Freedom Nutritional Products Limited

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Market Cap:
$1.55 billion
5.69 AUD
52 weeks high
52 weeks low

In brief

Freedom Nutritional Products Limited is an Australia-based company, whose activities include manufacture and distribution of soy and other beverages; manufacture, distribution and marketing of natural foods; distribution and marketing canned seafood, and distribution and marketing low GI energy waters. It operates in three segments: seafood, freedom foods and thorpedo foods. Seafood includes a range of canned seafood covering sardines, salmon, tuna and specialty seafood. These products are produced overseas and sold in Australia and overseas. Freedom foods includes range of products for consumers requiring a solution to specific dietary or medical conditions, including gluten free, wheat free, low sugar or salt or highly fortified. The product range covers breakfast cereals, cookies, snack bars, soy and rice beverage, frozen prepared foods and other complimentary products. Thorpedo foods include range of low GI beverages. These products are produced and sold in Australia and overseas.