical data over the Lennis Project reveals a buried circular 7km diameter magnetic ring anomaly with a complex magnetic central core.

This feature is potentially caused by a meteorite impact or igneous ring complex. Government gravity geophysical data shows a distinctive, strong gravity high potentially related to a buried intrusive body located within the magnetic ring feature.

Meteorite impact structure expert Andrew Glikson has posed the magnetic rings and other characteristics are indicative of a potential meteorite impact structure. Other scientists propose the magnetic rings represent an igneous ring complex. Lennis is therefore prospective for:

  • Hydrothermal zinc-copper-lead-(gold)-(uranium) mineralization related to a meteorite impact.
  • Magmatic nickel-copper-PGE massive sulphide mineralization associated with a buried mafic – ultramafic intrusion.

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Leviathan Project

The Leviathan Project covers a large approximately 4 km in diameter gravity anomaly.

The Leviathan gravity anomaly has no previous exploration as it was not visible until new gravity data became available in 2019. The anomaly is surrounded by a suspected field of up to 100 volcanic pipes reported by Gunson Resources and DeBeers in 2003. It is considered prospective for copper-gold-rare earths mineralisation related to volcano-intrusive complexes.

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Golden Blocks

The Golden Blocks goldfield in the South Island of New Zealand is a virtually untouched 100 year-old high-grade goldfield.

Despite being known for its bonanza-grade gold production, it has remained virtually untouched for a century.

Globally there are very few gold projects that provide investors the opportunity to participate in such a high-grade gold opportunity as Golden Blocks.

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Last updated 24th February 2020

Charles Murphy
Managing Director

Charles Murphy founded the Company and led its successful registration as a Pooled Development Fund. He has experience as an advisor to emerging high growth companies assisting with business and corporate activities . Mr Murphy has co-founded and developed a number of companies through to their listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. Charles has successfully formed alliances and JV’s for multi-million-dollar development programs as well as forming global collaborations with companies such as General Electric. Charles is a qualified responsible Fund Manager and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Matthew Howard
Director and Company Secretary

Matthew has worked with some of the largest financial institutions including Goldman Sachs JBWere, Macquarie Bank, ANZ Bank and National Australia Bank. Matthew has helped close numerous multi-million dollar transactions with some of the largest Fortune 100 US technology companies in the Asia Pacific region including Oracle, BEA Systems and Sybase. Matthew has a Masters in Applied Finance, a Bachelor of Commerce (Business and Information Technology) and a Certificate in Corporate Governance.

Elliot Nicholls

Elliot Nicholls has worked in corporate advisory focusing on financial analysis and business model development. He has worked with clients in the mining and resources, oil & gas and industrial sectors including Rio Tinto and Hismelt. He has experience in financial analysis of large infrastructure projects in Australia and has been involved in projects investigating and resolving inter-company financial matters throughout the Asia-Pacific for Telstra Corporation. Elliot has a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from The University of Western Australia.

David Lim
Business Development Manager

David Lim has worked in project management and business development for a number years. He has successfully project managed multi-national teams working on technology and resources projects. David has a Bachelor of Mining Engineering with Second Class Honours from The University of Western Australia.

Last updated 24th February 2020

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138 Churchill Avenue
Subiaco WA 6008

Landline: +61 8 9278 2788
Fax: +61 8 9288 4400
Email: [email protected]

Postal Address

PO BOX 1625
Subiaco WA 6904


Charles Murphy (Managing Director)
Matthew Howard (Executive Director)
Elliot Nicholls (Executive Director)

Company Secretary

Matthew Howard


Nexia Audit Services Perth
Level 3, 88 William Street
Perth WA 6000


Kings Park Corporate Lawyers
Suite 8, 8 Clive Street
West Perth WA 6005

Share Registry

Security Transfer Registrars
770 Canning Highway
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Last updated 24th February 2020