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what a great budget for traders!

March 24 2014, 3:49pm


Well as I mentioned somewhere above, what a great budget for us traders! £15k into Isas, no more annuities, trading costs coming down, there has never been a better time to trade tax free.

It certainly makes Sipps worth looking at if you don't have one.

I've managed to get the original 30k I had in my BSKYB pension up to 400k now in my sipp without adding any extra money though it has taken me 12 years!

I never really considered it money that was real as you had to buy a cruddy annuity with it worth 5k for every 100k saved. But now you can take it as you like it makes a big difference and it becomes real money. Quite right too.

Goodness. Just when I thought I was relaxing and really wasn't intending to trade much till September, I did two seminars and so many trades were thrown up that I  made quite a few live trades at both events and more after too. I just couldn't resist them with the market trading lower.

So I just wasn't expecting it! Without the seminars I suspect I'd have done nothing. But  the follow up seminar produced 5-6 very nice-looking ideas and also the one I did on Monday this week, well a whole load came up.

And on top of that there have been a load of interesting new issues.

So... I have actually done loads of trades. Loads and loads. Completely unexpected and I blame the seminars.

Thing is and sorry to be boring I just don't have the energy/inclination/too tired or whatever you might call it to cover them all (after all each involves work in me having to cover them in the future)  or even half of them or even a quarter on the site here - those of you who came to the seminars will know the ones I am talking about...

However I will do my best to cover one or two of them at least or go on then maybe three or four.  The rest I am afraid I am going to keep to myself and those that came to the seminars. Maybe if I feel more rested I'll publish a few more next time.

I bought some Helphire (LON:HHR) at 6.6 at the follow up and a few more at 6.7 at Monday's event -  looks an interesting recovery play.

HHR looked down and out a while ago but it has turned around with a restructuring and now has loads of cash and even better a return to profit. Of course being early in the story there is some risk but worth the risk.

IPO fever has hit the market. If there is any sign the market is topping that might be it... but still there may be something in them for a bit anyway,

Pets at Home came to I got the allocation as everyone else of 450 at 245 and bought some more at 235.5. It's just a tuckaway for me.. maybe I am barking mad.

Probably even more barking bad I got some Poundland. Not at the 300 as pi's weren't invited but got them at 371 on the spreads. I'm not sure yet whether to hang onto them as whether buying into a company that can never put up its prices is a sensible move I'm not sure. 

However my favourite new issue is Gulf Marine Services (GMS) (Not to be confused with a separate company with the same start word bought by mug punters everywhere) ...

Looks like the only obviously cheap new issue.

It's oils services and I wonder if it could become like another Kentz.

I was quite surprised at being able to buy somewhere near the issue price and got most of mine around the 148-151 area.

I intend to sit on these and hoping for at least 50% upside in time barring a market crash. Crap! Did I say market crash? Oooops, sorry. Taking of Kentz I added some live on a spreadbet at a seminar.

Jelf (LON:JLF) is one I've never come across, but it came up again at a seminar. I waited for demand to outweigh supply and got some at 109.

Statements are very strong and it used up a load of cash to buy up another company.

But this should make profit grow and the debt it now has is just within my parameters.

JLF looks to me like one that could just get a rerating sooner or later so I am in and will stay patient. 

And another that came up at one of the seminars was K3 Business (KBT) Business and I bought some at 195. 

I love the look of the very strong recent statements together with the increasing profits. Looks to me as if the share price should be a lot higher. 

The only fly in the ointment is that it has some debt which isn't onerous but it might possibly need a fund raising some point not too far away. 

Ttr hit a rocky patch, I sold some around 72 but now way overdone on the downside and looking to pick some new ones up in the 50s. I sold some Arrow around 250 as it peaked at my target 260 and was looking weak on the order book.

A short or two came up: I shorted some Photo-Me (LON:PTHM)  at 146. We did level 2 and this one looked very weak with loads of sellers around. A nice company actually so I don't expect to be short for long but 150 looks the top for a bit.  Also shorted GNS which came up on a potential list of shorts. It has a very weak chart and looks overpriced. For beginners reading this by the way shorts mean I am betting on them to go down. Hey hang on a minute! That is more trades than I was going to mention. That is IT for now.


The portfolio held up pretty well when the market turned down.

While the FTSE is volatile, some of my smaller ones at the moment don't seem to get that effected.

Telit (LON:TCM) has suddenly become a big star of the portfolio, bought recently at 143 it has shot way over 200 to around 230.   

The market seems to like recent announcements from Telit and I was tempted to take a little profit but level 2 looks so strong I have stayed in.

Recent buy Mopowered (LON:MPOW) keeps making nice announcements, new contracts and the like and they keep going higher.   

Talking of nice announcements, Seeing Machines reported another contract win this morning. It should keep doing this and patience with this one I think is going to pay off well. 

Oh and in more nice announcements Accesso which has 6 timed for me has won yet more contracts.

Monitise stuggles at 80p but it has nearly doubled now and six timed in my pension.

Kentz (LON:KENZ)continues to be an amazing one and was happy to top up and very  nice to see it happy in the 700s and knocking up to 800p, a tenner should be reached at some point.

Fusionex (LON:FXI)got sold off a bit but is coming back now but I have still doubled.  OPG Power has been a nice one for me and seems to have conquered 80. Indeed 90 looks next stop.

Long-termer Porvair (LON:PRV) has fired through the 300p now, what a great one. Nichols has come back a bit but suspect it will fizz up again soon.

Entertainment One (LON:ETO) is really going well now and 350 is great has been a wonderful long-termer.

Quindell (LON:QPP) is stuck in the mid 30s waiting on results next week. Renew put out a very confident super statement been a lovely hold and a potential doubler soon. Keeps going up.Communisis can't seem to manage to beat 70p.  

Telecom Plus (LON:TEP) has continues to look happy at around 1800 for now.   Given I bought loads at 100 it makes me very happy! It now means I have a massive stake in there worth nearly £700,000. The open positions on the website now total profits of £270,000. Distributors  have just had a big meeting - the way they sell has been simplified and apparently the company is confident.

GB Group  has doubled with giant profits building.  BTG still looks like a long-term winner.

Regeneris has regenerated and whizzed back over 300 and now looking at potentially 350. 

RWS (LON:RWS), Avon (LONN:AVON), CML (LON:CML)and Loq, (now called accesso (LON:ASCO)) are the long-term stars and all are shining so far this year.  Six times on Accesso, trebled on CML, doubled on Avon and doubled on RWS.

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