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Expect plenty of volatility over the summer



A reminder for those who don't read about my adventures above somewhere that I am off for a long lazy summer. Back with updates again from Friday September 6th. 

There is a vague chance if I get bored in July I might do a special quick holiday update. But no promises. Keep checking in once in a while in case!

So afraid you will probably have to wait till September for my new buys and sells - though those of you coming to the July seminar will get them exclusively!

I reckon I deserve a lazy summer. I made all the money I ever thought I would make and a bit more. 

Isa and spreadbet money have mostly paid for a house and renovations for me. I am pleased I put some of the winnings to a good use, after all property is something real, and money is just paper in the end. 

No point stacking up tons of paper and it makes more sense to buy property than say gold. Also a profit isn't a profit till banked and something decent done with it.

Anyway afraid you won't be able to read about my trades for a while though of course those of you coming to the seminar on July 19th will find out what I have bought exclusively for a change! And there is also a seminar on Sept 13th.

If you would like to come and find out what I have been buying and spend a day with me, live markets, lunch, chocolate bars and live chocolate waffle- making mail me at with "July or Sept seminar" interested in the subject line and I'll send you details.

The more volatile market recently continues not to effect my type of shares very much and the the portfolio which continues to do very nicely.

Goodness knows what will happen over the summer but nearly always there is a bad week or two where shares tank and everyone sells in fear - this is normally a brilliant time to buy - try and watch for it whenever it happens!

Also expect plenty of volatility over the summer, as people go on hols there is less money around and therefore less liquidity, bigger spreads and violent share movements.

An idea; a great time to buy is when you think to yourself. "I hate markets, all my shares have tanked I am selling everything and getting out - down with shares, I wish I had never found about the stock market, it sucks etc" 

Yep, you gottit. The exact time to buy. Thank me later in the year.

Ben Basketcase speaks tonight so one slip of the tongue and it might get unpleasant. On the other hand if he says he will print money forever...

Anyway enough light summer souffle waffle. 

I've bought some Latchways (LON:LTC). My reason? Although profits were flat this time what I like was what I read in its statement,

And that is, it has some new products which could transform the company and there was a confident ring to the statement. It is pursuing some interesting look opportunities in the states.

This all encouraged me to buy as it does not seem expensive yet no potential growth is in the price. And while waiting to see if these new products take off, there is a nice dividend to pick up in the meantime. I got mine at 1045 ish. 

I've bought some more Creston (LON:CRE) this one is already going well, up more than 50% but it was time to buy more once I saw its latest statement.

It seems to be ready to start improving profits and it now has some decent cash too. Also I think there is a chance of someone bidding for it.

And the real final nice thing is a share buyback has started - so at the very least it's unlikely the shares will go down much, but there is plenty of opportunity for more upside. I got in for more at a smidge under 95.

I've built up a massive position in Porvair (LON:PRV) . (Don't ask you'd be surprised). I picked up what will probably be a final lot at just over 270.

Some brilliant profits from way lower with the first lot bought in the 60s ! I topped up because it is about to go into the small cap index - expect funds to buy in and push it up further. Any rate they say they will report profits well ahead of expectations.

And another top up in the lovely Xaar (LON:XAR|). Lovely? Well I only bought them recently and they are already up more than 30% - again like Porvair I have built a big stake.

What is not to like about Xaar? It is moving with the times and new tech. I would hope it will get up to the 1000 mark this year. It should get into the FTSE 250 this week, it just made it and that should put it on the radar of more funds.

I've also bought into an interesting one: Partnership Assurance (LON:PA.)

It has an interesting market: it offers better annuity payouts to those who are in poor health. 

I have this in my mind as one I will probably keep for a couple of years unless question marks appear in its business model. 

It'll also get into the FTSE 250 in September probably so it should carry on doing well.

Optos (LON:OPTS) has been looking shaky and seems best to quit for now till the next statement in case things get worse so it's let go at 126.3 for a profit of £225.

I've topsliced three shares all of which went down on reports and am either about to, or bought them back lower! They are:

St Ives (LON:SIV) which I top sliced as it had such a good run, topsliced at 159-8 for a profit of £356 and £3,180 total profit for the site of £3,536. I am keeping hold of the rest, mostly bought a long way lower down in the 90s and as I write this morning have bought a lot of them back on weakness. 

Coastal (LON:CEO) looked rocky so I sold some at 1052.5 for a loss of £166 - I kept the original buy in the 400s though. Could see why it was rocky as they released a missed estimates statement. But long-term should be fine. Oil is always tricky which is why I usually avoid it. As with St Ives about to buy them back on the weakness

And same story with Dialight (LON:DIA),, I also topsliced a few at 1243 - though nothing more than a small question mark and again as I write about to buy them back on the weakness. For the site I closed out the most recent trade for a profit of £10,038.

Still sitting on open profits of £55,000 with Dialight.

So a total profit for the site banked today of £13,408


For a change going to start with and say hello and mention some of the shares I hardly ever mention: lovely long-termers that go up over time.

I don't say anything much about them as they don't move much but gently rise over time making lovely profits.

So hello to the unsung BTG (LON:BTG) - a big drugs giant in the making! Now getting close to trebling my money on this one from the original buy. Thanks BTG!

Also hi to Enquest (LON:ENQ) - again doesn't do much but a lovely profit! And NIchols, the maker of Vimto has fizzed gradually higher and nearly doubled for me. And IP Group, another nice doubler capable of more in time. And Entertainment One (LON:ETO), another doubler, again doesn't do much but plenty more promise. And Avon Rubber, still bounces higher!

Oh and also Dignity (LON:DTY) which I forgot to put on the site but those of you who've been to seminars know has been a lovely buy from 900 to nearly 1400 for me.

Thanks to all these which have brought in huge profits between them probably over 30 grand. Maybe I shall keep holding these for a lot longer! Also CML continues to look good and glad I kept half of them, they just keep going higher too.

Now back to more recent times!!

Recent buy Fusionex (LON:FXI) has leapt nicely higher, could be a real find this one with a lot more to come! And so has recent top up Microgen which I hope will head up nearer to the 200 mark over the summer.

Great results from Greencore (LON:GNC) sees the share price soaring away with profits for the site now enormous.

"Boring" Hellerman Tyton (LON:LHTY) has proved anything but boring - sitting around the 225-240 level where it may soon gain entry to the FTSE 250 which could push it up further.

The first lot bought when it listed around 195 are doing nicely so far.

Dart spreadbet especially goes very well 2 quid is a bit of a stumbling block for right now.

Biggest holding Telecom Plus (LON:TEP) amazingly touched the 13 quid mark after results now dodging between 12 and 13. Been running this winner from 18p, the 80s and the early 100s has paid off. Website profits of well over £120,000 and personal profits of more £420,000. I just continue a long-term holder. It'll probably just go between 1200 and 1300 for a while and there's a nice juicy dividend cheque on the way in early August which should pay for my trips to France and Spain.

Loq (LON:LOQ) has headed back up after its falls should be less volatile now still timed my money by five on the first lot. It seems happy around six quid for now.

Filtronic (LON:FTC) seems happy in the 60s. Unrealised profits for the site over £20,000 on this and banked profits over £4,000.

Sepura (LON:SEPU) has spurted up again, much more and I'll be on a double.

GB Group (LON:GBG) reported great results ahead of expectations, not enough to push it over 100 but more than enough to stay with it and not take profits yet

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