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Beowulf has a wide range of exploration projects in a portfolio of different commercially attractive resources.

They are all in Northern Sweden and are being developed to increase their value and so that of the company.

+353 (0)85 739 2674
Richmond House, Broad Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4AH.
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General Mining
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  • 20/11/12
    +0.37 +10.00

    Seymour Pierce initiates coverage with a "buy" rating and 18p price target.

  • 16/01/12

    Press: 16.01.12: -1.87, (10.38) Press: Beowulf Mining fell after announcing it had been forced to suspend its drilling operations at both... read more

  • 11/11/11

    Press: 11.11.11: -6.75, (20.25) Press: Beowulf Mining fell despite a positive update from the Kallak north iron ore deposit. Traders reckoned... read more

  • 12/10/11
    +6.75 +39.50

    Press: Beowulf Mining rose after releasing an updated market study of its Ruoutevare and Kallak iron ore projects. Traders also noted recent... read more

  • 20/04/11
    +1.25 +56.50

    Press: Beowulf Mining rose ahead of a progress report by its Kallak iron ore project in Sweden. The company is expected to say it had begun an... read more

Director dealings

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Date Director Trans Amount Type Price(p) Value (£) Holding %
19/09/14 C. Sinclair-Poulton TAKE 666,667 ORD 3.00 20,000 1,999,167 0.58
10/10/11 E. Taylor BUY 3,800 ORD 28.78 1,094 294,506 0.18
06/10/11 J. Ola-Larsson EX 350,000 OPT 7.00 24,500 650,000 0.39
06/10/11 J. Ola-Larsson EX 250,000 OPT 6.00 15,000 0,000 N/A
06/10/11 C. Sinclair-Poulton SELL 1,517,500 ORD 21.50 326,263 1,332,500 0.80


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Date Type Turnover Profit EPS (p) Dividend (p) Currency
31/12/14 Full year 0.00 -3.12 -1.07 0.00 GBX
30/06/14 Interim 0.00 -1.32 -0.47 0.00 GBX
31/12/13 Full year 0.00 -2.19 -0.91 0.00 GBX
30/06/13 Interim 0.00 -0.48 -0.23 0.00 GBX
31/12/12 Full year 0.00 -1.05 -0.50 0.00 GBX

Company Statement

Why Hordweard?

In Beowulf, the saga, a king is described as being Hordweard, the Anglo-Saxon for a guardian of treasure. This means he looked after the wealth of his kingdom both real and metaphorical

In Beowulf, the company, we also think of ourselves as being Hordweard as we seek to develop natural resource projects in Sweden and so are also guardians of treasure

We have a wide portfolio of resources which range from early-stage projects to those that have had considerable work done on them.

The company is listed on both the AIM market in London and the AktieTorget market in Stockholm.

The role of Beowulf is to increase the quantity and quality of its resource portfolio and so the value of these assets and the company

Beowulf currently holds 18 exploration permits in Northern Sweden

Current Operations

Grundträsk project - Gold

The Grundträsk Project is focused solely on gold. It covers 45 square kilometres in the Skellefte Mining District of Northern Sweden. There is little outcrop and the land is currently used for forestry. There is good infrastructure in place, with the area being served by a network of forest roads, including the main road from Skellefte to Malä, which passes through the licence area. There are no problems with water and electricity with both being available locally. Grundträsk has the potential for a shallow depth gold resource, with gold bearing sulphide mineralisation starting at shallow depths of less than 12 metres, ensuring that any deposit will likely be amenable to open pit mining.


For more information click here


Ballek project - Copper

The Ballek Joint Venture project comprises four exploration permits over a total area of 109.9km2, located in the Norrbotten region of Northern Sweden. In September 2008 Beowulf reported a maiden Inferred Resource estimate, under the JORC code reporting standard, for the Lulepotten copper-gold deposit on the project. This represented the first stage review of known copper resources in the Ballek area following the diamond drilling programme completed by our former joint venture partner, Agricola, earlier in 2008, which also intersected copper sulphide mineralisation.


The estimate for the Lulepotten deposit outlined a total Inferred Resource of 5.4 million tonnes, grading 0.8% Cu and 0.3g/t Au, representing a total of 43,000 tonnes of contained copper metal and 52,000 ounces of contained gold using a cut-off value of 0.3% for copper.


Geddaur project  - Copper/Uranium

The Geddaur licences, acquired from Agricola in September 2009, are located east and south of the city centre of the municipality of Arjeplog in the Norrbotten county of Northern Sweden. The total licence block of 131.5km2, comprising Geddaur No. 1, 2 and 3 licences, joins up with our Ballek licence block.  It has excellent infrastructure and easy field area access via a number of good forest roads. The licence areas have high potential to hold two separate styles of mineralisation, one type being copper-gold deposits and the other high grade uranium deposits.


Majves (Jokkmokk) project - Copper

The target of the Jokkmokk area is an iron oxide copper gold deposit (IOCG). Beowulf has been exploring the area since 2003 and still retains the Majves 1, 2 and 3 claims.


The area was previously the subject of a joint venture with the copper major, Phelps Dodge. Drilling in 2004 intersected 110 metres of 0.42% copper and 0.52 grammes per tonne of gold. Follow up drilling in 2005 was less successful and Phelps Dodge withdrew from the joint venture.


The exploration logic is that the area is associated with large north-east south-west fracture zones and similar structures are associated with Boliden AB's Aitik copper mine. Beowulf has had discussions with a major copper producer about a joint venture on its Jokkmokk properties, but to date no joint venture has been completed.


Riikalahti project - Copper

The Riikalahti 1 licence area covers 1,150 hectares and is targeted on nickel and copper sulphide prospects. It is located about 40km north of the town centre of Kiruna in the Norrbotten County of Northern Sweden. The area is relatively lightly forested. Access by field vehicles and drill rigs is best in the winter months as there are no local forestry roads within the licence area.


The prospect area is occupied by a large, layered mafic-ultramafic intrusive approximately 4 by 3 kilometres in size

and was discovered and surveyed by the Swedish state-owned company LKAB Exploration AB in the 1970-80s. Some geophysical targets were tested by limited diamond drilling comprising 7 holes totalling 968 metres. Mineralised boulders with grades of up to 0.8% of copper and 0.3% of nickel were found in the area. Scout drilling revealed the best grades in a drill hole in gabbroic rock of 0.35% cobalt, 0.18% nickel and 0.21% copper over a narrow sulphide rich section. This hole also contained 0.43 g/t platinum plus palladium over a 1m section. The historic geochemical surveys indicate extremely high contents of nickel and copper present in large areas mainly in the central part of the licence area.  


For more information click here


Ruoutevare project - Iron

The Ruoutevare Magnetite Project consists of one exploration permit covering a total area of 850 hectares located approximately 1,100km north of Stockholm, in Norrbotten County, 13km north-west of the small village of Kvikkjokk. The 2.3 billion tonne Kiruna iron ore mine, the world’s second largest underground mine, is located approximately 150km northeast and the Malmberget iron ore mine is located 120km to the east. LKAB own and operate both the Kiruna and Malmberget iron ore mines as well as the Luleå-Malmberget-Kiruna-Narvik railway route used to transport iron concentrates and pellets.


The project area is approximately 180km by road from the nearest potential road-rail loading site, on the Luleå-Malmberget-Kiruna-Narvik railway route. Power accessibility and relative cost are excellent in Sweden, with the Seitevare hydroelectric plant located 75km by road from the project.


Kallak North project - Iron

The Kallak iron ore deposit is located about 40km west of the Jokkmokk municipality centre in the Norrbotten County in Northern Sweden. The licence covers an area of 500 hectares of forested, low hilly ground close to the main paved road between Kvikkjokk (Ruoutevare) and Jokkmokk. A high standard forest road passes across the deposit and a major hydroelectric powerstation with associated electric powerlines is located only a few kilometres away.


The Kallak iron ore was discovered by the SGU in 1947-48. Between 1968 and 1970, detailed ground geophysical surveys were carried out in the entire area of interest including closely grid spaced magnetic, gravimetric and electromagnetic measurements. Diamond drilling of seven holes was also carried out. It was found that two iron ore deposits were present, separated by only some several hundred metres in distance.  Being in the same geological structure, they may well be connected at depth.


Kallak South project - Iron

In September 2010 Beowulf acquired the company Iron of Sweden which became a 100% subsidiary.


Iron of Sweden has a number of Licences the key ones for Beowulf are Parkijaure 1 and 2 which are just south of our existing property Kallak North.


For more information please click here


Munka project - Molybdenum

The 8 square kilometre Munka deposit, confirmed by historic drilling, extends over 800m in length with parallel mineralised lenses of varying width in excess of 20m. Between 1973 and 1977, a total of 67 holes were drilled in the area for approximately 10,000 metres. Based on these historic drilling results, the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) estimated resources up to 100m depth to be 1.7 million tonnes at 0.156% molybdenum (Mo). This historic estimate does not comply with current JORC or 43-101 international standards. At the estimated tonnage, the Munka deposit is the largest molybdenum deposit in Sweden with the available data indicating that the deposit may be significantly larger.


For more information please click here


Manakjaure project - Uranium

The Manakjaure uranium prospect is located approximately 85km northwest of the city centre of the municipality of Jokkmokk in the Norrbotten county of Northern Sweden. It covers a lightly forested area of 5.5 square kilometres and access is via a forest road from the east.


In general, the geology of the Manakjaure area is dominated by sedimentary rocks of recrystallised feldspar-rich quartzite belonging to the Precambrian Snavva-Sjöfallet Sediment Group. These rocks occupy most of the licence area. Volcanic rocks of acid lavas, lying stratigraphically above the sediments, are noted to the east. These supracrustal rocks strike in a NE-SW direction and dip approximately 40 degrees towards SE.


For more information please click here



Bevan Metcalf - Senior Non-Executive Director

He served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Afferro Mining Inc. from January 2008, initially in a part time capacity, but becoming full time in November 2011. He left Afferro Mining Inc. in December 2013 following the sale of the company to AIM listed IMIC. Mr. Metcalf joined African Eagle Resources Plc in July 2004 and served as Part-time Finance Director from November 2004 to November 2011 and its Company Secretary from March 2005 to November 2011. Mr. Metcalf left African Eagle to take up a full time CFO position with Afferro Mining Inc. (originally Mano River Resources Inc.). Mr. Metcalf has 30+ years of financial management experience with international companies such as ICI, SmithKline Beecham and Orion Corporation. Mr. Metcalf was born in New Zealand and began his career as a Management Accountant with ICI (NZ), where he spent two years before emigrating to the United Kingdom. Mr. Metcalf joined Beecham Pharmaceuticals in the UK as a Regional Accountant, in July 1984 and remained with Beecham for 11 years, holding a number of senior finance positions. Following the Beecham Pharmaceuticals merger with SmithKline, Mr. Metcalf was transferred to Belgium, where he assisted in establishing the European Head Office for the Animal Health Division. He remained with the merged company for 5 years, first as European Planning Manager and then as European Controller. Mr. Metcalf returned to the UK in 1995 and was appointed Finance Director and Company Secretary for Orion Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd, a subsidiary of a Finish based mid-sized European pharmaceutical company and was instrumental in establishing their UK subsidiary. Mr. Metcalf has been Non-Executive Director of Beowulf Mining plc since September 22, 2014. He was granted ACA membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand in 1986. Mr. Metcalf graduated with a Bachelor of Management Studies degree from Waikato University in New Zealand.


Jan-Ola Larsson - Technical Director

He holds a geology degree from Uppsala University and a PhD in geochemistry from Imperial College of Science and Technology, London University.   He has over 30 years of varied experience in Canada, Brazil and Sweden. Previously held positions include Head of Geochemistry at Geological Survey of Sweden, LKAB Exploration Company and Barringer Research Ltd. and Exploration Manager for Tetron Mineracao S/A and North Star Diamonds AB. He is also a director of All Star Minerals plc.


Edward Taylor - Company Secretary

He has worked in various accounting, human resources, administration and Company Secretary positions in the natural resources sector. He has worked for Hardy Oil & Gas, Enterprise Oil plc and LASMO Plc. He is a Director of Valiant Investments Plc and Tearne Foulsham Ltd.


Kurt Budge - Non-Executive Director

He holds an M.Eng (Hons) degree in Mining Engineering from The Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School.  His career in the mining sector spans over 20 years. Most recently he has been an independent advisor to junior mining companies on acquisitions and project development.  Prior to this he was General Manager Business Development for African Minerals, where he developed strategic growth options for the company's iron ore assets and M&A opportunities.  Prior to African Minerals he worked as a mining analyst in investment research, and before that was Vice President of Pala Investments AG, a mining focused private equity firm based in Switzerland. Before joining Pala, he spent five years as a Business Development Executive in Rio Tinto's Business Evaluation Department, where he was engaged in mergers and acquisitions, divestments and evaluated capital investments.  During the earlier part of his career he held several senior operations and planning roles in the UK coal industry with RJB Mining (now UK Coal plc) and worked as a Venture Capital Executive with Schroder Ventures.

Major Shareholders


  • Sunvest Corporation Limited - 11,250,000 shares (5.34%)
  • Mrs C C Rowan - 10,189,485 shares (4.84%)


Total Shares ordinary shares of 1p each in issue - ‘210,427,365

Number of AIM Securities that is not in public hands - 2,752,006


There is no restriction on the transfer of the Company's AIM securities.

Please note that the above figures are subject to change

and will be updated when further information is available


Information taken from Company website 18.12.2012

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