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Naked Trader - 'Great news on Aga!'


I don't know about you but how long has this Greece thing rumbled on. They must make a decision, that's all the markets want. In or out. No fudges, either give them the money for a year or two or don't.

This in between stuff is no good for anyone. The markets may be hit if they exit but actually I don't think for long and indeed always remember: the best time to buy is always when you- the markets are full of fear.

That is when you are actually getting good value. I remember so many crises over the years and every single time instead of being panicked out of good things it is nearly always the time to buy.

It is pretty hard to psychologically a- hold onto shares when the market is tanking and b - even harder to have a go and actually buy.

Bottom line is when you are fearful and think of pressing the sell button - betcha it should really be the buy button. And I guess all these emotions we poor old humans have make trading so tricky. I sigh when I see emails with "Grexit" or similar.

People want to know what I think. But I know nothing more than you do. Your guess is as good as mine. Markets are just as likely to rush up as down depending on what happens. I'm just holding onto my best stuff and if it tanks I'll be a buyer. You can guarantee shares will remain volatile for a while and stops need to be adjusted if you want to stay in as in a volatile period nearly everything will get knocked back.

Sometimes seminars cost me !  I try and line up some nice trades for the day the day or two before. I'm then so busy with the seminar setting it up etc by the time I come to look at them on the day they have gone up. If I'd been at home I'd already have bought at a lower price.

My worst was one that got bid for costing me 50%, in fact more than I made by charging people to be at the seminar!

This isn't such a bad example but I had lined up Nahl (LON:NAH) as an interesting one to look at and maybe buy on the day which was Monday before last.

Last time I had looked at it I could get it at under 3 quid. By the time I got round to examining it live at the seminar it was 320 to buy!  It's always had then to decide whether to buy anyway or leave it.

On this occasion as I feel it could run up to 400p at some point, I put an order in on the order book live at the then sell price at 310.25.

And lucky for me indeed I did get some at the sell price, and  next day I bought a few more. Since they have gone up a bit.

As discussed at the seminar this one looks nice and cheap eve though it is on the rise. Profits are forecast to rise very nicely, there is a very decent dividend.. and it has a ton of cash, all these things I like.

So as well as getting some live at the 310.25 I bought a few more next day paying 315. (If you'd like to see me demo trying to buy shares at the sell price live, join me at the last seminar I am doing for some time on July 6th, mail me for details). If you're been to a seminar before come to the follow up June 29th, should be a nice day of live trading for a small group.

Redcentric (LON:RCN) came up at the seminar and I bought some.

It's an IT group which has much decent recurring revenue and barring a market crash looks like it has more upside. Profits and dividends are rising and debt has been slashed. Seems to be run very well indeed and might end up being a nice long-term hold. I shorted a few Abcam (ABC) decent company with tons of cash but looks very highly rated. A short-term spreadbet only though.

Great news on Aga (LON:AGA)!  As I mentioned last update I was going to buy more AGA and glad I did! I also traded it, bought some, sold some on the rise. Aga is now the subject of a bid from Middleby. It's hard to decide whether to bank some profit or not around here.

If the bid goes through likely be in the 150-170 area, as the pension deficit will hold it back.  If it doesn't it is back to a pound. So a bit of a gamble now. Could be one I'll sell some of maybe and wait with the rest. Anyway as it stands I am up nearly 50% on my first buy of just a month or so ago so happy with that! As it stands personal profits are around £15,000 on it. Be interesting to see if any other bidders are flushed out. Middleby has till July16th to decide.

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