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Sirius Minerals is developing the world’s largest and highest grade deposit of polyhalite, utilising the ore’s unique multi-nutrient and multi-product potential to supply balanced fertilization throughout the world.

+44 (0)845 524 0247
3rd Floor Greener House, 68 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RF.
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General Mining - Potash and Phosphate
General Mining
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  • 13/08/13
    +1.50 +14.75

    Citigroup reiterates its "buy" rating but cut its price target to 60p from 80p.

  • 13/08/13
    +0.13 +13.38

    Press: Telegraph The group said an unnamed New York-based institutional investor had agreed to provide GBP25m funding via convertible notes,... read more

  • 07/08/13

    Press: 07.08.13: -0.50, (14.50) Press: Telegraph Shares fell after the company's former broker Jefferies said there were "major funding... read more

  • 06/08/13

    06.08.13 :-1.5, (15) Jefferies downgrades its rating to "underperform" from "buy" and cut its price target to 9p from 30p.

  • 19/07/13

    Press: 19.07.13: -2.50, (20.00) Press: Telegraph The company has asked officials to delay their decision on its mine planned for the North... read more

Director dealings

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Date Director Trans Amount Type Price(p) Value (£) Holding %
08/04/15 C.N. Fraser EX 285,714 OPT 0.00 0 122,914,028 5.70
17/03/15 C.J. Catlow SELL 3,987,000 ORD 7.46 297,430 0,000 N/A
17/03/15 C.J. Catlow EX 6,200,000 OPT 4.50 279,000 102,213,000 4.77
01/09/14 R.J. Scrimshaw BUY 2,100,000 ORD 11.75 246,750 39,419,218 2.10
18/08/14 C.N. Fraser BUY 342,000 ORD 11.66 39,877 122,628,314 6.54


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Date Type Turnover Profit EPS (p) Dividend (p) Currency
30/09/14 Interim 0.00 -6.72 -0.40 0.00 GBX
31/03/14 Full year 0.00 -10.13 -0.50 0.00 GBX
30/09/13 Interim 0.00 -8.46 -0.50 0.00 GBX
31/03/13 Full year 0.00 -14.57 -0.60 0.00 GBX
30/09/12 Interim 0.00 -6.36 -0.50 0.00 GBX

Company Statement

Our Company

Sirius Minerals Plc is a globally diversified potash development company listed on the London stock exchange's AIM Market


  • Primarily focused on the development of the world's largest and highest-grade Polyhalite deposit in the United Kingdom, the York Potash Project
  • Commited to developing a portfolio of projects and continue to review opportunities around the globe.

Our Vision
To become the leading global potasdh producer.

Large scale:
To become a top five producer

Low cost:
Operations have the potential to be at the bottom of the cost curve for key markets

Long life:
Assets with a resource life of over 50 years

High growth:
Expandable assests and portfolio of new projects

Independent and customer aligned:
Engage directly with customers and align with their goals

Current Operations

York Potash



Based in North Yorkshire, within the United Kingdom, York Potash is Sirius Minerals' flagship development asset, proposing to develop a new potash mine near Whitby, North Yorkshire. Planning permission is currently being sought for the project and further details can be viewed on the York Potash website's planning pages.


The mine will be the first new potash mine in the UK for 40 years and will be a deep shaft mine of unprecedented design and world leading example within the mining industry. The Project area of interest lies between Whitby and Scarborough, extending about 16 km inland from the coast and up to 14 km off shore   Within this area lies the thickest and highest grade polyhalite Ore Reserve in the world.


The Project is targeting the production of polyhalite, a naturally occurring mineral containing four of the six macro-nutrients required for plant growth (potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium). Initially, the saleable products will take the form of powdered or granulated polyhalite that can be used as a directly applied fertilizer which is proven to be suitable for widespread commercial farming, including organic farming. More information about the characteristics of polyhalite and our global crop study programme can be found here. 


The York Potash Project will also involve the development of an underground mineral transport system from the mine to a proposed new materials handling facility at Wilton on Teesside. From there it will be transported via conveyor to a berth facility where it will be shipped from.


The scope of the Project is currently a 13 mtpa operation and is proposed to be constructed in two phases. The first phase is designed to provide a 6.5 mtpa operation with the ability to be expanded to 13 mtpa over a period of years. At full production the mine will bring an annual contribution to the UK GDP of over £1 billion, helping the UK’s prosperity and growth.  It will also help to reduce the country’s trade deficit, making it a truly nationally significant project.


The initial development for the Project will target multiple routes to market including production of large-scale granulated polyhalite as a direct application fertilizer and as a main source of potassium for the production of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers (NPK). The Project will have significant expansion capacity beyond initial development with options to produce Sulphate of Potash (SOP) from the polyhalite ore at a later stage. In addition to polyhalite, York Potash has vast quantities of Sylvite, a source of Muriate of Potash (MOP).  The immediate focus for the Project is on the development of the polyhalite resource which has the potential to be a major player in global food security issues.


The York Potash Project asset is the largest and highest grade polyhalite resource in the world, laying the foundation for Sirius to become a leading global large scale potash and multi-nutrient producer.






Polyhalite is a naturally occurring evaporite mineral comprising hydrated sulphates of potassium, calcium and magnesium, with the chemical formula K2SO4.MgSO4.2CaSO4.2H2O.


Polyhalite will be mined by Sirius Minerals and used as a unique four-in-one macro-nutrient fertilizer to provide a rich source of potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium. It can also be combined with other fertilizers as a feedstock to create other commonly used fertilizer blends.


Independent tests have proven it is suitable for widespread commercial farming, including organic farming and is a low carbon footprint, high nutrient content fertilizer which has excellent nutrient availability to the plant. 


The Company's production of polyhalite will help to provide a solution to the challenge of global food security as York Potash will become one of the most significant large scale suppliers of multi-nutrient fertilizers.


Technical Specifications

POLY4 is the powder and granulated product that will be produced from the York Potash Project and is a granular presentation of micronized polyhalite suitable for common agricultural fertilizer spreaders. POLY4 has been proven to be a fully soluble multi-nutrient fertilizer suitable for soil application at all commercial application rates, is pH neutral and has no negative effect on soil conductivity at commercial application rates. For more details on the characterisation tests carried out on polyhalite please click here.


Polyhalite has also been granted authorisation for use in organic systems certified by the Soil Association and the Organic Farmers and Growers.  


160 countries worldwide have organic farming systems which represents a total of 37 million hectares globally (IFOAM, 2010). Strict regulations, known as ‘standards’, define what organic farmers can and cannot do – and place a strong emphasis on the protection of wildlife and the environment.    


Balanced fertilization

Nutrients are complimentary to each other and a deficiency in any of them will limit crop growth and quality, the so-called “law of the minimum.” Balanced fertilization, particularly of the six macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium), is essential to obtain optimal crop yields. With most regions experiencing the challenges of multiple nutrient deficiencies, balanced fertilization will have to be at the centre of achieving sustainable growth to feed the world.


Polyhalite is a unique natural and organic mineral that contains four macro-nutrients that are known to be important for crops and soils: potassium, sulphur, magnesium, and calcium. The nutrient breakdown of pure polyhalite – K2SO4.MgSO4.2CaSO4.2H2O – is as follows: potassium: 16% as K2O; sulphur: 21% as S; magnesium: 7% as MgO; and calcium: 19% as CaO. Each of these nutrients play a vital role in the crop life cycle.


Russell Scrimshaw - Chairman

Russell Scrimshaw was formerly an Executive Director and Deputy CEO of Fortescue Metals Group Ltd and was a member of the FMG Board from 2003 until 2011.

Previously Russell Scrimshaw was a board member of Commonwealth Properties Ltd, EDS Australia, Mobilesoft Ltd, Telecom New Zealand Australia Pty Ltd, The Garvan Institute Foundation and Athletics Australia and has also held senior executive positions within the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Optus Communications Pty Ltd, Alcatel, IBM and Amdahl USA.

Chris Fraser - Managing Director and CEO

Chris Fraser has approximately 16 years' finance experience in the mining industry. During this time he worked for Citigroup, Rothschild and KPMG and has market leading expertise in all aspects of the financing and development of major mining projects. Having joined Citigroup in 2000, Chris Fraser was appointed Head of Metals and Mining Investment Banking for Australia in 2006 and Managing Director in 2008.

Chris Catlow - Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chairman

Chris Catlow is highly experienced in the international resources industry having worked on the development and operations of oil and gas, hard rock and sand mining projects over a 25 year career. He played a central role in the formation of Iluka Resources Limited and most recently was a senior executive and CFO of the ASX-listed iron ore mining company, Fortescue Metals Group Ltd FMG), having joined shortly after its formation in 2003.

Keith Clarke CBE - Non-Executive Director

Keith Clarke was Chief Executive Officer of WS Atkins plc, the UK’s largest design and Engineering Consultancy for eight years to July 2011 and previously held CEO roles with Skanska UK and Kvaerner Construction Group. He also acted as Director of Sustainability and Chairman of Atkins’ Middle East business until April 2012

John Hutton - Non-Executive Director

Lord Hutton was a distinguished member of the Government for 13 years from 1997 to 2010, including 11 years as a Minister and four years serving on the Cabinet. He was appointed Chairman of the Independent Public Service Pensions Commission established by the current Government in June 2010, which delivered its final report in March 2011.

Peter Woods - Non-Executive Director

Peter Woods is a consulting geologist and engineer with extensive experience in the potash industry having worked for 13 years as Chief Geologist at the Boulby Potash Mine in North Yorkshire, initially on its development and start-up.

Stephen Pycroft - Non-Executive Director

Stephen Pycroft is Executive Chairman of Mace, a leading international consultancy and construction company. Having joined Mace in 1993 and been appointed a Group Board Director in 1995, Stephen was appointed Chief Operating Officer before taking over as CEO at the end of 2004 and Chairman in 2008.


For further information on the Directors please click here


To see the Management Team please click here

Major Shareholders

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    £432.82 m
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    3rd Floor Greener House, 68 Haymarket

    London SW1Y 4RF

    United Kingdom

    p:  +44 845 524 0247

    e: info@siriusminerals.com


    UK Head Office

    York Potash Ltd

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