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Stanley Gibbons set up a designated Investment Department during 2003 to cope with increased interest in rare collectibles as an investment following a wave of positive press. The Department, which has grown considerably since inception, now has rare stamp and autograph portfolios of over £20 million under management, with a £12 million 'Wants List' from collectors for rare items.

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A chance to invest in coins without breaking the bank

May 09 2013, 3:11pm
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What if I offered you an opportunity that allowed you into the rare coin market but didn’t break the bank?

If you haven’t invested in rare coins yet and would prefer to start slowly, this may be just right for you.

Or if you already hold an investment with us, you may find the perfect addition to your portfolio.

I have worked with our coin expert to put together a list of rare items each with a price under £10,000 that could offer you strong returns in the coming years.

You may have seen the feature in The Financial Times recently showing rare coins outperforming stamps slightly, with a 10 year growth of 248%.

Here’s the graphic they used to emphasise the performance of rare coins:




Gold has since slumped and vintage cars may be just out of reach, but the coins I have for you today will not break the bank and they’re the just the kind of rare items that have fuelled that impressive growth reported in the FT.

Any of the coins I’m about to share with you can be put into a Capital Growth Plan – where they will be stored, insured and valued for free and where you’ll benefit from any growth in the market.  

We start with a complete collection of proofs, produced just over 100 years ago to mark the coronation of King George V in June 1911.



The ten coins are presented in a Royal Mint issued box consisting of red leather, tooled gold lettering, purple velvet and cream silk interior, which is in near perfect condition.

It’s a beautiful collection of rare coins wonderfully presented. Available for just £2,750.

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The other items I have for you today range in value from £2,500 to £8,500.

They include something of a mystery coin from almost 2,000 years ago, issued in Celtic Britain and featuring a strange fern-like object on the coin, which was the badge of arms of the Dobunni tribe.

I can also offer you Gold Unite from the reign of James I in the 1600s – so called because of the King’s wish to 'unite' the nations of England and Scotland. The example we have is about as good as can be found and, as a result, very rare.

There is a very rare coin from a die prepared in 1688, but not struck until the 19th century, another which marks the return to Latin from English and the displaying a monarch's head on coins and two exceptionally rare coins from the reign of the ‘Boy King’ Edward VI, King Henry VIII’s son who would die at the age of just 15.

Finally, there is this Gold Laurel of 20 shillings from the reign of King James I, which came to be after a currency reform in 1619 with this new piece reduced in weight making the former 20 shilling coins worth 22 shillings. 



To make it easy to differentiate between the two coins this new lighter coin was issued with James facing left (the other direction) and wearing a laurel wreath rather than a crown. Consequently it became known as a 'Laurel'.

These coins are usually weakly struck, but this is a good example with a particularly strongly struck portrait. Available for £2,500.

This is a very strong selection of coins all well below the £10,000 price mark.

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If you’re interested in trying a portfolio of rare coins instead or on top of rare stamps (and taking advantage of the strong performance as reported by the FT) this could be the selection for you.

Remember, we can put these coins into a Capital Growth Plan for you – where they will be stored, insured and valued for free , allowing you to benefit from any growth in the market.

All you have to do is have a look at the coins and let us know your interest on the link below.

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Or you can just reply to this email or call the investment team on 0845 026 7170 (UK) or +44 1534 766 711.

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