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Market Cap: 68.05M
Nasstar Plc

Nasstar Plc

Nasstar PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker NASA) and one of the UK’s leading managed IT service providers. We deliver bespoke clouds, professional services, managed IT and a range of technical products to organisations operating within eight strategic industry sectors.

Nasstar Plc

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As a group, we continue to grow and prosper because we have a family orientated mentality and an inner strength that is based upon our core values. Our values represent a decent, common sense approach to treating each other, our partners and our customers.

Our family orientated mentality stems from the fact that we started off as a family business back in the day. Our current deputy Chairman was the original founder, our current CEO his son and our CFO is his daughter, we are still a family affair.

Our determination to remain a family affair no matter how large we grow is reflected in our core values, ones that we believe inspire our people and those working with us to go above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with our customer's needs.



WORKING TOGETHER : We always start a project and always end it as a team, we proactively support each other in our endeavours and we leverage our collective genius through group mind share.

We make time to value the contributions our people make, listen to our customer's views and our partner's expertise when integrating new technologies. We work together with customers and suppliers as partners to deliver our service to the end user.
ALWAYS INNOVATING : We are restless in our quest to constantly improve upon what we do in the solutions and services that we offer and we are always searching for ways to innovate.

We are focused on listening to those who use our solutions and we consistently support our knowledge acquisition through internal research, development and training programmes.




We work hard to understand our customers and their markets. We aim to deliver on our promises, whilst striving for optimum efficiency in the way we deliver them.

We work towards controlled growth and regular investment in order to safeguard our future. We allocate a substantial portion of our capital to invest in our people and technology, whilst continuously managing for quality.

We proactively share our opinion, analysis & knowledge with others. We are the change we seek, we empower our people to deliver success, and value their contributions.


Nasstar hosted desktops provide your users with a faster and more responsive desktop workspace that can be securely accessed from any device capable of displaying it. Our Microsoft Windows hosted desktops provide you with the same functionality as a traditional PC, but dramatically upgrade your users experience and capabilities. Our hopsted desktops are capable of running all of your traditional PC applications and they can also run your legacy and custom applications too, all of which is backed by our user focused support.

Available on a operationally convenient per user/per month basis, our hosted desktops are the foundation upon which we can help our customers build tailor made IT infrastructures, that can then be enhanced and upgraded over time, supporting strategic IT development initiatives and driving long-term value. Our hosted desktop offering includes hardware and software upgrades, automated backup with full business continuity and disaster recovery planning with offsite encrypted data replication.

Our hosted desktops are designed to provide you with a fully managed solution that takes the pain out of your IT. We fully manage, monitor, support and secure your infrastructure and provide you with a guaranteed uptime SLA. We support desktops, applications, servers, networks, peripherals, users, email and anything connected to your hosted desktop with our famous 24/7 user focused support. You can depend on our technical support to always be there all of the time.


We started out in life as an application service provider (ASP), back in 1999 we were the undisputed UK heavyweight champions of Citrix Metaframe, becoming one of the first in the UK to host and then deliver applications over the internet. It is fair to say that we can host any application and we have proven this again and again, ever since the day when Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics) gave us permission to host and deliver their application on a SaaS basis, primarily because they thought we could not do it.

We can work out how to host any application, including custom built applications and desktop versions of practically any Windows application. Once we have properly virtualised your application, we can then deliver it as a service and stream it over the internet to your users on any device, giving them secure anywhere access to their business critical applications.

As well as hosting your traditionally non cloud based applications, through our partnerships with leading SaaS vendors we can also provide you with a library of cloud based software that is specifically geared towards your industry. Finally, we can orchestrate all of your cloud software and properly manage it, ensure it is properly configured and properly supported.


Nasstar managed telephony solutions consist of one of two platforms, with platform selection dependent on the customer requirement. We can offer either Skype For Business on the 0365 platform or our very own VoIP platform based upon ShoreTel, providing your organisation with the dial tone reliability of a copper wire phone system, but with more advanced functionality better suited to modern business communications. Enjoy one click calling through your CRM, browser and email client, intelligent routing of calls and an improved user experience that enables you to seamlessly communicate across multiple devices.

Nasstar managed telephony solutions dramatically increase your functionality with instant messaging and video conferencing whilst driving down costs with free internal calls and all-inclusive call plans, predictably fixing your monthly call costs. Your traditional local telephone numbers are no longer restricted to a geographical location, allowing your employees to work from anywhere and still give the appearance of being in your office. Nasstar managed telephony sets your organisation free to operate from any location.


For most businesses, the internet and the underlying network that provides their internet connectivity is the life blood of their operation and they are completely reliant on that network connection. Yet when it comes to choosing their network provider, most businesses just subscribe to the business internet package provided to them by their local internet service provider. Do not be like most businesses, instead join us in demanding a better class of internet and benefit from private, more intelligent network connections that can distinguish between different kinds of data and prioritise the most important traffic.

Your networks are monitored 24/7, meaning that we notice any problems before you do, ensuring that they are properly investigated and resolved as soon as possible, thus minimising any potentially negative business impact from network related issues.

Businesses that manage their own networks know too well just how much time network administration can consume, Nasstar can save you an awful lot of money by freeing you up from the IT housekeeping that is network management and support. Let us manage your networks back end so that you can focus on adding value on the front end, with a single point of contact for support issues.


Being one of only two Microsoft partners in the UK able to fully integrate Office 365 with a private cloud desktop solution, we are able to add unique functionality exclusive to Microsoft's public cloud into your private cloud mix. As a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner and a Microsoft Gold CSP Partner, we have the credentials and experience to migrate, support and manage any Office 365 projects.

This enables us to approach a customer requirement choosing to either roll out Office 365 as a standalone solution, or when appropriate integrate Office 365 with a private cloud. We are intimately familiar with Office 365 and we continuously test early release features to ensure our customers fully benefit from the rapidly emerging functionality.

Our dedicated O365 technical teams are experts in assisting our customers with the migration from legacy Microsoft enterprise applications to the modern, cloud based O365 equivalents. We can frictionlessly migrate your emails, files and contacts into the Microsoft O365 cloud, without causing service disruption to your operations or losing productivity in the process.

If you need us to, we can manage your entire 0365 infrastructure and ensure that it is always correctly configured according to best practice. We will make sure that your O365 data and communications are always kept secure with the right O365 access and authentication controls in place and support your users 24/7 to make sure that they always have access to the right tools.


Fully Managed IT does not stop at the perimeter of the cloud. Nasstar PLC's fully managed IT service can take responsibility for your local infrastructure and client devices, supporting and caring for it as if we were our very own IT department. We are outsourced IT specialists and we act as the IT department for hundreds of customers who rely on us to deliver an end to end IT service.

We know that the hardware refresh cycle, cybersecurity, software updates, shadow IT and supporting end users is enough to distract any business from their core activities and also that the unpredictable CAPEX and OPEX required to manage and maintain an organisations IT infrastructure is enough to drive any Finance Director to despair. Its why we tell you to let us look after your IT, so that you can focus on your business, its hard enough succeeding in business without also having to worry about your IT.

Our multiple teams of Prince 2 certified project managers and ITIL certified customer support teams are completely focused on the user, our unique user centric support model works incredibly hard to spot your users IT problems before they occur, bottlenecks before they cause disruptions and making sure that your private data is always kept safe and secure. We employ a battalion of certified technical professionals whose job is to hand in hand with your IT department and worry about your IT so you don't have to, providing IT peace of mind.


Just because you use Nasstar cloud services to deliver your IT, it does not mean you can stop worrying about your on-site data security, integrity and availability. Your responsibility does not stop because you use our cloud and this is where we can help. Adopting certifications such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials will ensure your local devices, people and processes are as protected as possible against cybercrime. As a result, for organisations that want to participate in global supply chains and national or international trade, it is essential that your systems or services comply with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials as a minimum.

Without these certifications your market access may become severely limited, as properly accredited competitors outcompete you in the marketplace. Nasstar can help you overcome this complex and costly barrier, our certification teams are deeply experienced and stand ready to assist. Nasstar certification services will help you to adopt the critical criteria and compliance requirements to help you pass through the ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certification life-cycle. Where you are non-compliant, our certification specialists and technical solutions will help you become compliant, help you pass through certification and get accredited, enabling you to demonstrate enhanced levels of security to your customers but more importantly, give you peace of mind.


Our professional services team offer technical & application consultancy and development services. We specialise in helping you get the most out of your applications by improving integration across your software estate. Leveraging sector experience in managing vendors to ensure your applications deliver maximum value to your business. Your employees lose time every day updating various systems, our team look to automate and streamline your processes ensuring that your users can work more efficiently.

Our professional services superheroes have decades of specialised expertise and hands-on experience in assessing, migrating, optimising, planning, designing, testing and deploying IT infrastructure, networks and cloud architectures. We can work with you to facilitate office moves, through to developing IT solutions that adapt to the ever-growing, ever-changing needs of your organisation.

Nasstar employs deeply experienced technology and industry professionals who can help you to make the right strategic technology decisions for your business. Our professional services team each has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. They'll work with you to define requirements and objectives, then develop a comprehensive set of planning, test, validation, migration and deployment strategies to maximise the return on IT infrastructure.

Lord Daresbury, Chairman
Peter was appointed Chairman in 2005. He is also Chairman of Haydock Racecourse Company Limited, Stellar Diamonds PLC and Auriant Mining. Peter was Non-Executive Chairman of De Vere Group plc, a company he first joined in 1977 and of which he became Chief Executive in February 1997.

Nigel Redwood, Chief Executive Officer
Nigel became CEO of Nasstar PLC in January 2014 when reversed into Nasstar PLC. Nigel became Managing Director of in 2003, as MD Nigel grew the business by adopting a consultative approach to selling managed and outsourced IT solutions to legal and professional firms seeking increased operational efficiencies and lower the risk associated with their IT systems. From 2002 to 2013, Nigel grew the business to the point that it turned over £6.9M making an EBITDA profit of £1.3M.

Niki Redwood, Finance Director
Having obtained a BSc in Mathematical Sciences at Bath University, Niki qualified as an ACA in 1995 with KPMG, becoming an FCA in 2008. Niki worked in KPMG’s small business division from 1993 to 1996 before joining in 1999, initially as Financial Controller, before becoming Finance Director in 2006.

Mike Read, Non-executive Director
Mike Read has over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications and internet space and is currently Chairman of AIM listed Falanx Group Limited. He has held board and senior management level positions within a number of organisations both within the US and UK. He served as Board member and CEO of AIM listed Pipex Communications Plc (now Daisy Group Plc) and President and Board member of, a NASDAQ listed company. He has significant experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, raising funds and growing shareholder value. He is also a Chartered Engineer with an MBA.

Nick Bate, Non-executive Director
Nick was a founding director of SSP, a global IT provider to the general insurance sector which grew to be a £75m revenue listed company and ultimately was bought in a public-to-private transaction for £198m by a major US private equity firm. Nick has been a successful leader in the manufacturing, IT and service sectors and has a proven track record in delivering successful growth through the application of his financial, commercial and operational skills and strong experience in corporate M&A transactions. Nick qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 1989.






Director holdings 
Lord Daresbury (Peter), Chairman: 4,788,562 » (0.83%) 
Nigel Redwood, CEO: 10,475,430† (1.82%)
Niki Redwood, Finance Director: 10,485,393‡ (1.83%)
Nick Bate, Non-executive Director: 750,000 (0.13%)

» includes 3,837,857 shares managed by Jupiter Asset Management Limited registered in the name of Nortrust Nominees Limited.

† includes 571,459 shares held in trust for the benefit of Nigel Redwood's minor daughter

‡ includes 1,714,378 shares held in trust for the benefit of Niki Redwood's minor children.

Other significant shareholders 
Kestrel Partners LLP: 129,815,196 (22.61%)
Hargreave Hale Limited: 62,978,161 (10.97%)
Liontrust Asset Management LLP: 36,424,516 (6.34%)
River and Mercantile: 31,500,000 (5.49%)
Close Asset Managements: 29,541,019 (5.14%)
Octopus Investments Nominees Limited: 27,117,812 (4.72%)
Oryx International Growth Fund Management: 25,000,000 (4.35%)
Livingbridge VC LLP: 25,833,332 (4.50%)
Herald Investment Management: 17,707,320 (3.08%)
Edward Armitage: 17,333,334 (3.02%)
David Redwood: 10,963,764 (1.91%)


Share options Options have been granted over 44,132,510 shares under the Company's share option scheme.

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of shares There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Shares held in treasury There are no shares held in treasury.

Public holding The % of the Company's AIM securities not held in public hands is 49.08%.

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