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Amphion builds shareholder value in high growth companies in the medical and technology sectors, by using a focused, hands-on company building approach, based on decades of experience in both the US and UK.

Amphion has a significant shareholding in 7 Partner Companies developing proven technologies targeting substantial commercial marketplaces, each in excess of $1 billion. Each Partner Company is chosen with the goal of achieving an exit valuation in excess of $100 million.

Amphion also has a specialized entity, DataTern, Inc., established to exploit IP opportunities within the Company's Partner Companies.

+44 (0)20 7016 8821
Fort Anne, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5PD.
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Technology Hardware & Equipment
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  • 14/04/2014

    Stocktube video - Amphion Innovations hails favourable court ruling

    Richard Morgan, chief executive of Amphion Innovations (LON:AMP), explains the ins and outs of the ruling it has received in a US federal court relating to its patented intellectual property. He tells Proactive Investors that the company has been striving to protect a software patent related to the world of relational databases, and has been going up against two of the big names in the software business: Microsoft and SAP. The federal court heard a plea by Amphion against an earlier ruling in New York and Morgan feels the federal court verdict was very favourable in terms of the company's ongoing campaign to get companies to license its technology.

Broker press

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  • 18/08/08

    18.08.08 :-0.5, (19.75) Charles Stanley has initiated coverage on Amphion Innovations with a ?hold? rating and 24 pence price target. In... read more

  • 13/03/08
    +0.50 +22.00

    higher in early deals, as it posted a 50% rise in full-year pretax profit, prompting a reiterated ?buy? rating from Charles Stanley.... read more

Director dealings

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Date Director Trans Amount Type Price(p) Value (£) Holding %
09/02/15 R.J. Macaleer FEES 216,346 ORD 0.00 0 25,811,881 17.37
09/02/15 G.M. Moufflet FEES 46,875 ORD 0.00 0 1,086,458 0.73
09/02/15 M. Izienicki FEES 81,250 ORD 0.00 0 183,333 0.12
19/01/15 R.C.E. Morgan GIDT 2,000,000 ORD 0.00 0 23,642,499 15.94
24/09/14 R.J. Macaleer FEES 518,356 ORD 0.00 0 25,595,535 17.26


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Date Type Turnover Profit EPS (p) Dividend (p) Currency
30/06/14 Interim 0.24 -8.11 -6.00 0.00 USD
31/12/13 Full year 1.02 -6.39 -4.00 0.00 USD
30/06/13 Interim 0.27 -3.00 -2.09 0.00 USD
31/12/12 Full year 1.40 -6.95 -5.00 0.00 USD
30/06/12 Interim 1.07 3.06 2.00 0.00 USD

Company Statement

The Company’s Business and Methodology

Amphion’s business is the formation, development, operation and financing of market-leading life science and technology companies in partnership with corporations, governments, universities and entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize their intellectual property. Building upon two decades of disciplined investment and operating expertise, the building of numerous successful public and private companies, and over $20 billion in value creation, Amphion provides an opportunity to participate in both public and private early-stage investments, with a primary focus on life science and technology companies 


Amphion’s Value-Creation Process

The Directors believe that the key to Amphion’s success will be the continued pursuit of the management’s successful multi-phase process for value creation.

Through its experience in building more than 30 companies, the Management Team has developed a process which generally can be broken down into distinct phases. Set out below is a representation of Amphion’s value-creation process, showing the five key phases described in more detail.



Value-Creation Process

Phase I. Creation and sourcing of opportunities

Working with universities, corporations, governments and entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize their intellectual property, Amphion identifies potential company-building opportunities. Throughout the process, Amphion maximizes value creation by drawing upon a collaborative network of strategic partners built over 20 years. This network provides access to innovative technologies, enhances its ability to identify and address unmet market needs and solicits the guidance of industry and technical experts. While this network is a key source of opportunities, it also provides advice and counsel throughout the company-building process that may be technical, financial or business-related and ultimately helps the Partner Companies compete and grow.

Phase II. Down-selection of opportunities

Amphion devotes considerable time and resources to screening for the most attractive business models and proven technology platforms from the available opportunities. Potential opportunities must also provide a tractable corporate and ownership position to ensure that Amphion will be able to implement its company-building process.

Central to Amphion’s selection and investment strategy is rigorous risk management based on identifying companies with proven technology and a quantifiable, verifiable business opportunity. Amphion does not invest in “speculative” technologies requiring long development timeframes or excessive capital investment; it looks for defensible core intellectual property and know-how for long-term competitive advantage, and growth potential in very large markets of at least $1 billion in size — and actively works with Partner Companies from the earliest stages to identify and defend core intellectual property (‘IP’).

For an example of our selection process, please click here

Phase III. Adaptive strategic positioning

Amphion then seeks to optimize its Partner Companies’ products and market positioning through refining or changing the emerging company’s market focus, business model, or strengthening the company management. Concurrently with this process, Amphion will undertake a review of the intellectual property, both strategic IP (i.e. what can be protected) and tactical IP (i.e. what can be protected) both to defend and expand the Partner Company’s competitive advantage and lead time over competitors.

Optimizing the business is often a “trial and error” process of rapid iteration and learning, with the objective of creating a company targeted on the greatest commercial opportunity that also provides a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

From this stage on, Amphion accelerates company development through a methodical and focused application of financial and human resources. The Management Team has traditionally adopted a hands-on approach with each new investment, seconding existing Amphion management to new Partner Companies in order to utilize Amphion’s accumulated knowledge in the company value-creation process, while gaining additional experience and insight which can be applied to subsequent investments.


Phase IV. Scaling and execution

In building its Partner Companies, Amphion typically provides a wide range of services including direct management, strategic planning, intellectual property planning and strategy, capital raising from Amphion’s network of investors, recruiting, business development, and other advisory services in areas such as marketing, administration, and capital markets. Amphion provides these services under an advisory agreement with the partner company and receives fees for doing so.

Amphion will then identify and recruit leading industry talent from its network of life science and technology partners and contacts to strengthen the management of the Partner Company, leading it to the next stage of development, generally an initial public offering or trade sale.


Phase V. Expansion and development

With an experienced industry team in place, Amphion continues to work with its companies over the long term, staying integrally involved with management, and seeking to influence and manage the boards and advisory committees to build value for both Amphion and Partner Company shareholders. To assist in this, Amphion will typically maintain a sizable ownership stake and measure of influence or control in the relevant Partner Company.

Throughout the company-building process, the Management Team strives to ensure that investor interests come before its own, and that the Company’s commitment to its Partner Companies, and investors, is a long-term one. The Company’s philosophy is to support its Partner Companies through difficult times, and provide additional management support when necessary to help them successfully weather downturns while improving their positioning for subsequent upturns.

Current Operations

Current Portfolio Summary (as it December 2011)


Company Amphion
RFID systems for a range of applications
Software platform for
inter-enterprise integration
Digital x-ray systems 
for medical and security applications
MRI coils & tools for clinical 
and research use
Population genetics for 
pharmaceuticals and diagnostics
private emarkets
Online energy trading marketplace
Nutrigenomics for health & wellness


Specialized Entity

Company Amphion
Intellectual Property Development
* As DataTern is 100% owned by Amphion, it is consolidated into Amphion’s financial statements.


Major Shareholders

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    167.31 m
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    £9.42 m
  • Contact Information

    Amphion Innovations US, Inc.

    6th Floor, 330 Madison Avenue

    New York, NY 10017


    Phone (212) 210 6282

    Fax (212) 210 6271




    UK Media please contact

    Novella Communications

    19 Buckingham Gate

    London SW1E 6LB 


    Tim Robertson

    Phone +(44) 208 630 3843


    Registered Office

    Amphion Innovations plc

    Fort Anne

    Douglas, Isle of Man

    IM1 5PD

    Corporate Information

    Nominated Advisor to the Company

    Panmure Gordon & Co.

    One New Change 

    London, EC4M 9AF


    Broker to the Company

    Panmure Gordon & Co.

    One New Change 

    London, EC4M 9AF


    Advisors to the Company as to English Law

    Reed Smith

    Beaufort House

    15 St. Botolph Street

    London, EC3A 7EE


    Advisors to the Company as to Isle of Man Law

    Cains Fiduciaries Limited

    Fort Anne

    Douglas, Isle of Man, Im1 5PD 


    Auditors to the Company

    KPMG Audit LLC

    Heritage Court

    41 Athol Street

    Douglas, Isle of Man IM99 1HN



    Neville Registrars Ltd.

    Neville House

    18 Laurel Lane

    Halesowen, West Midlands B63 3DA


    Public Relations UK

    Novella Communications

    19 Buckingham Gate 

    London, SW1E 6LB


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