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    Forbidden Technologies expecting rapid take-up in US

    Stephen Streater, chief executive officer of Forbidden Technologies (LON:FBT), tells Proactive Investors that management has been building the business to prepare for growth. 

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    Fundamental's Boxall says buy key providers of energy infrastructure

    Chris Boxall, from Fundamental Asset management, says that the excitement in the energy sector is to buy into the key providers of equipment and services rather than the oil and gas companies themselves. Without any discrimination as to size, Chris talks about the fund's investments in the likes of Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB), National Oilwell Varco (NYSE:NOV) and the enormous success the fund has seen with Thalassa Holdings (LON:THAL). Chris and the team look at around 180 stocks some of which he says are unique such as recently floated Franks International (NYSE:FI) and Oceaneering International (NYSE:OII). Chris also discusses the opportunities now opening up again around the fracking industry, although, he says, there are very real issues that may cause insurmountable headwinds in the UK. Helmerich & Payne (NYSE:HP), Akita Drilling (TSE:AKT.A), Nabors Industries (NYSE:NBR) and Baker Hughes (NYSE:BHI) are also mentioned.

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    ShareSoc Chairman considers risk and reward for equity investors

    Roger Lawson, Chairman of UK Individual Shareholders Society (ShareSoc), explains to Proactive Investors why he's wary of the commodity sector at present. He also considers the main points that a successful investor needs to keep in mind when considering an investment.

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    First International's Jaitly backs gold and silver 'streaming companies'

    Sandeep Jaitly, fund manager at First International, tells Proactiveinvestors that, at current exchange rates, he's overweight silver vs gold and fully expects the spread to narrow. He says that gold and silver streaming companies are looking very interesting and he mentions Silver Wheaton and Sandstorm Gold in particular.

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    What are the prospects for junior gold miners?

    Angelos Damaskos, head of the Junior Gold Fund, talks to Proactive Investors about the tough times facing junior gold firms. With gold prices dipping below production prices for many, and access to new funds limited, Damaskos discusses which of the 'mining giants of tomorrow' are smart bets for investors.

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    Metals Exploration set to push button on major development

    Ian Holzberger, Executive Chairman of Metals Exploration, explains why his firm is on the cusp of realising the value of the work that has been put into the Runruno gold project, in the northern Philippines.

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    What's happening to the price of gold?

    Michael Hewson from CMC Markets explains why the price of gold has plummeted in recent days

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    Junk bonds: big returns but is the bubble ready to burst?

    Yannick Naud, Portfolio Manager at fixed income specialists Glendevon Asset Management , talks to Proactive Investors about the rehabilitation of junk bonds, which are more likely than not to be described as 'high-yield bonds' these days. He explains why he thinks talk of a bubble is overdone and where he is investing at the moment.

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    Hybridan's Jha discusses the disconnect between gold and gold stocks

    Sanjay Jha, from Hybridan, tells Proactiveinvestors that gold will come back into favour when people realise that the global economy remains weak and inflation is not under control. Sanjay talks about four gold stocks - two producers where he says it's hard to blame the assets: Centamin (LON:CEY TSE:CEY) and Shanta Gold (LON:SHG), and then two juniors operating in investor friendly jurisdictions: Bullabulling Gold (LON:BGL) and Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (LON:CGNR).

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    Metminco: Peru scoping study puts firm 'in very strong position' at Los Calatos

    William Howe, Managing Director of Metminco (LON:MNC ASX:MNC), tells Proactive Investors about his firm's plans for the Los Calatos copper project in Peru. He talks about recent results from a scoping study, as well as the search for a strategic partner to work on the site. Howe also addresses concerns about the company's capital position and explains why it is so important Los Calatos has been designated 'a site of national interest'.

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    Angelos Damaskos warns of "gold supply crunch"

    Angelos Damaskos, CEO of Sector Investment Managers and Fund Adviser to the Junior Gold Fund tells Proactiveinvestors that there are a number of reasons why gold will rise. Apart from the economic fundamentals that continue to circle the European Union, he reminds us that America is facing its own problems. Add to this the supply side issues, such as gold producers moth-balling their more marginal projects, and what the World Gold Council tells us is record demand for gold, Angelos sees no reason why gold wont rise to previous record highs.

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    What a weaker pound means for equity investors

    Simon Smith, Chief Economist at currency broker FX Pro, explains to Proactiveinvestors what Sterling's slide against many of the world's currencies means for equity investors, what sectors could benefit, and what lessons those putting their money into shares can learn from historic drops in the pound.

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    How to pick gold winners with James Rose at First Columbus

    James Rose from First Columbus Investments talks to Proactiveinvestors about what to look for when investing in gold stocks. He discusses Hummingbird Resources (LON:HUM), Touchstone Gold (LON:TGL), Ariana Resources (LON:AAU), Condor Gold (LON:CNR), Minera IRL (LON:MIRL), Highland Gold (LON:HGM). James also discusses the support for gold bullion prices. James Rose talks to Jeremy Naylor

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    How to invest and when to invest in stocks - Oliver Scott from Kestrel Partners

    Oliver Scott - Investment Manager at Kestrel Partners - explains to Proactiveinvestors how he goes about the process of investing in the equity markets. Oliver reveals his secrets of the fundamentals of investing for the future; how he starts the evaluation process and the rules he applies. Oliver also discusses the hard decision of when to sell and why. Oliver Scott talks to Jeremy Naylor

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    H₂0 Markets looks at AIM stocks

    Michael Jarman, Chief Market Strategist at H₂0 Markets looks at the reasons why the AIM index has outperformed the FT100 year to date. Mike also says why he likes Medgenics (LON:MEDG), which he says is a long term play, and also the opportunity that presents itself at New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) after the company recently raised money.

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    UHY Hacker Young says AIM now "leaner and fitter"

    Laurence Sacker, Partner at UHY Hacker Young, tells Proactiveinvestors that the Alternative Investment Market seems now to have come through the worst of the financial crisis. Laurence says that while there has been a 34% fall in the number of companies listed on AIM between 2007 and the current quarter, the market has emerged "leaner and fitter" on the other side.

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    Kestrel Partners CEO looks to near term growth led by US and China

    John Ricciardi, Co-Founder and CEO at Kestrel Partners tells Proactiveinvestors that from the analysis that he runs that there may be some reasonable support for top line growth coming from the US and China over the next four to eight weeks. While John says jokingly that he’s “relieved” to have survived the last period and as an investor he is keen, nonetheless, to watch how the politics plays out having seen the ECB put a plan in place to move forward.

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    Oil Fund Manager looks to good Q4 for oil juniors

    Angelos Damaskos, CEO of Sector Investment Managers, tells Proactiveinvestors that there are a number of factors that suggest that it could well be a good Q4 for junior oil companies. Angelos discusses Xcite Energy(LON:XEL) and says that there remains more upside despite the recent gains in the stock. Parkmead Group (LON:PMG) and Iona Energy (TSX-V:INA)

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    Cresco Project Finance talks of "major investment" needed in African power projects

    Maree Roos, an associate at Cresco Project Finance, talks to Proactiveinvestors about the increase in power demand across Africa. Maree explains that not only is major investment is needed to develop power in each country, but also that there needs to be an inter-connecting network of supply across borders.

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    Markets.com chief economist talks about ECB bond buying

    Bill Hubard, Chief Economist at Markets.com tells Proactiveinvestors that the German court ruling on September 12th is not as significant now as it would have been last week. Bill also discusses Fed policy as we lead up to the US election in November and suggests that we will see another £50bln QE from the Bank of England and a 1/4point cut in ECB rates before the end of the year.

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    Fox Marble IPO paves way to growth

    Chris Gilbert, CEO of Fox Marble tells Proactiveinvestors that the IPO will enable the company to set its self up for full production to produce both marble blocks and polished sheet marble. With initial operations expected to be up and running in six months, Chris says that margins, once the plant is fully operational, are forecast to be amongst some of the best he has ever seen, in any industry.

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    Caspian Energy talks about a significant appointment

    William Ramsay, Chairman and CEO of Caspian Energy, talks about the appointment of oil and gas consultant Roger Nutt and the ambitious milestones that have to be achieved before any payments are made to him. William also discusses the cash position and the disappointment in how the nabors dispute has ended.

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    Richard Schumacher – unique life sciences tools company

    Richard Schumacher, CEO of Pressure Biosciences, talks about a life sciences tools company, the only manufacturer of a unique pressure cycling technology, manipulating molecules like they haven’t been manipulated before, 500,000 researchers, 150 very well known laboratories, revenue 70% up, expanding distribution network, and undervalued (August 2012).

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    Ncondezi Coal CEO looks ahead to DFS release

    Nigel Walls, CEO of Ncondezi Coal (LON:NCCL) explains to Proactiveinvestors about the reasoning behind the move for the company to include power as part of its central strategy. Nigel also addresses what he calls the 'disconnect' between where the company is and its share price. This as investors awaits the release of the power Definitive Feasibility Study in September and the main project DFS due in Q4.

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    Tissue Regenix MD says the company is at an "exciting period"

    Antony Odell, MD of Tissue Regenix (LON:TRX), explains to Proactiveinvestors that the company is at an "exciting period" in its development and, because it is a medical devices company, it is a "lower risk, lower cost and more predictable" business model than a biotech business. Antony also explains that the real benefits of the TRX patented technology are the opportunities from "big unmet needs" in the aging population.

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    Inovio - leader in developing fully synthetic vaccines

    Joseph Kim, CEO of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, talks about leadership in the development of fully synthetic vaccines, some of the best T cell responses ever shown in human clinical studies, leukaemia, cervical cancer, HIV, hepatitis C, universal influenza vaccine & completely changing the paradigm (July 2012).

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    Otis Gold - in Idaho with extremely attractive metallurgy

    Craig Lindsay, President & CEO of Otis Gold, talks about a NI 43-101 resource exceeding 800,000 ounces gold at the Kilgore project in Idaho USA, over 5,000 acres, open in two directions, near term potential for 1 million ounces, more promising targets nearby, and extremely attractive metallurgy (Aug 2012).

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    CLS Holdings comes to the market with a LSE listed retail bond

    Richard Tice, CEO of CLS Holdings outlines the retail bond it is proposing to sell, listing it on the London Stock Exchange Order book for Retail Bonds (ORB)

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    SEG CEO looks to an improvement in H2 2012

    Ewan Lloyd-Baker, CEO of Specialist Energy Group (LON:SEGR), tells Proactiveinvestors that after the "rollercoaster ride" of FY2011, the SEG board has made some significant changes and it has just started to bear fruit. Ewan says that Q1 this year there's been a significant increase in demand from the nuclear industry after the downturn attributed to Fukashima.SEG's relationship with its largest shareholder, MBE, is also examined and Ewan explains the benefits.

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    Orogen digs for gold in Serbia

    Orogen Gold (LON:ORE) CEO Ed Slowey tells Proactiveinevstors that with modern technology the company is well placed to dig deeper on historic mine workings at its Deli Jovan project in Eastern Serbia. Ed says that with its joint venture partner, Reservoir Minerals, Orogen is using Reservoir’s expertise to exploit the asset and explains that Orogen has an option to extend its ownership of the JV to 75%.

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