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Regency Mines Plc is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM: RGM) of the London Stock Exchange Ltd in London and on the Frankfurt Exchange (Frankfurt: RM4). It is also traded on the PLUS Markets platform. Regency’s flagship project is the Mambare nickel resource in Papua New Guinea. Exploration takes place across a variety of tenements in Western Australia and Queensland for copper, titanium, gold, rare earths and nickel sulphides. The Company also recently acquired the option to explore tenements in Sudan for agro-minerals. Regency also operates a mining finance and technology arm and maintains a variety of listed and non-listed holdings in the mineral resource space.

+44 (0)20 747 9960
Ivybridge House, 1 Adam Street, London WC2N 6LE.
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  • 29/03/12
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    Press: Regency Mines rose after a reassuring update on its progress towards drilling gold prospects later this year with government approval... read more

Director dealings

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Date Director Trans Amount Type Price(p) Value (£) Holding %
23/12/13 A.R.M. Bell EX 638,297 OPT 0.00 0 37,838,349 3.10
23/12/13 E. Bugnosen EX 638,297 OPT 0.00 0 2,242,831 0.18
23/12/13 S.C. Kaintz EX 638,297 OPT 0.00 0 2,463,884 0.20
23/12/13 J. Watkins EX 638,297 OPT 0.00 0 6,192,831 0.51
07/08/12 A. Bell EX 280,373 OPT 0.00 0 2,066,666 0.28


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Date Type Turnover Profit EPS (p) Dividend (p) Currency
31/12/13 Interim 1.04 -1.06 -0.09 0.00 GBX
30/06/13 Full year 0.26 -5.17 -0.60 0.00 GBX
31/12/12 Interim 0.04 -3.00 -0.41 0.00 GBX
30/06/12 Full year 0.17 -2.11 -0.32 0.00 GBX
31/12/11 Interim 0.00 -1.24 -0.24 0.00 GBX

Company Statement

Regency Mines plc has a wealth of experience in exploration for numerous minerals and strives to progress current projects in addition to being open to new opportunities and tenement acquisitions.

Regency adds value to its assets by joint venture, acquisition and disposal of mineral resource interests in addition to being an active investor in the mineral resources corporate market.


The Company’s investments include:

o Direct Nickel Ltd 

o Red Rock Resources Plc 

o Ram Resources Ltd

o Alba Mineral Resources Plc

Current Operations

Regency’s largest project is the Mambare nickel resource in Papua New Guinea. Exploration continues in Australia and Papua New Guinea for base metals, gold, graphite and other minerals and Sudan for afro-minerals. The Company looks for investments and projects with potential for significant magnitude.

Nickel laterite - Mambare, Papua New Guinea

Oro Nickel Ltd, a JV of Regency Mines plc and Direct Nickel Pty Ltd (“DNi”), holds three tenements: EL1390 for nickel and cobalt and EL1952 and EL1953 for geothermal power as well as other potential minerals and metals.


Key facts

o Independently estimated JORC resource of 162.5 million tons with a grade of 0.94% Ni; total of 1.53 million tons of contained nickel

o 7,800m drilled within 31 sq km area, which includes only 2 sq km of 80 sq km plateau.

o Regency has applied for five exploration licences in various parts of PNG to explore for nickel, copper and gold


 For more information please click here


Gold and Base Metal Targets - Fraser West, Western Australia

The Fraser West tenements lie along the Yilgarn/Albany-Fraser contact zone which hosts the Anglogold Ashanti Tropicana Gold deposit, Recently, Sirius Resources have drilled a potentially substantial nickel-copper deposit (Nova) and this lies approximately 20 kms to the east of the Fraser West Project (Figure 1). This has brought the area into the exploration forefront for base metals, as gold previously had been the main focus of regional exploration projects. The size and geological character of the Nova deposit has not yet been fully determined, but significant results continue to be released, increasing the focus on and the potential for the area.


Key facts

o ‘Tropicana’ style prospect, adjacent to Sirius’ Nova deposit

o 271km2 tenement area

o Partial sale of tenements agreed with RAM Resources Ltd - Oct 2012


Flake Graphite Target - Munglinup, Western Australia

The Munglinup Graphite Project is located 75km east of the township of Ravensthorpe and covers an area of 177km2. The tenement area straddles the boundary between the Archaean Yilgarn Block and the Proterozoic Albany Fraser Province, in a zone considered highly prospective for flake graphite mineralisation. Directly adjacent to the tenements is the Halbert’s Graphite Deposit which is considered one of Australia’s primary high-grade flake graphite deposits. The deposit is believed to contain a historic (non-compliant with currently used codes) resource of 1.3Mt @ 18.2% Carbon and is presently owned by the private company Graphite Australasia Pty.


Key facts

o Tenement area of 177km2

o Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) survey flown across tenements in 2011

o AEM conductor 1.4km long across tenement appears correlative to the adjacent Halbert’s Main Zone, a high grade flake graphite deposit

Titanium and Sulphide Targets - Pyramid Lake, Western Australia

The Pyramid Lake project is located approximately 50km east of Ravensthorpe and consists of four tenements covering 255km2. The area straddles the boundary between the Archaean Yilgarn block and the Proterozoic Albany Fraser province and was originally targeted for ‘Tropicana’ style gold and base metal mineralisation. After a VTEM survey was flown over the ground in 2011, several geophysical anomalies were identified and tested using an Air Core (AC) and Reverse Circulation (RC) drill programme in March 2012. The work intersected titanium-rich clays and subsequent sample analysis returned titanium grades of up to 4.38% Ti.


Key facts

o Metallurgy test work begun on titanium rich clays obtained from the March 2012 RC drill programme

o Significant silver anomalies from the 2012 MMI geochemical soil sampling programme


Graphite and Base Metal Targets - Little Mt Isa, Western Australia

Located 25km northeast of Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region in the north of Western Australia, the project covers an 8.5km strike length of volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Paleoproterozoic Biscay Formation, and is highly prospective for base metal and gold exploration. Previous exploration in the area has defined several significant mineralised prospects within this formation including the Sophie Downs and Ilmars base metals projects operated by Thundelarra Exploration Ltd.


Key facts

o Tenement comprises 36km2

o MMI Geochemical soil sampling programme recently completed


Diamond  Targets - Ellendale, Western Australia

Earlier in 2012 Regency applied for two new tenements in the Ellendale diamond region in the north of Western Australia. These tenements fall within the Ellendale lamproite pipe field, a geological diamond-bearing terrane made famous by the world class Ellendale Diamond Mine, owned by Gem Diamonds ltd. These licences are currently in the early stages of application and once granted, our geological teams will begin a thorough assessment and evaluation of open-file exploration data, including historic drill programmes and geochemical results.

Agro-Minerals - Sudan, East Africa

Regency Mines has recently acquired the option to explore four tenements in Sudan for agro-minerals. Three of the tenements are located just to the north and north-west of Khartoum, while the fourth is located on the Red Sea coast. Abu Hashem to the north-west of Khartoum is an 80,000 sq km phosphate prospect, adjoined by a 40,000 sq km potentially high-grade potassium oxide deposit to the east in the Bayuda Desert. There is a second potassium oxide deposit at Sabaloka, three hours north of Khartoum, on the edge of the Nile River. The final tenement is located on the coast, approximately a three hour drive north of Port Sudan, and is being explored for gypsum.


Key facts

o Recently acquired option to explore four tenements in Sudan for agro-minerals


For information on any of the above please click here



Andrew Bell, MA, LLB, FGS, Chairman and CEO

Andrew Bell began his career as a natural resources analyst at Morgan Grenfell & Co. in the 1970s. His business experience encompasses periods in fund management and advisory work at leading financial institutions, international corporate finance work and private equity. Andrew Bell’s listed company directorships are Red Rock Resources Plc (chairman), Greatland Gold Plc (chairman), Jupiter Mines Ltd (director), Resource Star Ltd (chairman) and Cue Resources Inc.

Edmund Bugnosen, BSc, Executive Director

Edmund Bugnosen has a BSc in Mining Engineering from Adamson University, Philippines and studied Environmental Science at the International Institute of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering (IHE) in Holland. He has worked in both the government and private sectors of the Philippine mining industry. Since 1989 he has worked out of the UK as a consultant for governments, mining companies, NGOs and development agencies, including the UN, UNIDO, the World Bank, the EU, ILO, DFID, and the BGS. Edmund Bugnosen has also served as Senior Mining Engineer in the Department of Mines and Petroleum of Papua New Guinea and as a Technical Assistant to the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy. He has published and presented papers on mining laws and regulation, small-scale mining and related environmental, social and development issues.

Scott Kaintz, BS, MBA, Executive Director 

Scott Kaintz has a MBA from London Business School and Columbia Business Schools. He started his career as a US Air Force Intelligence Officer and analyst working across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Scott Kaintz has held operational and managerial roles in the defence industry and more recently worked in corporate finance and investment funds, focusing primarily on capital raising efforts and debt and equity investments in small-cap companies. A year ago he joined Regency as Head of Corporate Finance.


Julian Lee, MA, ACCA, Non-executive Director 

Julian qualified as an accountant with Deloitte & Touche in 1996. Subsequently he worked in corporate finance and venture capital in London and New York. He has co-founded a number of companies in the mining exploration, healthcare, life sciences, med-tech and FMCG sectors and is currently CEO of Rex Exploration Ltd, an exploration company focussed on gold and coal exploration in Nigeria.


John Watkins, FCA, Non-executive Director  

John Watkins is a chartered accountant and a former partner of Ernst & Young and Neville Russell. He is a director of Starvest plc, a substantial shareholder of Regency Mines plc. In addition, he is a director of Red Rock Resources plc and Greatland Gold plc. Starvest plc, Red Rock Resources plc and Greatland Gold plc are listed on AIM. He is chairman of Equity Resources plc and Rare Earths and Metals plc.

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