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Hurricane specialises in the discovery, appraisal and development of oil from naturally fractured basement reservoirs. Hurricane has successfully found light oil West of Shetland in relatively shallow water and the company believes that its creativity and innovation is helping realise a strategic resource for the UK.

The company has discovered over 200 MMboe of recoverable 2C Contingent Resources on two occasions at its Lancaster and Whirlwind assets respectively. Compared with the UK average offshore discovery size of 20-23 million barrels during the same period, Hurricane has already achieved a great deal. In total the portfolio has 450 MMboe of 2C and a further 440 MMboe P50 Prospective Resources on acreage it controls 100%.

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  • 15/09/2014

    Stocktube video - Hurricane Energy boss on Lancaster well result

    Dr Robert Trice, the chief executive officer of Hurricane Energy (LON:HUR), speaks to Proactive Investors about the latest analysis from the Lancaster well in the West of Shetland region of the UK North Sea.

    Hurricane shares advanced on Monday, rising over 12% at one point, after expectation-beating analysis of the Lancaster project, a fractured basement oil play.


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31/12/13 Full year 0.00 -21.33 -4.45 0.00 GBX

Company Statement


Hurricane energy company was founded in 2005 by Dr Robert Trice with the help and encouragement of a private investor, in the belief that fractured basement reservoirs represent a significant untapped resource.


Beginning with just a few highly expert staff, Hurricane gradually established a team of specialists with the skills, experience and determination to locate and develop this resource potential. Through successful participation in a series of UK licensing rounds we have built a portfolio which includes third party verified Contingent Resources, ready to drill prospects and exploration leads.


In a short time Hurricane energy has achieved a great deal.  During 2009 and 2010, the average size of oil discovery within the UK Continental Shelf was 20-23 million barrels.  In the same period, Hurricane discovered around 200 million barrels, twice. This is not just our opinion - these figures are from our independently produced Competent Person's Report.


Currently we have 450 million barrels of 2C Contingent Resources on acreage we control 100%.


Since inception, Hurricane energy company has identified basement prospects, discovered oil and, most importantly, validated our model for basement exploration.


We are excited by the potential of what we have already found, and there is more to come.

Current Operations


We explore basins that have proven petroleum systems.

These basins are often associated with low cost data packages, including wells and seismic data, offering a ready-made geological framework from which Hurricane generates new exploration ideas at relatively low risk.


Hurricane has retained 100% control of all our operations up to now and that has been part of our strategy from the company's inception. Of course we fully expect to bring in a partner at the right time once development is closer to hand. We keep full control of the subsurface strategy so that we can capture the most value from our skills, It also means that we are able to make decisions very quickly and act upon them.


Lancaster Discovery - Located in blocks 205/21a, 205/22a and 205/26b and in relatively shallow water depths of 160 metres, Lancaster was the first basement prospect drilled by Hurricane and proved to be a significant discovery.  

Lancaster was drilled in 2009 and subsequently sidetracked in 2010, with well testing flowing light (38° API) oil to surface from the fractured basement. The results of the drilling also indicated that significant upside potential could exist within Lancaster as oil shows were encountered at depth within the basement. The Competent Person's Report (CPR) undertaken by RPS in 2010  assigns 207 MMboe of 2C Contingent Resources to Lancaster and concludes that individual well flow rates up to 8000 bopd are achievable from the basement.


3D Section through the geology, indicating the initial Lancaster pilot well (in red) and subsequent sidetrack (in green). Not to scale.


We are now preparing an appraisal drilling programme for Lancaster in order to constrain the resource volumes including the upside potential and also to further investigate the productivity of the fractured basement reservoir. Thereafter, a phased development plan is envisaged.


Whirlwind Discovery - The Whirlwind discovery is located across blocks 205/21a and 205/22a in the West of Shetland, some 10km to the north of our Lancaster discovery.

Whirlwind was the second basement prospect drilled by Hurricane. Whirwind is mapped as a large (approximately 33 km2) basement structure that is approximately 2000 metres deeper than Lancaster, although it is likely to be charged from the same source. Whirlwind was drilled during 2010 and subsequently re-entered for well testing in 2011. The well flowed light oil/gas-condensate from an open hole test conducted over Lower Cretaceous limestones and underlying fractured basement although it was not possible to determine precisely which intervals were flowing hydrocarbons nor the precise composition of the hydrocarbons at reservoir conditions.


The Whirlwind well was suspended for future appraisal with the option of re-entering for sidetracking and further testing being considered.


The CPR has assigned 2C Contingent Resources of 205 MMboe (oil case) or 179 MMboe (gas –condensate case) to Whirlwind.



Lincoln Prospect - Located in Block 205/26b, the Lincoln basement prospect is geologically similar to the nearby Lancaster structure.

Seismic interpretation indicates the likely presence of fracturing within the basement and, encouragingly, a previous well (205/26-1) drilled on the down-dip flank of the Lincoln structure found oil in sandstones immediately above the basement, thus mitigating the oil charge risk to the prospect. Traces of oil were also noted in the short interval of basement that was drilled below the oil bearing sandstones.


Given its proximity to Lancaster (approximately 7kms) and its resource potential (unrisked P50 prospective resource of 150 mmbo - see the Competent Person's Report), Lincoln is an attractive prospect that could deliver significant incremental value via tie-back to a Lancaster development hub. Recognising this, we have already identified a well location on Lincoln and acquired a site survey over the site in preparation for drilling an exploration well, the timing of which will be influenced by the results of the Lancaster appraisal drilling programme.


Typhoon Prospect - The Typhoon prospect is located in blocks 204//22a, 204/23c 204/27a and 204/28a, around 30 km to the west of Lancaster.

Typhoon is primarily a basement prospect but also offers potential in overlying Jurassic sandstones. Previous drilling during the 1980s on Typhoon resulted in heavy oil being discovered in both the basement and the Jurassic sandstones. A subsequent well deep on the flank of the structure encountered oil in the basement  indicative of a light oil charge.


These previously drilled wells lead Hurricane to  believe that significant volumes of lighter oil could be present deeper within the prospect, as a flank accumulation. The 2011 CPR has assigned unrisked P50 Prospective Resources of 149 MMboe to Typhoon and 1,266 MMboe for the P10 volume acknowledging the material flank potential of this asset.


An explanation of our model explaining how oil may have accumulated in the flank of the structure may be found here. If you would like to know more about definitions of resources, such as Prospective Resources, click here.


Strathmore Prospect - Located 20 kms to the southwest of Lancaster, Strathmore is an undeveloped oil field that was discovered in 1990. Unlike Hurricane's other assets, Strathmore is a sandstone reservoir, not a fractured basement.

The majority of the field resides within our Block 204/30a and unlike our other prospects and discoveries, Strathmore contains oil in Triassic-aged sandstones. We believe Strathmore could be most economically developed by tie-back to neighbouring infrastructure – and we are looking at using Lancaster as the main development hub.


For more information on Hurricane Energy's assets please click here


Dr Robert Trice - Chief Executive Officer

As Hurricane’s founder, Robert has over 25 years’ oil industry experience. He has combined specialist technical expertise in fractured reservoirs’ characterisation and evaluation. He has a PhD in Geology from Birkbeck College, University of London and gained the bulk of his geoscience experience with Enterprise Oil and Shell. He has worked in field development, exploration, well-site operations and geological consultancy. Robert has held the position of Visiting Professor at Trondheim University (Norway) and has published and presented on subjects related to fractured reservoirs and exploration for stratigraphic traps.

It is Robert’s vision that lies behind Hurricane, providing clear strategic direction as the company develops and he takes the lead in all aspects of the scientific and technical heart of the company.

Keith Kirby - Chief Administrative Officer

An experienced business manager, prior to joining Hurricane in 2011 Keith spent ten years with the Hutchison Whampoa Group as CEO of a Group business unit and profit centre, advising companies on strategic communications all around the World. Keith has an MBA with distinction from London Business School where he was winner of the Alumni prize for Academic Achievement.

As Hurricane’s Chief Administrative Officer, Keith is responsible for general management, all internal and external communications, investor relations, company systems, facilities, HR, company culture, various key negotiations and other administrative aspects of running the business, working closely with the CEO and the Executive team on strategy and business planning.

Nicholas Mardon Taylor - Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas has worked in the oil industry for over 30 years, his first involvement in the North Sea being in the early licensing rounds. Nicholas is a highly experienced company director having held Finance Director roles with a number of companies, including Total, Saxon Oil, Carless and Alkane.

Nicholas ensures that we have robust accounting and finance policies and procedures and works closely with the Exec team on business direction and strategy.

Nicholas has been with Hurricane since its creation in 2005 when he was the company's first CFO. Since then he has had special responsibility for our thorough Environmental Management System, returning now to the finance role.

Neil Platt - Chief Operations Officer

Neil is has more than 20 years’ experience in the oil industry and has worked for Amoco, BG and Petrofac. He has completed assignments both in the UK and Internationally, working in a variety of engineering, commercial and management roles including Production Asset Manager (NSW) for BG and Vice President for Project Delivery in Petrofac Production 

John Hogan - Non Executive Chairman

John has over 35 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He spent almost 20 years with LASMO Plc where he was Managing Director of LASMO North Sea between 1989-1993 followed by seven years on the main board as Chief Operating Officer. Since 2000 he has held a number of Chairman and non-executive roles in the energy sector.

John is is currently Managing Director of Argos Resources Limited, non-executive Chairman of Celtique Energie Limited and a non-executive Director of Chrysaor Holdings Limited.

John joined the Board in 2013 and is Chairman of the Nominations Committee.

Dr David Jenkins - Non Executive Director

David is currently an Industry Advisor to Riverstone Holdings and a Corporate Advisor to Temasek Holdings and Cuadrilla Resources. Presently, he is also on the Boards of President Energy and Black Platinum Energy.

David spent 37 years at BP, where he was Chief Geologist in 1979, General Manager Exploration in 1984 and then Chief Executive Technology for BP Exploration for 10 years from 1987. He retired at the end of 1998 with the position of Director Technology and Chief Technology Advisor for the BP Group.

Following retirement from BP David held a variety of advisory and Board positions including nine years on the Board of BHP Billiton.

David joined the Board in 2013 and is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

John van der Welle - Non Executive Director

John has over 25 years oil industry experience, having qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen in 1981. He is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the Institute of Taxation.

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