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A project management and technical consultancy with a difference, the team brings together over 1,600 specialists from a diverse set of disciplines with connections linking a network of over 20,000 partners and associates across the globeworking in three primary areas...Fragile States and Stabilisation / Preserving the Global Environment / Urban Development and Connected Cities.

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 13:00:00 +0000
DiscoverIE is the new Acal Nick Jefferies of DiscoveryIE Group PLC (LON:ACL) explains why the big name change for Acal has been a defining moment for the company as they build on their unique customised electronics niche.
The name change to DiscoverIE applies at the group level; at the operating level, the group's business names remain unchanged.

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 09:36:00 +0000
The Marketing Group launches new blockchain-enabled agency Updating investors on Q3 progress, The Marketing Group (NASDAQ OMX:TMG) says its network is “now gelling together well”, unlocking looked-for synergies.

The third quarter saw turnover of €7.04mln, taking turnover for the first nine months of the year up to €19.59mln.

Chief executive Adam Graham tells Proactive they're now seeing more collaboration between the agencies around the world and an increased ability to provide a consolidated offering to clients.

Graham also talks through the launch of TRUTH - a blockchain-enabled, global media agency that he says will provide “previously unseen levels of transparency and value to brands, publishers and consumers alike”.

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 15:56:00 +0000
The Marketing Group wipes slate clean and eyes sustainable growth Adam Graham, chief executive of The Marketing Group (NASDAQ OMX:TMG) discusses with Proactive's Andrew Scott the firm's interims for the six months to the end of June 2017.

Coming on board as CEO back in November 2016, Graham describes the first half of 2017 as one of 'internal focus'.

With that now out of the way he says ''we can place our full attention on accelerating sustainable growth. I am very confident about the future.”

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 12:09:00 +0100
'Another very strong year' for WYG PLC - CEO Paul Hamer Paul Hamer, chief executive of WYG PLC (LON:WYG) talks through the firm's full year results and also touches on their new chief executive and chairman.

Tue, 06 Jun 2017 10:40:00 +0100
Acal PLC 'firing on all cylinders' - CEO Nick Jefferies Nick Jefferies, chief executive of Acal Plc (LON:ACL) tells Proactive a strong second half brought full-year results in slightly ahead of expectations.

Tue, 06 Jun 2017 09:14:00 +0100
Acal's Nick Jefferies 'very pleased' with strong fourth quarter performance Nick Jefferies, chief executive of the British electronics manufacturer Acal Plc (LON:ACL) tells Proactive they're expecting full-year results to come in slightly ahead of expectations following a strong performance towards the end of the year.

A combination of market share gains, better routes to market and greater confidence among its core customer base meant final quarter revenue was 15% ahead of last year at constant exchange rates.

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 10:03:00 +0100
Acal Plc 'working well in difficult times' says CEO Nick Jefferies Acal Plc's continuing to make good progress. Their interims for the 6 months to the end of September show a 10% increase in revenue to £156.7 mln. Underlying operating profits were also boosted by 14% to £8.8 mln.

CEO Nick Jefferies tells Proactive: ''They're a good set of numbers. We're pleased with the outcome. It's been a fairy tricky first half, trading was difficult, organic growth was a bit lower than we had expected but conversely we benefited from the lower valuation of sterling''.

''We got to the result in a slightly different way than we anticipated at the beginning of the year but we're very pleased with it.''

Jefferies added: ''Because the business is relatively well diversified geographically and technology-wise, then we're able to maintain a relatively stable and consistent form of profit generation''.

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 08:16:00 +0000
ISC ''a strong company with a strong business model'' says President and CEO The acquisition of ESC Corporate Services by Information Services Corp (TSE:ISV), the Saskatchewan-based provider of registry services, continues to look a wise one.

ESC, which now forms Information Services Corp’s (ISC’s) Services segment, was largely responsible for the group’s third quarter revenue rising to C$22.9mln from C$19.7mln in the same period of 2015.

President and CEO Jeff Stusek tells Proactive ''Our decision did exactly what we expected it to do.  The acquisition of ESC and essentially the beginning of our services segment is performing as we expected and had a really strong quarter and contributes very well to the bottom line of the company.''

''ISC is a strong company and it has a strong business model so we're pleased with where we're at. Again, it's what we would've expected, but our company takes very seriously things like cost management and a strong, prudent approach to running the business and so we protect our margins and we run a very strong business'', Stusek added.

Fri, 04 Nov 2016 17:13:00 +0000
Information Services Corporation boss Stusek "very pleased" with strong quarter President and chief executive Jeff Stusek tells Proactive how pleased he is with the strong performance  in the second quarter, which saw year-on year- revenue growth of 23%.
This was largely as a result of the company’s acquisition of ESC Corporate Services, and a testament to the stability and predictability of the organisation, despite the economic challenges of the Saskatchewan region, he said.
Underpinning the success was "good, prudent, fiscal" management, he added.
"We are continually focusing on trying to increase the margins, ensure that that dividend remains stable for the foreseeable future," he  told Proactive.

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 09:17:00 +0100
WYG CEO: Turkey is pivotal, Poland has potential, building business in Africa WYG Group Plc (LON:WYG) chief executive Paul Hamer tells Proactive Investors that the business model across Europe is resilient and unaffected by the UK vote to leave the European Union. "Our national business are winning work in their local markets funded by the EU" he says.

Hamer says that Poland is one place they keep picking up contract wins, and Turkey too is a market where WYG can differentiate itself.

"Despite what we see on the news, it is back to business-as-usual with our projects. It is pivotal on that East-West cross-roads and we see opportunity there" he says.

Beyond those key markets, Hamer says the business is building. "We are working with both UK Ed and European Ed across Africa and Asia. Our key focus now is looking at the wider regions, particularly East and West Africa" he says.

Mon, 08 Aug 2016 12:09:00 +0100
Acal keeps growing despite BREXIT-based caution, says chief Nick Jefferies, chief executive of Acal Plc (LON:ACL) says he is “very pleased” with the company’s latest results, which saw revenues increase by 6% to £287.7mln while underlying operating profit advanced 36% to £13.6mln once adjusted for the weakness of the euro and Nordic currencies.

He says “growth organically has been reasonable in difficult markets but we’ve managed to maintain operating margins and that has really boosted profitability”.

The chief executive also notes that Acal’s magnetics division had a strong year in 2015, with acquisitions made over the last three years “all performing well”.

Brexit has kept consumer confidence in the UK and Europe low, Jefferies says, but notes the company is built for long-term growth. His aim is to grow the company even when the market is difficult, which he says is “exactly what’s happening”.

“The business is performing, it’s very solid, it has relatively stable revenue patterns and we just need to keep on doing what we do, keep pushing it, keep developing it, keep buying good complimentary businesses where we can get sales and operating synergies, and it will keep driving shareholder value” Jefferies says.

Wed, 01 Jun 2016 07:58:00 +0100
Acal's rising margins sets it apart from competition – finnCap’s Hewett Guy Hewitt, research director at independent broker finnCap, says customised electronics maker Acal Plc (LON:ACL) has a portfolio of expertise and products which you can’t buy elsewhere.  “If a customer is looking for a particular set of skills of products then the strategy is that Acal will be at the top of the list, if not a list of one.”

Hewett says the company’s relationship with its customer from design to distribution is value add, as is Acal’s rising margins which sets it apart from the competition. 

The specialist electronics group said its earnings for the year will “slightly” ahead of expectations which is impressive particularly as Hewett notes the company is operating against a difficult industrial production market.

Fri, 15 Apr 2016 13:15:00 +0100
WYG expects more contract wins after €5.8mln Poland deal, says FD Sean Cummins, finance director of WYG (LON:WYG) says the €5.8mln contract win to support the Polish government's initiative to help the country’s unemployed is a “very big contract in many regards.”

It will receive an initial €2mln for the first stage of the project, which is part of a wider, €50mln programme spending for 2016.

“It would be a bit ambitious to think we might win all of them but three or four contracts of this sort of scale is quite within our grasp,” he adds, which would “underpin” the market forecasts for next year.

Fri, 04 Mar 2016 11:38:00 +0000
Contour purchase opens up access to medical markets, says Acal chief Acal’s (LON:ACL) chief executive Nick Jefferies says the acquisition of Contour Holdings gives the electronic components supplier access to medical markets.

The firm has purchased Contour and its Asia subsidiary for an initial £17mln, with an extra £6mln payable depending on targets being hit over the next few years.

Contour, which designs and makes cabling assemblies and connectors for industrial and medical clients, made a pre-tax profit of £1.1mln in the year to June 2015.

Fri, 08 Jan 2016 07:45:00 +0000
WYG boss Paul Hamer eyes next growth phase for project management firm Paul Hamer, chief executive of WYG Group (LON:WYG), says the company’s European order book is set to triple in size next year now that EU budget delays are out of the way.

The firm describes itself as a global project management and technical consultancy, and claims to be seeing an increasing flow of work from major public and private sector clients.

In simple terms, it provides advice to governments and companies on projects ranging from employment in Libya, waste management in Romania to Sainsbury’s supermarkets in the UK.

Tue, 15 Dec 2015 15:26:00 +0000
Acal’s growth the culmination of evolving six-year strategy – CEO Components specialist Acal (LON:ACL) has been pursuing a six-year strategy to move further up the value chain and increase both its margins and international presence beyond Europe.  The company’s first half results are testimony to the increasingly highly differentiated business model which incorporates Design & Manufacturing and Custom Distribution divisions.

Acal designs, manufactures and distributes customer-specific electronics products and solutions to 25,000 industrial manufacturers.  Group chief executive Nick Jefferies highlights Italy, France and Germany as growth territories and describes the United Kingdom as “weak.”

Broker Sanlam Securities has maintained its buy rating noting Acal has the strongest 3-year forecast EPS growth profile of the peer group.

Mon, 30 Nov 2015 07:14:00 +0000
Acal after more acquisitions following Flux deal Acal Plc (LON:ACL) chief executive Nick Jefferies says the business has found a winning formula when it comes to acquisitions and there are plenty more buying opportunities in the pipeline.

The electronics supplier told investors on Friday that it is acquiring Denmark’s Flux AS for £3.7mln as part of its strategy to create a higher margin business.

It means Flux – which makes magnetic products - will become an immediately earnings enhancing add on for Acal and gain access to a base of over 20,000 customers.


Fri, 06 Nov 2015 14:22:00 +0000
Acal CEO upbeat on European factory demand; cautious on US and China Nick Jefferies, chief executive of customised electronic components maker Acal (LON:ACL) offers his take on the global macro-economic picture.

Factory demand levels are crucial for the business, which makes temperature sensors found in coffee machines, cables for Stannah stair lifts and test parts for cars.

To monitor demand, Jefferies explains that the firm tracks money supply – a good indicator of industrial output.

Sales in the six months to November rose by 18% and demand signs looks good in Europe; although the CEO is wary of a weaker US market and a potential China slowdown.

Thu, 15 Oct 2015 12:38:00 +0100
Mi-Pay chief focused on profitability as turnaround takes shape Michael Dickerson, chief executive mobile payments specialist Mi-Pay (LON:MPAY), believes the company has turned a corner following investment and restructuring efforts last year.

A half-year update today revealed improved revenues, margins and a reduced loss. The focus now, the CEO explains, is on growing the client list and moving towards profitability.

In simple terms, Mi-Pay’s technology helps clients – large phone networks operating in pre-paid mobile markets across in Asia and Europe – simplify payments and prevent fraud.

Wed, 16 Sep 2015 11:56:00 +0100
Acal chief executive Nick Jefferies eyes further acquisitions The chief executive of Acal (LON:ACL), Nick Jefferies, says the business is considering a handful acquisitions opportunities in the US and Europe as it targets further growth.

Last year the supplier of customised electronic components snapped up Noratel and Foss, which have already contributed to the group’s performance.

Profit before tax for the year to 31 March up 87% to £11.8mln and the new financial year has started in line with management expectations.

Speaking to Proactive, Jefferies explains how the business can keep growing via a combination of organic sales growth and takeovers.

Tue, 02 Jun 2015 14:50:00 +0100
Acal Plc delivers market beating 30% EPS growth Acal Plc (LON:ACL) is bucking the trend for sub par growth in the manufacture and distribution of specialist electronics. CEO, Nick Jeffries tells Proactiveinvestors how their focus on niche markets and an entrepreneurial acquisition strategy is delivering solid organic growth.

Thu, 19 Feb 2015 13:53:00 +0000