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While too small a sample to make firm conclusions, Waugh says the results are encouraging and warrant further exploration.

K5 is undeveloped and not included among the Kareevlei’s inferred resources.

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 11:51:00 +0000
BlueRock Diamonds sells record 957.7 carats at November tender Adam Waugh, chief executive of BlueRock Diamonds PLC (LON:BRD), chats to Proactive after announcing the results of their November tender.

Waugh says total sales came in at $387,000 with a record 957.7 carats sold - a 56% increase over the previous month.

As far as production's going he says they exceeded their monthly target in November of 25,000 tonnes.

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 10:45:00 +0000
BlueRock Diamonds gaining international recognition as they clock up record sales Adam Waugh, chief executive of BlueRock Diamonds PLC (LON:BRD), tells Proactive they've achieved their highest sales to date from the Kareevlei diamond mine in Kimberley, South Africa.

The group earned R3.25mln (US$226,000) from a tender in October, with the number of carats sold at auction also a record at 609.84.

Waugh says the auction confirmed the high quality of diamonds mined at Kareevlei.

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 08:22:00 +0000
Zak Mir: Petra Diamonds has support up to 118p As long as it stays above 100p Petra Diamonds PLC (LON:PDL) has potential to rally as high as 118p, the 50-day moving average, says technical analyst Zak Mir.

Mon, 24 Jul 2017 15:17:00 +0100
Panmure Gordon's Kieron Hodgson discusses monster diamond finds in Lesotho Kieron Hodgson, commodities and mining analyst at Panmure Gordon, discusses with Proactive Gem Diamonds Limited's (LON:GEMD) recovery of a 114 carat, D colour Type II diamond from their Letšeng mine as well as a recovery by Firestone Diamonds PLC (LON:FDI) of one of their largest rocks to date from their flagship Liqhobong diamond mine.

Hodgson also touched on his recent visit to Gemfields PLC's (LON:GEM) mines in Zambia and Mozambique.

With regards to their operations in Mozambique: ''I've always been a big fan of this asset ... it's like walking on a huge jewellery box'', Hodgson says.

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 12:50:00 +0100
Zak Mir: Gem Diamonds could rally if it posts a weekly close above this price Technical analyst Zak Mir says the Gem Diamonds Limited (LON:GEMD) share price needs to post a weekly close above £1 if it wants to rally after its recent “disappointing” run.

“[Shares] have had quite a weak run over the last month or so,” explains Mir in the latest Proactive Investors Bulletin Board.

“There’s a line of support from November 2015 just below 90p and really while we hold above that one would be looking for at least a rebound towards the 100p former support area.

“Really a weekly close above 100p is required to get the stock back in full recovery mode.”

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 10:40:00 +0100
'Our shareholders understand the incredible upside to the company' says Gemfield's Ian Harebottle Ian Harebottle, chief executive of Gemfields PLC (LON:GEM) spoke to Proactive following the release of the company's interim results.

Revenue clocked in at $51mln - down from $94mln. Harebottle says the one-off Indian demonetisation programme had affected the company's auction schedule.

However taking a longer term view the coloured gems miner has performed exceptionally.

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 16:25:00 +0000
Thinking of investing in Gem Diamonds? Wait, says Zak Mir If you’re thinking of investing gemstones producer Gem Diamonds Limited (LON:GEMD), Zak Mir reckons you should hold on for a little while before making your mind up.

“There’s been a gap down from the 200-day moving average area at 122p and we bounced off the 50-day line at 111p, so consolidation at the moment,” the analyst tells the Proactive Investors Bulletin Board.

“Probably best to wait for a break of either 125p which is recent resistance, or 105p which is the main support line from the end of 2015.”

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:00:00 +0000
Gemfields PLC set for a boost as 'demand for rubies has been underplayed' says analyst Panmure Gordon's commodities and mining analyst Keiron Hodgson tells Proactive: '' Gemfields is driving demand for precious stones in an industry that continues to develop and if you consider that the coloured stone market is arguably some way behind that of diamond market but is catching up very very quickly''.

''I think the ruby industry could surprise to the upside - the demand for rubies has probably been underplayed for some time, but you obviously need to be mindful of new supply sources, you've got Myanmar and other regions looking to come into the supply chain.''

On the outlook for diamonds Hodgson said: ''From now, Diwali in India, through until the Chinese New Year  and everything in between is arguably the most important period for diamond retail which then in turn drives demand throughout the value chain down to the mining companies at least through to the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 13:59:00 +0000
Gemfields PLC boss hopes to lift Kagem ouput to 40mln carats Gemfields PLC (LON:GEM) chief executive Ian Harebottle said he was "very pleased" at the firm's record operational year at its two mines  - the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia and  Montepuez, its ruby mine in Mozambique.
Revenues for the 12 months to June 30 rose 13% to US$193.1mln, while over the last five years, the group has generated a 380% increase in revenues.
The company boss said he saw a lot of potential for growing supply, demand  and pricing for the gem stone business.
The focus on both mines will be now to increase proiduction while reducing costs. At Kagem, the firm aims to lift production over the next three to four years to possibly just over 40mln carats from the current 30mln.
Montepuez, meanwhile,  is very exciting and has the potential to supply 70% of the ruby market, he added.

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 15:30:00 +0100
DiamondCorp Plc gets back to business at Lace Production at DiamondCorp Plc's (LON:DCP) Lace mine in South Africa is recovering after an incident last month.
The company said it has raised monthly production at the pit to the planned rate of 30,000 tonnes.
Output was temporarily suspended after an accident involving a rockfall.
So far, diamonds recovered include a good proportion of clean, cuttable stones in all size fractions, including type IIa diamonds.
Chief executive Paul Loudon said: "Overall we expect to continue to exceed our base case average of $164 a carat."

Wed, 10 Aug 2016 09:40:00 +0100
Faberge bucks market trend says Gemfields PLC chief Gemfields (LON:GEM) says its luxury brand Faberge enjoyed a strong end to the financial year with the value of sales orders up 14% in the final quarter.

“Faberge has done very well, unit sales have gone up, margins are well maintained, revenues have gone up and costs have come down, all in a period when most of the luxury houses have gone backwards,” Gemfields’ chief executive Ian Harebottle tells Proactive Investors.

Elsewhere the group says that output from its ruby operations would exceed guidance.

“Most pleasingly the costs are well contained and the margins are very good,” he says.

Harebottle details the group’s expansion plans following the US$65mln financing facility agreed last month.

The plan over next three to four years is to ramp production at the Kagem emerald project up to between 40-45mln carats. The plan is to take its ruby mine close to 20mln per year, he says.

The group has faced some challenges in its consumer bases, particularly Russia and China.

“Fortunately our product is consumed on a global basis,” says Harebottle, “when one market goes down, another goes up”.

Harebottle hopes demand for his precious stones will continue to rise.

“Such fantastic gems are almost forgotten by the consumer, we want to encourage an appreciation for the beauty that’s out there.”

Mon, 01 Aug 2016 11:44:00 +0100
DiamondCorp chief “pleasantly surprised” by Lace Mine stones Paul Loudon, chief executive of DiamondCorp PLC (LON:DCP) says the company is being “pleasantly surprised” by the size and stone quality of the diamonds being mined at the Lace Mine in South Africa.

Its recent auction of stones was a success with the stand-out figure the US$189 per carat made from rough diamonds taken from the Lace Mine itself.

Loudon tells Proactive “We use in our base case - in all of our forecasting - 164 dollars per carat, which we say, and our consultants say, is going to be the base case that you will achieve from production from Lace in the absence of any exceptional or special stones.”

He adds that the company expects the Lace Mine to be at full production next month, with increased sales coming through in September.

Wed, 15 Jun 2016 12:24:00 +0100
Stellar Diamonds “moving in the right direction” with licence, says chief This week Stellar Diamonds PLC (LON:STEL) reported progress on its bid for a mining licence for its Tongo project in Sierra Leone, where it has been verbally informed that the Minerals Advisory Board (MAB) has approved its application.

Karl Smithson, chief executive, says he is “very happy” that the company has “gone through essentially two stages” – the submission of the licence application in November and the review by the Minerals Advisory Board.

He tells Proactive Investors that the company expects written approval in the shortly, before the application moves to the minister for his signature and final approval.

While the process is long, Smithson says the company is “moving in the right direction”, adding that he expects the project in Sierra Leone, once approved, to be a “long-term and sustainable operation for Stellar and for the country”.

Wed, 01 Jun 2016 12:17:00 +0100
Gemfields pride in mine & emeralds on Cannes festival red carpet Gemstones (LON:GEM) Chief Executive Ian Harebottle tells Proactive Investors that the management team are very proud of their flagship Kagem mine in Zambia. “If you think for 50 years of its life it was bankrupt and in a very short period of time not only have we turned that around, we have turned it into a very profitable business and at the moment, the only corporate tax-paying mining company in Zambia" he says.

Harebottle says there are lots of other exciting things happening at the company. "We are very much involved with emeralds in Ethiopia, emeralds in Colombia and various other exploration projects in Sri Lanka and Madagascar " he says.

He also talks about Gemfields' collaboration with high end jeweller Chopard to promote transparency, sustainability and the ethical route to market for precious stones. "That gives Chopard a confidence when they market their pieces using our product... they were presenting a number of pieces to the stars during the (Cannes film) festival.. we are very proud" Harebottle says.

Mon, 23 May 2016 15:19:00 +0100
Firestone Diamonds PLC chief expects production from Liqhobong by year’s end The second half of 2015 saw substantial development at Firestone Diamonds PLC’s (LON:FDI) Liqhobong project, which remains on budget and on target to achieve first production during the fourth quarter of this year.

Chief executive Stuart Brown tells Proactive that the site was 61% complete in 2015 and by the end of February it was around 68% finished with production expected by the end of this year.

“Everyone is focused on getting this finished properly, to a good quality, and making sure that it will last for the duration of the project,” he says, adding that Firestone should be full funded to see the project to production.

Tue, 05 Apr 2016 11:38:00 +0100
Botswana Diamonds PLC hails partner exploration technology John Teeling, chairman of Botswana Diamonds PLC (LON:BOD), says he is very impressed with the technical expertise of Russian partner Alrosa  (MCX:ALRS) as they embark on a 16-week diamond exploration and evaluation project in Botswana.

The Kalahari Desert covers 93% of Botswana and Teeling tells Proactive about the challenges of the sand and basalt rock overburden of the prospect.  Alrosa’s technology was developed in the Siberian tundra and Teeling emphasises that the Russian company believes “explicitly  that they can see through 85 or 100 metres of overburden to see what’s beneath and that’s what’s needed in Botswana.”

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 09:58:00 +0000
Gemfields boss says second half will balance out first half slowdown Gemfields (LON:GEM) chief executive Ian Harebottle says he is “fairly confident” that the company will end the current financial year ahead of the previous one.

Speaking to Proactive, he says there will be more of an equal weighting between the two halves of the financial year than last year, when performance was weighted to the first half.

“The second half will be slightly better than the first half and the whole year [will be] slightly better than last year,” he adds, noting that the firm grew rapidly in 2015, making it a “significantly bigger business” than it was at this stage last year.

Tue, 23 Feb 2016 08:29:00 +0000
Debt and dividend cuts will be mining themes of 2016, says Kieron Hodgson Kieron Hodgson, commodity & mining analyst at Panmure Gordon, discusses the state of play across the precious metals and gemstone markets and considers which companies could prosper, or indeed struggle, in 2016.

From a company perspective, Hodgson reckons next year’s mining sector themes will include impairments, the ability to fund dividend payments and managing debt levels.

Precious gemstone producer Gemfields (LON:GEM) remains in favour with Hodgson, who also gives his views on Lonmin (LON:LMI) and Anglo American (LON:AAL).

Mon, 04 Jan 2016 07:29:00 +0000
DiamondCorp boss confident after conveyor belt boost DiamondCorp (LON:DCP) CEO Paul Loudon says the company’s ability to pull material out of its Lace mine has increased by ten-fold following the installation of a 400 tonne per hour underground conveyor belt system.

As well as an increase in capacity at the South African site, the cost of future development will be lower, Loudon says, given in the absence of the need for trucks for waste hauling.

The new system will also help negotiations with the firm’s lenders, he claims.

Debt repayments had been due in the first quarter of 2016, but plan is to roll up early interest payments into the loan until DiamondCorp can generate sufficient funds.

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 11:00:00 +0000
Stellar Diamonds boss on Ebola fight and next steps for Tongo project Karl Smithson, chief executive at Stellar Diamonds (LON:STEL), discusses the company’s role in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.

This weekend the World Health Organisation declared that the country is Ebola-free after going 42 days without any new infections.

Stellar’s Tongo project is now moving through the mining licence application stage and hopefully towards mine development.

Smithson says the site will create extensive employment and numerous community development opportunities aiding the post-Ebola economic recovery.

Mon, 09 Nov 2015 11:54:00 +0000
Fabergé watch award to boost value and demand, says Gemfields chief Ian Harebottle, chief executive of Gemfields (LON:GEM), says both the value and demand for Fabergé watches will rise after the firm won a prestigious Swiss watchmakers industry prize.

Gemfields, which owns the luxury jewellery business, told investors today that the Faberge 'Lady Compliquée Peacock'  watch had picked up the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

The award is widely regarded as the 'Oscars' of the watch industry, and presents accolades in 12 categories to the finest creations and the watch-making houses behind them.

Mon, 02 Nov 2015 12:20:00 +0000
Gemfields results reflect “phenomenal year of growth”, says chief exec Ian Harebottle, chief executive of coloured gemstone specialist Gemfields (LON:GEM), says the company’s full-year results reflect what’s been a phenomenal year of growth for the business.

The miner said it had either met or exceeded production guidance at its Kagem emerald and Montepuez ruby operations, with record prices achieved at the six auctions held during the period.

Costs increased and pre-tax profits were lower, but speaking to Proactive, Harebottle puts this down to a “quadrupling of the size and growth of the company.”

Wed, 07 Oct 2015 11:15:00 +0100
Paragon Diamonds' Manduca on Acrux funding deal The executive chairman of Paragon Diamonds (LON:PRG), Philip Manduca,  says the firm’s funding deal with private equity group  Acrux bring business management as well as much needed capital.

The company has signed a term sheet with Acrux, a private South Africa based finance group, for a combined convertible debt and revenue sharing facility.

Paragon will receive US$8mln in return for giving up 7% of the revenue from its Mothae and Lemphane  mines for first three years. From then on Acruc will receive 4% of Mothae’s revenues but none of Lemphane’s.

Meanwhile, Paragon is still likely to get ITGT on board as an investor to finance the distribution and manufacturing of the production.

Fri, 02 Oct 2015 13:02:00 +0100
Stellar Diamonds boss on potential upside at Tongo project Karl Smithson, chief executive of Stellar Diamonds (LON:STEL), discusses the potential upside at the firm’s Tongo kimberlite diamond project in Sierra Leone.

The CEO was speaking to Proactive after an independent study by Paradigm Project Management indicated that development of the Tongo 1 kimberlite dyke - by both surface and underground mining -  could produce a total of 956,000 carats of diamonds over an 18 year mine life.

Next steps for the business include securing an environmental licence and mining licence.

Mon, 24 Aug 2015 13:45:00 +0100
Gemfields chief on second quarter progress Ian Harebottle, chief executive of coloured gemstone specialist Gemfields (LON:GEM), discusses the group's second quarter performance and outlook for the luxury goods market. 

Today, the firm reported encouraging figures on production and grades, with cost increases offset by the increased scale of exploration, processing and mining activities at both its Kagem and Montepuez mines.

Gemfields, for whom Mila Kunis acts as brand ambassador, is one of the stand-out performers in the mining space on the London market. The firm owns luxury jewellery brand Faberge.

Wed, 12 Aug 2015 12:03:00 +0100
Paragon Diamonds chair focused on funding Lesotho mines The executive chairman of Paragon Diamonds (LON:PGD), Philip Falzon Sant Manduca, says the company is holdings serious funding discussions to get its Lemphane and Mothae mines into production.  

The plan is to have the sites up and running later this year and, ideally, wrap up funding for both sites in the next couple of months. 

“I believe to get both into production  - with plenty of operational expenditure and capital expenditure - we require US$28mln, and I don’t think that’s a big stretch here," Manduca tells Proactive. 

Today Paragon told investors it has received official sign-off for the US$8.5mln acquisition of the Mothae kimberlite in Lesotho from Toronto listed Lucara Diamond Corp.

Fri, 07 Aug 2015 11:19:00 +0100
DiamondCorp CEO sees plenty of share price upside ahead The chief executive officer of DiamondCorp (LON:DCP), Paul Loudon, says there is plenty of upside in the company’s stock as it moves towards commercial production.

Shares dipped early on today as investors were told that tunnel excavation underground has gone slower than expected due to additional safety and support work – this has pushed the timetable back four weeks.

However, the company’s stock has risen over 50 per cent to 11p since the start of 2015.

Speaking to Proactive, Loudon said investors now have buying opportunity and highlighted the recent successful fundraise and quality of the resource at the firm’s Lace mine in South Africa.

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:26:00 +0100
Paragon Diamonds confident of Mothae approval ahead of Lesotho trip The executive chairman of Paragon Diamonds (LON:PRG), Philip Falzon Sant Manduca, speaks to Proactive ahead of his trip to Lesotho to meet with the country's minister of mines. 

Paragon is trying to gain approval to acquire Mothae, which is close to its Lemphane project and just three miles from the world-class Letseng mine, owned by Gem Diamonds (LON:GEMD).

In an exclusive interview, the CEO explains he is confident of finalising the deal and agreeing terms with the minister, before moving onto the start of production in the 3-4 months that follow.

Thu, 18 Jun 2015 14:15:00 +0100
Gemfields CEO: matching rubies priceless in hands of right jeweller The chief executive of Gemfields (LON:GEM), Ian Harebottle,  says the pair of matching rubies found at the firm’s Montepuez deposit in Mozambique are “potentially priceless” in the hands of the right jeweller or collector. 

The rubies have a combined weight of 45 carats, and they will be a highlight at Gemfields’ ruby auction next week in Singapore.

"It is extremely rare to find two matching rubies of this size, colour and quality,” said the CEO.

"Their discovery underscores the importance of the Montepuez deposit as a source of some of the highest quality rubies the world has seen in generations.”

Tue, 09 Jun 2015 12:02:00 +0100