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ValiRx focus on the treatment of cancer, specialising in epigenomic and genetic analysis. Our technologies and products however can also be applied to other fields as well, such as neurology and inflammatory diseases.

The Company listed on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) of the London Stock Exchange in October 2006 and is focused on creating a portfolio of innovative products through investment in specific development projects. We actively manage projects within this portfolio.


+44 (0)203 008 4416
24 Greville Steet, London EC1N 8SS.
Super Sector:
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
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ValiRx RNS Press Releases

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ValiRx Articles, News, and Media Files

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ValiRx Related Media

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Broker press

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  • 02/02/12
    +0.13 +0.68

    Press: ValiRx rose on news its cancer screening test biomarker (NAV3) had recently received approval by the European patent office. Source - Financial Times

  • 15/12/11
    +0.02 +0.46

    Press: ValiRx rose on news that its ?gene-silencing? technology has received patent approval in Canada. It already has patents for the US,... read more

  • 16/02/11

    Press: 16.02.11: -0.52, (0.73) Press: ValiRx fell after raising GBP3.3m before expenses with a sale of new shares at 0.6p to fund the... read more

  • 14/02/11
    +1.14 +1.68

    Press: Valirx rose after announcing the UK launch of its Chlamydia SELFCheck 'over the counter' health screening product. The self diagnostic... read more

  • 25/05/10

    Press: 25.05.10: .-5, (.4) an article in the Times reports: ValiRx rose 0.07p to 0.45p after the group did a deal to sell a chlamydia... read more

Director dealings

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Date Director Trans Amount Type Price(p) Value (£) Holding %
23/06/14 S. Vainikka BUY 789,516 ORD 0.31 2,447 23,113,714 0.79
23/06/14 G. Desler BUY 1,595,968 ORD 0.31 4,948 12,733,921 0.43
23/06/14 S.O. Makinen BUY 1,273,387 ORD 0.31 3,947 1,273,387 0.04
23/06/14 K.J. Alexander BUY 1,612,903 ORD 0.31 5,000 8,034,843 0.27
13/07/11 S. Vainikka BUY 1,235,555 ORD 0.63 7,784 17,879,776 1.71


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Date Type Turnover Profit EPS (p) Dividend (p) Currency
31/12/14 Full year 0.09 -3.64 -0.08 0.00 GBX
30/06/14 Interim 0.06 -1.49 -0.05 0.00 GBX
31/12/13 Full year 0.13 -2.91 -0.15 0.00 GBX
30/06/13 Interim 0.10 -1.57 -0.09 0.00 GBX
31/12/12 Full year 0.22 -2.33 -0.17 0.00 GBX

Presentations & Company Media

Company Statement

Valirx aims to make a structural change in science, namely to engineer a scientific breakthrough into human health and wellbeing, through early detection of disease and therapeutic intervention. Research shows that there is a high demand for new personalised medicines and services that enhance patient care, achieve faster diagnoses, and substantially improve treatment outcomes cost effective manner.


Valirx is a growing company with a clear business model. We reduce risk in new product development through a rigorous clinical and commercial due diligence process, selecting drug candidates and technologies with evidence-based potential to address the unmet needs of the market. We aim to maximise returns to shareholders by adding value at the earlier stages where value increases per investment unit are the greatest.


The Valirx management team is a mixture of entrepreneurial scientists and business professionals, all with experience in developing medical life science companies. The team is also experienced at transferring technologies and products into the commercial arena to generate revenue and grow shareholder value.

Current Operations


GeneICE-Silencing Rebellious Genes

Overzealous, rebellious or inappropriate activity by specific genes contributes to many diseases states including cancers, inflammatory conditions, Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diseases. ValiRx’s proprietary GeneICE technology enables selective silencing of the rebellion, preventing activity from the rebellious gene even though it is still present. The specially designed molecule mimics natural mechanisms, with one part of the molecule identifying and targeting the rebellious gene, and the other part silencing it.


GeneICE – BCL-2

GeneICE – Bcl-2 is a new therapeutic drug that has been developed using Company’s proprietary GeneICE platform. It acts to target and switch “OFF” the gene that expresses Bcl-2, a protein that is implicated in about half of all cancers. When Bcl-2 is in a rebellious state it prevents the normal cell cycle, which in turn allows tumour cells to continue growing. Our initial data shows efficacy in prostate, ovarian and pancreatic cancers.


VAL201-Prostate Cancer [lead program]

VAL 201 is a novel and exciting approach for targeted cancer chemotherapy. It selectively stalls tumour growth by specifically preventing the proliferation of tumour cells while leaving DNA synthesis unaffected; hence tumour growth is suppressed and metastasis is significantly reduced. Our initial results indicate that because this new therapy is so specific it is likely to less toxic than other therapeutic options. The lead program is developing VAL201 for the treatment of prostate cancer, where it is expected to provide a treatment option with fewer side-effects that its marketed competitors. The targeted region is also associated with other cancers hence there is significant potential for VAL201 to be used as a treatment for cancers such as breast and ovarian and also endometriosis; our initial data also confirms the likely effectiveness in these areas.


NAV3 CANCER SCREENING TEST – a revolutionary new cancer biomarker

Pre-cancerous, cancerous and metastatic cells can be detected in tissue samples even before a tumour forms, using our NAV3 screening test. The test is highly sensitive and is able to track a tiny number of malignant cells. The test is based on the detection of NAV3 gene aberrations, which have been shown to indicate the onset of malignancy or tumour formation. In non-cancerous tissue the percentage of NAV3 aberrations or polysomy is generally less than 1%, whereas in cancerous tissues this can reach 100%. NAV3 aberrations have been confirmed in colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphomas, and cancers of neurological origin.


VAL401-Lung Cancer [lead program]

The VAL401 oral reformulation consists of a clinical drug, which has previously been used in a non-cancerous chronic condition, in a novel preparation, for the treatment of cancer. The lead programme in lung cancer is backed by our preclinical data package demonstrating an excellent response. Success here will spawn additional investigations in a broad range of cancers (including prostate, pancreatic and breast) utilising clinical data generated with VAL401 in lung cancer patients to efficiently bring a range of treatment options to the market. During prior clinical use, the active drug has been safely administered long term (chronic use of over 2 year’s duration) with good compliance reflecting the acceptable side effect profile.



Mr Oliver de Giorgio-Miller - Chairman


Oliver has a wealth of experience in the management and commercial advancement of life science companies. He has worked for over 30 years with several global pharmaceutical and medical device companies including Schering AG, Hoffman la Roche, Intavent-Orthofix and Photo Therapeutics, a Cancer Research UK company and he has extensive experience advising a number of other early stage biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.


Dr Satu Vainikka - Chief Executive Officer



Satu has many years experience of the biotechnology industry, including extensive first hand experience of equity financing, business management and developing life science technology into commercial enterprises. Prior to her current role as CEO of Valirx, she was a founder, director and CEO of Cronos Therapeutics Limited.


Dr George Morris - Chief Operations Officer


George has over 25 years’ experience in biological and medical research, and financial services. In the past he has worked for Guy‘s hospital medical school department of medicine, King’s college and University College London. As a Research Scientist, he is an author of numerous books and articles on refereed papers, approximately 70 abstracts, short reports and posters, and an inventor of multiple patents.


George was a founding member of the expert advisory panel, the ‘Biotechnology and Finance Forum’, set up jointly between the European Commission and the European Association of Securities Dealers. George involved in a number of conferences and workshops with the EU research and agricultural directorates and is an ‘expert’ to the Commission, and has been invited into several policy discussion groups.


Mr Gerry Desler - Chief Financial Officer


Gerry is a chartered accountant, who qualified in 1968 with a City firm, before becoming a partner in 1970. Between 1985 to 1990 he was the Senior Partner. During his time in the City, he has specialised in consultancy work, much of it involving funding and venture capital.

He was involved in one of the first joint ventures in what was then the People’s Republic of China in 1980. Gerry is also the Finance Director of Premier Management Holdings plc, an AIM listed company and is on the board of a number of private companies. (Member of Audit Committee)


Mr Kevin Alexander - Non-Executive Director


Kevin is a qualified solicitor in England and an attorney in New York and he was a partner at major law firms in both London and the United States for over 25 years. Since leaving the law he has been involved in forming and managing various businesses, both private and public. Kevin is a director of Valirx Plc, and joined the board in September 2006. He has an MA in law from Cambridge University.


Mr Seppo Mäkinen - Non-Executive Director



Seppo Mäkinen has more than 25 years of senior advisory and executive experience in board level strategic leadership and venture capital management on life science, his special expertise is on medtech / diagnostics. 

The career includes ten years as Director in Life Sciences at Sitra ( Finnish Government Fund ), followed by thirteen years as co-founder and Managing Partner in Bio Fund Management Oy from this time also five years as President of BioFund A/S, Copenhagen. With EUR 200M under management, BioFund was one of the biggest European VC funds investing into international life sciences. In 2008, Seppo Mäkinen exited BioFund and in 2010, he founded Taikon Advisor Oy, a Finnish management consultancy firm focusing on advising and investing in life sciences ventures.


Major Shareholders

ValiRx plc is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom under the Companies Act 1985, its principle place of business is in the United Kingdom.


The Total Number of shares with nominal value 0.1p in issue is 3,341,382,514.


The percentage of securities not in public hands is approximately 2.9%.


The information below was last updated on 10 February 2015.



Information taken from Valirx plc website 23.04.2015

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    Registered Office Address

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    Corporate Information

    Auditors :

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    Nominated Adviser :

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    Solicitors :

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