BATM's latest Celitron deal underlines technology progress, says broker

An insect protein powder is produced that can be used as a substitute for fishmeal and oils

on 7/12/20
Deep dive

BATM's COVID-19 diagnostic kits in demand as pandemic spreads

The group has developed three diagnostic kits for Covid-19

on 3/11/20

Pulling of UK investment fund and M&A rush 'are contrarian buy signal'

“It is precisely this lack of interest which will appeal to wilful contrarians, who will assert...

on 8/10/20
Big caps

FTSE 100 still offers high yields despite forecast 24% dividend decline

“Investors will have to look carefully at the list of the highest-yielding firms, as some of...

on 29/9/20

BATM Advanced Communications sell NGSoft for US$33mln to concentrate on...

BATM Advanced Communications Limited's (LON:BVC) Zvi Marom talks to Proactive London about the sale of its subsidiary NGSoft, a software provider, for US$33mln (£23mln). The company plans to use the funds for their 'core activity' to strengthen its innovation and commercialisation engine...

6 days, 14 hours ago

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