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What is In-Situ Recovery? Mining in a National Park with no environmental footprint

Samso seeks to help clients with business development and public investor/relation needs. Samso has more than 30 years of experience in developing business ideas and concepts in the Australasian region....

on 14/6/19

Buru Energy buoyed by review which indicates strong gas and liquids potential for Butler conventional sand prospect

Gross unrisked mean prospective resources of 3.14 TCF of recoverable gas have been independently estimated, with an associated 42 million barrels of condensate....

on 11/4/19

Irrepressible David Lenigas upbeat as Horse Hill oil discovery returns to the spotlight

“To open up the well and have clean oil come to surface with no water meant the Gatwick Gusher gushed again – a lot earlier than we thought,” Lenigas said in exclusive interview with Proactive Investors’ Andrew Scott....

on 20/7/18

UKOG: Countdown begins for start of new Horse Hill programme

Such is the nature of operations onshore UK, where communications tend to factor in the threat of protest, the companies pursuing the Horse Hill field start-up give somewhat fluid guidance that the new programme will start "in late winter 2017/18”...

on 19/12/17

Doriemus: The Kimmeridge oil play has become “a whole lot bigger”

“The operator is ready to bring the Lidsey oil field in to production this week, a very significant milestone for Doriemus."...

on 6/11/17

Angus Energy analysis of Lidsey delivers a ‘pleasant surprise’

The Lidsey-X2 well is expected to be brought into production this week....

on 6/11/17

Europa Oil & Gas's many moving parts offer plenty of share price catalysts

Chief executive Hugh Mackay highlighted the oiler sees " so much activity on so many fronts in the months ahead"....

on 30/10/17

Angus Energy approved to start production from Kimmeridge at Brockham field

Doriemus boss David Lenigas said it was 'excellent' news for the Brockham partners...

on 23/10/17

Acacia deal with Tanzania would be boon to Solo Oil and other oil and mining firms in country, says analyst

Tanzanian companies Solo Oil, Shanta Gold, Capital Drilling and Kibo Mining stand to benefit from the news Acacia is nearing a deal with the government ...

on 20/10/17

UKOG boss Stephen Sanderson looking forward to going back to Horse Hill

A new programme of drilling and well testing has been approved by Surrey County Council....

on 18/10/17

UKOG shares rise as Surrey County Council green lights new Horse Hill programme

It clears the group of oil companies to proceed with a new programme including two wells and a long term production test...

on 18/10/17

David Lenigas confident on Weald basin ahead of key Horse Hill decision

Horse Hill's immediate future is due to be decided upon by a council committee on Wednesday ...

on 18/10/17

David Lenigas gets Twitter-happy about share price gains of firms tied to Horse Hill oil discovery

Shares in a number of companies with stakes in the Horse Hill oil project have rallied today...

on 5/7/17

Are Horse Hill partners still a ‘strong stable’ or are Gatwick Gusher bosses becoming a coalition of chaos?

The run of positive well results may are de-risking and value-adding, but, there are signs that Horse Hill’s partner politics could be heading for a ‘coalition of chaos’....

on 20/6/17

Onshore UK oil juniors boosts by environmental green light

Lidsey-X2 is planned to target the upper crest of the producing Great Oolite reservoir, as well as pass through the Kimmeridge....

on 2/5/17

David Lenigas is excited about Britain’s onshore oil sector

“There is the potential for a major oil resource south of London that is extractable,” said David Lenigas....

on 5/2/17

Investors need to wait a “week or three” for Brockham well findings - Lenigas

Findings from the recently reopened Brockham well in southern England to open up Britain's onshore oil sector, according to David Lenigas....

on 2/2/17

Doriemus raises £865,200 of new funding for UK oil projects

Executive chairman David Lenigas says the funding deal is an excellent result....

on 21/10/16

David Lenigas’s Doriemus confirms spot in UKOG’s Isle of Wight venture

Executive chairman David Lenigas highlighted what he called “tremendous potential” within the PEDL331 area....

on 18/10/16

Doriemus sees a lot more oil near Horse Hill

Horse Hill company identifies 282 million barrels of oil at nearby well...

on 13/9/16

Gatwick Gusher: Horse Hill’s Portland oil zone upgraded

Nutech upped oil in place figures for the Portland zone by some 200%, meanwhile work has begun for a planning application for the next phase of work at Horse Hill....

on 19/7/16