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CloudBuy makes the complex world of eProcurement and eCommerce accurate and easy through its unique cloud platform and artificial intelligence that delivers savings and sustainability in return for a regular renewable income stream. Large organisations throughout the world require savings and sustainability and cloudBuy can automatically identify these within 48 hours on delivery of the data. The savings are delivered by cloudBuy's unique eCommerce marketplace technology that provides easy to use secure trading and is the only system to provide correct pricing in the complex world of B2B eCommerce. 

+44 (0)1527 850080
5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berks TG7 8N.
Super Sector:
Software & Computer Services
Software & Computer Services
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  • 16/10/2014

    Stocktube video - CloudBuy CEO Lyn Duncan on SME marketplace launch

    Lyn Duncan, the chief executive of cloudBuy (LON:CBUY), speaks about the launch of the first British business-to-business (B2B) e-marketplace specifically for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), called UK PLC.

    Duncan explains the benefits for the company, as well as those using the marketplace.

Broker press

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  • 27/01/14

    27.01.14 :-1, (48) Westhouse reiterates its "buy" rating and raised its price target to 100p from 50p.

  • 27/08/13

    27.08.13 :-1.75, (36.5) Westhouse reiterates its "buy" rating and raised its price target to 50p from 25p.

  • 17/06/11
    +2.13 +12.13

    Press: @UK rose after an Arbuthnot Securities recommendation and target price of 25p. The broker believes the company?s software could save... read more

  • 20/04/11
    +2.38 +19.38

    Press: @UK rose after winning a five year contract to supply its services to UK universities worth GBP1m. After the news Ronald Duncan, the... read more

  • 16/02/11
    +3.25 +19.25

    Press: @UK rose after an upbeat trading update with Spendinsight revenue growing by 290% in the year to end-December 2010. Source - Mail

Director dealings

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Date Director Trans Amount Type Price(p) Value (£) Holding %
30/10/14 R.J. Duncan BUY 25,000 ORD 39.96 9,990 21,073,624 17.57
28/10/14 R.J. Duncan BUY 25,000 ORD 37.20 9,300 21,048,624 17.55
17/06/14 D.J. Holloway BUY 30,000 ORD 33.00 9,900 8,842,181 8.04
16/06/14 R.J. Duncan BUY 30,000 ORD 31.93 9,579 21,023,624 19.13
27/04/12 R.J. Duncan BUY 50,000 ORD 9.85 4,925 20,862,109 26.25


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Date Type Turnover Profit EPS (p) Dividend (p) Currency
30/06/14 Interim 1.47 -1.62 -1.50 0.00 GBX
31/12/13 Full year 3.00 -0.94 -1.00 0.00 GBX
30/06/13 Interim 1.38 -0.30 -0.40 0.00 GBX
31/12/12 Full year 2.22 -0.85 -0.90 0.00 GBX
30/06/12 Interim 1.10 -0.36 -0.50 0.00 GBX

Company Statement

cloudBuy provides comprehensive eBusiness solutions to organisations of all sizes from newly formed companies to major corporations and public sector bodies.

The company's flagship suites Company Formations, eBusiness Solutions and Spend Analysis Solutions offer customers compelling value propositions.


Company Formations

cloudBuy provides their company formation division, @UK PLC Company Registration, with cloudBuy's SiteGenerator eCommerce engine for their startup clients. Having formed over 275,000 companies to date puts the division as one of the leading UK online company formation agents. This has enabled cloudBuy to continue upgrading and innovating the eCommerce features and functionalities.


E-Business Solutions

An integrated suite of applications for any organisation that can be used in all business stages from setting up a website and selling online through to an entire online ordering process that includes payment, invoicing, delivery and support. cloudBuy's central aim is to make online purchasing as simple and cost effective as possible by using cloudBuy proven SiteGenerator software to provide a central database of customers, suppliers, catalogues and websites.


e-Business solutions are leading edge products in the following areas:

  • eCommerce (B2B and B2C)
  • eProcurement
  • eMarketplace


These solutions can also be fully integrated into the major Financial Management Systems such as SAP and Oracle.


cloudBuy can take a startup company on the full journey from incorporation to becoming a full online site with efficient sales and procurement processes, and robust systems to cope with high growth. For established organisations cloudBuy provides the opportunity to sell online to all market sectors from consumers and small businesses to large corporations and public sector organisations. They can also buy from established suppliers on the cloudBuy eMarketplace with the flexibility to have all their own suppliers to join.


Using eCommerce, eProcurement and eMarketplace as a total eBusiness solution is a significant advantage over competitive niche systems that focus on one of those three elements. Currently no other supplier has a product that covers these three areas.


Spend Analysis

A comprehensive set of products and services which can code, classify and enrich purchasing data for large organisations. The streamlined process highlights seven key areas of potential efficiencies and data can be viewed and sorted through an online web based application. The spend analysis solution can include coding via the subsidiary company Coding International and is delivered through the product name SpendInsightTM.


cloudBuy developed, sells and delivers the SiteGenerator software application directly in the UK. SiteGenerator powers the eCommerce, eProcurement, eMarketplace and spend analysis systems.



The cloudBuy Group will focus on collaboration with a range of Strategic Partners across the UK and around the world to deliver eBusiness and Spend Analysis solutions to different markets and to deliver successful customer projects.


cloudBuy has the commercial, technical and consulting expertise to help select and implement eBusiness solutions and software. Channel sales partners will specialise in taking the solutions to market.


Company Values

Team Values

A commitment to innovation, teamwork and professionalism, cloudBuy team members are focused on exceeding customer expectations and empowered to make decisions.



A continued focus on the Green Agenda remains central to cloudBuy's agenda this year.

cloudBuy was a founder signatory to the BASDA Green Charter and aims to help its customers achieve measurable reductions in carbon emissions.

Current Operations

Business Model


7 ways that cloudBuy receives repeat renewable income:


  • Identifies savings and sustainability using SpendInsight and GreenInsight (one off or annual fee).
  • Customers realise the savings using the eCommerce marketplace (annual fee).
  • Suppliers can trade with paying buyers free of charge and then pay to be on the public marketplace. 
  • Suppliers that pay generally have 10 times as many sales vs. equivalent free suppliers.
  • Suppliers pay for ecommerce sites and Product Carbon Footprints (annual fees)
  • Start ups create ecommerce sites (annual fee)
  • cloudBuy creates start ups (one off fee) and provides associated services (annual fees)


cloudBuy delivers all its services through a single cloud based platform.


cloudBuy takes its services to market through collaborations with major organisations:


  1. Barclays Bank and Barclaycard
  2. NHS Shared Business Services
  3. Serco
  4. Visa and its member banks like Barclaycard


SpendInsight Business Model

SpendInsight automatically delivers a complete analysis for an organisation of everything purchased down to individual item level.


SpendInsight is offered with a money back guarantee since it is guaranteed to find savings along with the business case to make the changes including purchasing the ecommerce marketplace to deliver the savings.


GreenInsight Business Model

GreenInsight automatically analyses everything that an organisation purchases along with the environmental impact of all the purchases.


This provides a powerfull tool for change since looking at purchasing from an environmental view point generally results in 10x greater savings than a pure financial analysis.


eMarketplace Business Model

The ecommerce marketplace delivers the savings for both buyers and suppliers. 


Legacy marketplaces (old and out of date marketplaces) are unable to support standard ecommerce functionality like correct pricing and delivery charges.  This means that 60% of invoices missmatch causing substantial work for both buyers and suppliers along with cost increases for both.


The cloudBuy ecommerce marketplace delivers the savings identified by SpendInsight and GreenInsight in a manner that improves supplier profitablity so that both buyers and suppliers benefit from the results.


eCommerce Business Model

Offering you the chance to seize the new opportunities

Already over 1 million logins on the cloudBuy marketplace


Whatever type of goods and services you sell, it will be almost impossible to survive in future without a proper trading website. Whether your principal customers are other businesses, the public sector or consumers the share of their purchasing that is conducted online is rising fast.


Being able to trade from a suitable eCommerce platform will not just safeguard your current turnover, it offers you the chance to seize the new opportunities being created every day, as prospects look for a suitable online supplier.


  • The way that goods and services are selected and paid-for online is also changing fast, so it is even more important that the type of trading website you choose is suitable.
  • Does it allow you to reach all three types of customer, and especially the eProcurement marketplaces now favoured by corporate and the public sector?   
  • Can it handle Requests For Quotes and show your special contract prices where needed? 
  • Can you achieve not just sales but also prompt payment via a reliable method? Can you add your own branding onto an attractive site with lots of user-friendly features?


Creating a website via cloudBuy is unique in the range of benefits it offers. cloudBuy has over 15 years of experience creating websites for suppliers trading with the public sector, other businesses and consumers. There are already over 1 million logins on the cloudBuy marketplace and users are increasing all the time. Every cloudBuy website is also connected automatically to the Visa payment network, so reliable prompt payment is guaranteed.


Your business cannot afford to miss out... Take the cloudBuy “48 hour challenge” and if you are not completely satisfied in 48 hours you will get your money back.

@UKPLC Company Registrations Business Model

@UK PLC Company Registration is the trading name of cloudBuy's company registration business. The companies formed through @UK PLC Company Registration provides the bottom up feed into cloudBuy's ecommerce marketplace. 


@UK PLC Company Registration has now created over 260,000 start ups registering companies at Companies House and acting as a leading company formation agent.


We pride ourselves in listening to you our customers and taking your views into consideration when developing our products & services.


We have introduced a range of simple and easy to purchase packages tailored to give you the best value for money.


We are one of the few online formation agents who still offer a dedicated support team based at @UK PLC Company Registration’s head office in Reading, Berkshire. Our experienced team can assist customers with any questions or queries.


As specialists in Company Formation, @UK PLC Company Registration can offer everything to fulfil the needs of someone looking to setup a business, or wanting to start trading online.


Benefits of registering your company through us:


We are a highly experienced Company Formation Agent who has formed over 260,000 companies. We value our customers and ensure we offer the best deal on the market.

  • Experience & expertise - @UK PLC have formed over 260,000 companies
  • ISO 9001 accredited for the last 10 years
  • Companies House Approved Formation Agent
  • Direct link to Companies House to submit immediate electronic incorporations
  • Free support – our specialist UK team are here to help
  • Free real time online Company name check
  • 100% online process - No paper forms to complete & sign
  • Companies house fees included in all our packages


Ronald Duncan - Director  Chairman and Chief Information Officer

Ronald Duncan co-founded @UK in 1999 (renamed cloudBuy 2013). Prior to @UK he spent ten years running his own computer software consultancy, servicing projects using a range of languages and platforms. Ronald studied Physics at Cambridge and is a Chartered Physicist and Member of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers. He is a former UK downhill ski champion who competed internationally for ten years, including at two Olympics.


Lyn Duncan - Director Chief Executive Officer

Lyn Duncan co-founded @UK in 1999 (renamed cloudBuy 2013), having gained a particular interest in the procurement field and has been actively working in this area since the late 1980's when she worked with Henley Management Consultants on a product which integrated purchasing and marketing processes. Her wider interest in technology developed when working for BT as a manager of emerging technologies such as shared computing and email into BT's corporate client base through a series of flagship business centres. Prior to founding @UK, she worked as a management consultant (both at Oasis and as an independent consultant leading on national initiatives within the NHS) gaining over ten years' experience of leading technology-driven change initiatives in the public and private sector.

David Holloway Senior Non Executive and Chairman of Appointments Committee

David Holloway has over 20 years experience in IT, including working in successful start-ups. Most recently David was Chief Executive and co-founder of Codian Limited, which was set up in 2003 and sold to Tandberg in 2007 for $270M. David is now Senior Vice President of Network Products at TANDBERG ASA listed as TAA on the Oslo stock market.

David Chellingsworth Non Executive and Chairman of Audit Committee

David is a qualified Chartered Accountant and was formerly the Finance Director of @UK between 1999 and 2001, before its flotation on AIM. He spent the majority of his career at British Gas. Subsequently, he served as Finance Director of Advanced Medical Solutions from 1994 to 1999 where he oversaw its successful flotation on the Official List in 1996. Since leaving @UK, David has acted as Finance Director of private companies, including Cyworks plc and Medtrade Limited and acted as financial consultant at UK Biobank Limited. It is intended that David will chair the Company's audit committee.

Patrick Broughton Non Executive and President Asia Pacific

Patrick, who is based in Australia, joins the Company as President of cloudBuy Asia Pacific. He is a very experienced banker who from 1987 to 1995 worked at JP Morgan, rising to European Head of FX Sales, prior to joining SG Warburg in Sydney in 1997. From 1998 until 2009 he rose to Head of Equity Capital Markets at ABN AMRO Rothschild in Sydney before being appointed as Global Head of Equity Origination for RBS and Chief Executive of Hoare Govett in London, a position which he held until 2012. He is currently Chairman of the Dixon Advisory Investment Committee.


Alice Morwood-Leyland Company Secretary

Alice Morwood-Leyland is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives. In this capacity under the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 she is a Commissioner for Oaths. She joined @UK PLC (renamed cloudBuy 2013) in 2002 from a local firm of solicitors and had previously worked for NatWest International Trust Corporation in the Cayman Islands.

Major Shareholders

As at 20th December 2013 the Company had been notified under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules of the following interests of 3% or more in its issued share capital:


  • Additional Information
    Share Price
    119.91 m
    Avg. Vol
    Mkt Cap
    £35.37 m
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    CloudBuy CEO Lyn Duncan on SME marketplace launch

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    Corporate Information


    Westhouse Securities Limited



    HSBC Bank PLC


    Nominated Advisor

    Westhouse Securities Limited



    James Cowper LLP


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    Steptoe & Johnson



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